TikTok Hypocrisy

May 3, 2024 0

TikTok Hypocrisy By: Ron Paul President Biden’s campaign will continue using the popular social media site TikTok even though the president supported a provision in the military aid bill he recently signed forcing TikTok’s parent […]


Bunnies, Heroes, a Savior & Living Well

April 9, 2023 0

Bunnies, Heroes, a Savior, and Living Well By: J.B. Shurk The Easter Bunny is back. However, during this un-American period, when J6 political prisoners are locked up for their beliefs and President Trump is persecuted […]


Eight AT&T Buildings [.] NSA Surveillance

August 2, 2018 0

Eight AT&T Buildings and Ten Years of Litigation: Shining a Light on NSA Surveillance BY DAVID RUIZ Two reporters recently identified eight AT&T locations in the United States—towering, multi-story buildings—where NSA surveillance occurs on the […]