… Apps Are Giving Your [..] Health Data to Facebook…

February 27, 2019 0

Popular Apps Are Giving Your Ovulation and Health Data to Facebook Without Permission Elias Marat Facebook has found itself in the grips of yet another scandal brewing around the globe, this time involving extremely personal information. It […]


Millions of Texas voter Records exposed on line

August 26, 2018 0

Millions of Texas voter Records exposed on line by Zack Whittaker A massive trove of voter records containing personal information on millions of Texas residents has been found online. The data — a single file […]


Facets: The Spokeo Enigma

December 8, 2015 0

By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive Personal information from social networks, blogs and photo albums, dating sites, music and video sites, eCommerce stores, and real-time web services like Google Earth are all compiled to single out […]