Brave Sir Biden

May 12, 2024 1

Brave Sir Biden By: Pete McArdle When brave Sir Biden rode south from Scranton toward the dark, fetid swamp of D.C., he was not afraid to die. No, based on his many, many tales of […]


The Gutless Old Party (GOP)

April 27, 2024 0

The Gutless Old Party By: Pete McArdle When I’m sometimes foolish enough to state a political view while out in public — you can’t be held in jail without bail for talking about January 6, […]


What Won’t The Swamp Do To Stop Trump?

April 20, 2024 1

What Won’t the Swamp Do to Stop Trump? By: Pete McArdle Should Donald Trump get re-elected as president, karma’s gonna be one serious you-know-what! For nearly a decade, the D.C. swamp has used every tool […]


Necessary Accommodations If Biden’s Re-Elected

April 7, 2024 0

Necessary Accommodations if Biden’s Re-Elected By: Pete McArdle At present, it seems unlikely that Americans will re-elect a frail, rapidly declining octogenarian to be our commander-in-chief. Still, one should never underestimate the Democrat party’s uncanny […]


The Public Humiliation Of Joe Biden

March 18, 2024 0

The public humiliation of Joe Biden By: Pete McArdle Anyone who’s ever known someone with senile dementia, can see that Joe Biden’s elevator no longer goes to the top floor. At age 81, with a […]


10 Reasons to Vote Democrat

October 31, 2022 0

Ten Reasons to Vote Democrat Satire (But True) By: Pete McArdle Regular readers of American Thinker are well aware of all the reasons why anyone with a conscience and a modicum of intelligence should vote […]


How To Prepare For A Pre-Dawn FBI Visit

September 26, 2022 1

How to Prepare for a Pre-Dawn Visit From the FBI Satire by: Pete McArdle It’s clear the FBI has no interest in students threatening to shoot up schools (Nikolas Cruz), team doctors who assault underage […]


So … Where Are All The White Supremacists?

September 23, 2022 0

Where have all the white supremacists gone? Commentary by: Pete McArdle All I ever hear about these days, living as I do in the belly of the liberal beast, is the frightening scourge of white […]


Translating Joe Biden’s ‘Soul Of A Nation’ Speech

September 3, 2022 1

Translating Biden’s ‘Soul of a Nation’ Speech By: Pete McArdle Joe Biden, with his history of brain injuries (two!), rapidly advancing dementia, lifelong tendency to plagiarize, lie, and self-aggrandize, and his mouthful of marbles and […]

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