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[su_row][su_column size=”1/3″]Fuel For The Body

Get ready to re FUEL your body! Get ready for a vibrant, radiant and sexy new YOU! Simply complete the payment below and we will be in touch with you within 2 days to get you started on the journey of your life~! Choose if you want to skype, phone or email for coaching. This is a 6 week program to help enlighten you on toxins, foods/ water, toiletries and water.

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A Blueprint for Ethical Government
If honest men could re-think, design and build their own government, it would be a government as yet unseen on planet Earth.
But it would be a government you might quite like – an ally in your effort to survive.
What would its purpose be?
What would it contain?
What would it leave out?

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[/su_column] [su_column size=”1/3″] The Worm in The Apple

Scarce Money, Debt Slavery, Tax and Uncertainty
Why doesn’t the economy run right?
A simple explanation of the cause of tax, debt, poverty and money scarcity.
And how it can be put right
It isn’t rocket science but it is very interesting once you side-step the smoke screen of complexity and get at the simple truths hidden behind it.

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[su_row][su_column size=”1/3″] SBS Chritina 1

Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine Injury? You Decide

by Research Journalist and Author Christina England BA Hons
Parents and caregivers worldwide are being falsely accused of child abuse, when their children develop the so-called ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome’ (SBS) triad shortly after a vaccination.

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[/su_column] [su_column size=”1/3″] science book

Blinded with Science

The Big Science that everyone believes in is, by all definitions, another religion. It has its creed, its clergy, its churches, its rallying cries, it’s believing congregations, its creation myths and, even, moving in a highly mysterious way somewhere in the bowels of the Hadron Collider, its particular and particulate god.’

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[/su_column] [su_column size=”1/3″]2020a clear vision for america

20/20 A Clear Vision For America

“20/20 Vision: A Clear Vision for America” is a call to action. Each of us should adopt the enthusiasm of this Vision. What an America we could have again if we would begin to change or restore the pillars of our republic. Here is what our United States of America could be, what it should be. 

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[su_row][su_column size=”1/3″]Palestine: The Reality

Palestine: The Reality, is a GIANT TRUTH story, an eye opener of immense importance, that every educated person in the English speaking world needs to read. All the answers you have search for on this issue and I mean ALL of them, you will find, in this book 

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A phenomenal letter of introduction  concerning the book Palestine: The Reality:


Bob Smith- Thursday, January 7, 2016

A friend, a friend of Palestine, Samer Darwiche of Lausanne, suggested that I write something of myself and how this book project came into being. “People like stories” he said, so after some reflection, I will speak for you Samer; and inshallah, the reader, will “like” this story!

Like many others of my generation, I had experimented and searched many avenue’s of the spirit of man by the late 60’s. I remember in 1966 England had won the World Cup, that’s football and it had lifted the spirit of a nation. We wanted more, more World Champion’s, those who were playing outside the box, those who were bringing us positive change, different kinds of music, books and the thoughts of World Champion’s. In America some heavyweights were changing the face of the U.S. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Muhammed Ali were all World Champion’s. J.F.K & B.K. had filled the whole western world with hopes, breaking the silence with Russia over Cuban missiles, insisting Israel open their nuclear plant at Dimona to international inspection and replacing the Federal Bank of America. That perhaps was their Moon landing?

America was a different place then, an alternative state of mind was viral, full of optimism. The police state existed but had been exposed. M.L.K. was shot, Malcolm X was shot, the Kennedy’s were shot, and the war in Vietnam escalated. The youth on Campus had serious confrontation with L.B.J’s authority. These activists, kids my age, decided to flee from the military-draft there and had taken to traveling Europe in a discreet way. Not so discreet in America, Leonard Peltier was wrongly jailed, and John Trudell’s, action’s at Alcatraz were impressive; these Champion’s had highlighted the American Indian Movement’s issues. But the slaughter of Kennedy, well, that stopped the world for a few seconds and when it started again a very different type of people were found sitting on the White House steps.

