Darwinism, Totalitarianism & Lockdown

May 13, 2020 0

Darwinism, Totalitarianism, and the Lockdown By: Michael Egnor As we live through the coronavirus lockdown, some surprisingly diverse sources — from The New Yorker to Tucker Carlson – have begun referring their audiences to an […]


The Big Lie … Padding the COVID-19 Stats for $$$

April 29, 2020 0

The Big Lie Senator Jensen: Hospitals receive $13,000 for a Covid-19 Diagnosis and $39,000 for Treatment with a Ventilator By: Mark Taliano The statistics surrounding the Covid-19 crisis have always been unreliable, yet msm and […]


Disturbing Developments In UK Policing [Video]

April 20, 2020 0

Disturbing Developments In UK Policing via A couple of days ago someone brought the following clip to our attention on Twitter: The other week journalist @MikeSegalov got hassled and shouted at by the police […]

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