I also, took to the traveling life-style like a native. In summer 67′ there was a six day slaughter in Gaza and Egypt by the I.D.F. Some years later, before we arrived in Israel (May, 1972.) Lod Airport had been bombed by Japanese students, you can imagine our reception on landing. Not good memories of the Holy Land. Although seeing Buzz Aldrin on a big T.V. screen in Bethlehem Square, Christmas day was a novelty. The hospitality from Palestinians as always 1st class, they had fed me until I could sell my guitar on the black market for cash; you needed U.S. dollars to buy airline tickets out of Zion, Shekel’s wouldn’t do that..
Back to the spring of 68′, we had arrived in Paris from Athens. The day we landed the students had taken to the streets. Demonstration’s were not a motivation, but a valid manifestation of cause and effect, They are politically healthy work-outs for us, and the riot-police; I enjoyed the catch and chase, out-witting the suppressors of freedom down tiny back streets. The motivation for an 18 year old was not politics of course but those beautiful activist’s who I had a great respect for in Paris, and we stayed with them some day’s until we all settled in at Montmatre.

After that autumn we headed back to London, I remember after the demo at the American Embassy, Oct. 68′ Grosvenor Square, (white horses couldn’t take me away) I felt it was time to get myself away for a good time.

Unconscious of time, life continued like this for years, we were in Kashmir in 71′ when trouble broke out with India’s Indira Gandi. We were in Crete some months in 74′ and lost our truck, colliding with a Greek military escort. Greece and Turkey fighting it out over Cyprus. Then in Cape Town after Steve Biko’s murder; Mandela then jailed on Robben Island. These people were all World Champion’s.

The trip that really consumed me though was Afghanistan – I guess the ‘inspiration’ there appealed to me. Those upright freedom fighter’s on horse back, taking on the might of the Soviet Union. We had met the Burhanadin in Chitral, N.W.F, who explained and arranged much for us for our journey. We met people of the Hindu Kush; many kids with amputated legs and arms (Russian Butterfly Bombs) but still such strong and loving kid’s. I remember Ahmad Massoud, another champion fighter who was assassinated two days before New York’s 9/11 his name lost in the chaos of Manhatten. Within a few months I was mentally and physically exhausted, running on empty, and running back to the U.K. for a medical check up.

It was back in London at the Tropical-clinic, that my father visited. He had brought this book ‘Palestine: The Reality’, and said “here Bob, get a real education.” I didn’t read it, I thought, I was educated enough.

Let me explain a little about my father, he was in Palestine with British forces (1938-43). The British and Aussie’s who were arming the gates at Jaffa and other places as the Jewish refugee’s flooded in. He was a messenger, loved his motor bike, delivering envelops from the King David Hotel, Military Headquarters in Jerusalem to Gaza H.Q, where he preferred. He, like many other British soldiers there had seen the injustice’s being laid upon the Arabs. He never really explained to me why or how long, but he had been imprisoned there; it was something to do with supporting a Palestinian story against a Jewish story, of a shooting they’d witnessed. He refused to change his story, and ends up in jail for his honesty. I wasn’t much impressed at the time, you know. I regret it now. He died when he was 91 years old in 2012. It wasn’t until his funeral that I thought again on this book. The preacher was reading out a story of his life; about serving in Palestine, and the happiest days of his life were in Gaza. That I guess, was the start of this book project.

I began reading J.M.N. Jeffries, PALESTINE: THE REALITY, and trust me its not an easy read to digest, so much valuable info; but I got the gist of it and I was quite shaken. Later, I read it again and the names of those tyrants start to hit home; Lloyd George, Balfour, Churchill, Cecil, Smuts and Milner. All these guys were respected names in the U.K. I did a little research, found nothing and soon started reading once more; slowly going through the Covenant of the League of Nation’s, Mandates, Commission Reports, Zionist Organization Reports and the like. Then it all became clear, this is the legal case for Palestine. The “Lord” Balfour and his knights had sold-out England along with Palestine to the Russian Talmudist-Zionist’s; and in the process had fore-sworn the British Empire to the American Zionists-Talmudist. Their trickery is not to be believed.

After a final reading I’m filled with indignation and shame, it’s now clear that, something needs to be done. I do more searches but nothing much comes up. Except that three months after the book was published (1939) by Longman’s, Green & Co, their warehouse and all its contents of the book were destroyed in a bombing raid (1940) by the German Luftwaffe, on Pasternoster Row, East London. And again, I see that in 1976 Hyperion Press re-published the book but soon afterwards were stopped and were forced into voluntary liquidation. So that was it for me, I felt very strongly about it. I had to get this book online; it meant typing out, two fingers at a time 750 pages. I needed a quiet place to start work.

At around this time a Swiss friend Maky was driving down to Mauritania via Morocco. I asked if I could join him and follow him down in my motor. Yes, why not he answered. This friend thought nothing of it, and I do not say that lightly, he doesn’t suffer fools. He has traveled the world and taken an active interest in most of the great religions on this planet. Certainly he is wiser, spiritually stronger than I AM. Once a Christian, a Hindjew, a Buddist & today he is Muslim.

One night we end up in Marrakech, to meet Maky’s friend Abdeslam who had warmly invited us to stay with his family. After some days of drying out and excellent healthy food, a hamaan (sweat-lodge), I’m feeling human again. Abdelslam and I were talking one morning by the pool, I explained to him what I needed to do with the book and why it is important to me – that the Western people will understand what the Arabs have understood for almost a hundred years – that what was done in Palestine by the British Balfour Cabinet was illegal, and that Israel was the only state in history to be founded on an “explanation.” That was that, he “liked” me and arranged for me a house in Casablanca that I could start the work.

That’s my story. Palestine: The Reality, is a GIANT TRUTH story, an eye opener of immense importance, that every educated person in the English speaking world needs to read. The facts within it allows Muslim, Jew and Christian’s of Palestine to peacefully expose together, the illegality of the State of Israel. Its a demolition of Zionist propaganda, of their Lies and deceits. I say, lets break it up and make it better once again in the HOLY LAND of Palestine.

Non-resistance should defeat their ‘manhood angst’ and destroy their IDFs brutal murdering tactics before the eye’s of all humanity, perhaps even the U.N. will take some strong action against these Human Rights abuses. These microbes of that nasty disease Zionism must be stopped and brought before the International Criminal Court of Justice, regardless of who they are, as well as those who are giving them the political cover that allow them to fulfill the Talmudist Agenda, using the Zionist Banking System all over the World.

Palestine is the place to start. They are the only people on our planet to stand up to this “Satanic” Talmudist force, while the world watches in silence; the bombings, gassing, the shootings of kids for throwing stones and imprisonment of 10 years old’s, the theft of lands and homes and starting wars throughout the Middle East where death and genocide of the Arabs way of life is in high gear. This is not an exaggeration unfortunately, inquire a little, do some research, find the blue-print for this destruction, ask questions.

Believe me, all the answers you have search for on this issue and I mean ALL of them, you will find, in this book PALESTINE: THE REALITY.
STAND UP FOR PALESTINIAN HUMAN RIGHTS. [/su_expand]  [/su_column] [su_column size=”1/3″]
The Great Teachings of Vira, A Brave Little Ant

Coping with the horrors and fears that war creates for children.
A very sweet children’s book to help the child’s mind deal with the refugee crisis and the horror’s of war that impact all children across the planet. Inside are tools to help children cope with the reality.

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[/su_column] [su_column size=”1/3″]Heal Yourself 101

The TRUE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH and Dramatic healing.
Markus Rothkranz shows how he dramatically reversed the aging process and went from disease and dying to be radically younger and never getting sick again, without doctors, pills, surgery, drugs or expensive treatments of any kind. 

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Heal Yourself 101 Video

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