The 3 faces of the Republican Party

The three faces of the Republican Party

By: Patricia McCarthy

The 1957 film, The Three Faces of Eve, was about dissociative personality disorder, then known as multiple personality syndrome. It was a hard film based on an actual case of a woman who suffered from the condition.

It is not much of a leap to describe the Republican Party as currently constituted as suffering from the same malady. There are the true small-government, liberty-loving constitutionalists like Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, Tom Cotton, Matt Gaetz, Ron Johnson, Josh Hawley, Elise Stefanik, Steve Scalise, Rand Paul, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert, and John Kennedy.

Then there are the squishes, who are afraid of their own shadows when it comes to fighting the Democrats — the elected officials who are there only to hold power, not to exercise it for their constituents. Those would be Kevin McCarthy and his go-along to get-along bunch, the Pelosi-ites like Rob Portman, Lindsey Graham who bends with the prevailing winds of the day. Most of the Republicans fall into this category.

Then there are the never-Trumpers: Mitch McConnell, Romney, Ben Sasse, Adam Kinzinger, Pat Toomey, John Katko, Jamie Beutler, Dan Newhouse, David Valadao, Peter Meijer, Tom Rice, Fred Upton, Anthony Gonzalez, Richard Burr, Susan Collins (of course), Bill Cassidy, and Lisa Murkowski, along with the execrable Liz Cheney, the left’s new favorite congressperson.

There is no doubt about it, the Republican Party is suffering from multiple personality disorder.

Thanks to Donald Trump, we can all clearly see who among our officials actually represents the American people who elected them; which members of Congress are interested only in keeping their seats; and those who passively align themselves with the Democrats to push our republic into a version of communist China with a social credit system, struggle sessions, and mandatory submission to an all-powerful government that would make Mao and Stalin proud. Far too many of them are sitting still for this.

The Republican Party is in serious disarray; it’s fractured. Yellow-bellies like Kevin McCarthy are the majority, and the open NeverTrumps are traitors to their constituents. Where do they all seem to work together? When confirming Biden’s dismal appointees to high office within his illegitimate administration. They are all awful! William Burns for CIA has numerous links to the Communist Party of China; Susan Henessey to the DOJ is a confirmed rabid Russia hoaxer. Lisa Monaco probably ordered the raid on Giuliani.

On this one score, their three faces meld into one insipid like-mind that cravenly submits to the most radical administration in U.S. History. Republicans never fight as the Dems do. They capitulate. The Democrats never capitulate; they fight like the thugs they are.

Under the Biden administration, those of us who continue to embrace Trump’s America First polices that engendered the best economy for all demographics, who support securing our southern border, who were thrilled by the energy independence that Trump brought about and the de-regulation that energized so many small and large businesses, are even more deplorable to the left now than we were in Hillary Clinton’s view. Wanting a free and economically powerful America is anathema to the left. The left means to indoctrinate our kids rather than educate them. Leftists’ totalitarian agenda demands “equity” rather than equality; skin color reigns supreme. They mean to cripple this nation; no more oil exploration, no more secure borders, no more law and order, no more freedom of speech or assembly, no more Second Amendment. The left means to destroy America as founded, and, though interrupted by Trump’s presidency, the Soros-Obama plan is back in play. China owns Biden, and he is speeding up America’s decline in service of the communist nation and the globalists.

The left is by nature miserable. Leftists will not rest until everyone is as miserable as they are. And because our ruling class is thoroughly removed from reality, they believe that their prescriptions for the rest of us will never affect their oh, so privileged lifestyles. The left suffers from dissociative identity disorder, too: “a mental illness that involves disruptions or breakdowns of memory, awareness, identity and/or perception.” That pretty much sums up too many members of our political class, left and right. Think Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Think Joe Biden.

When the right does not fight back against the left’s anti-American grand plan — its absurd erasure of biological sex, its primacy of criminals over law-abiding citizens — the right is as certifiably mentally ill as the left. That the Republicans are not, as a whole, standing up against the pandemic nonsense — mask mandates and lockdowns — is so disappointing. They should be fighting for the essential “my body, my choice” when it comes to vaccines! Why are they not, as a cohesive group, opposing the very notion of vaccine passports? Why can’t the Republicans in Congress learn from governors like DeSantis? They don’t. They are cowering in the corners of their congressional offices, terrified of the leftmedia. God forbid they be criticized by a mindless hack at the NYT or on CNN or MSNBC.

The Republican Party is suffering from an identity crisis. What is a Republican? For what principles do these people stand tall? We know who the good guys are, but they are a minority. Why aren’t all of the elected Republicans on the same page?

Bottom line? Conservatives are not being well served by their elected officials. Most of them will throw us, their constituents, under the bus to avoid negative press. That, and continued acceptance and admission to the D.C. party circuit, motivates all those do-nothing Republicans every day of the week.

Let’s vote all the nebbishes out and elect some fervent pro-American reps and senators. And let us support the good ones already there. We all know who they are.


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  1. …or gravitate toward another more like minded party, like the Constitution Party or Libertaian Party. Or change affilitation to “none of the above.” I believe the Republican Party is too far gone for conservatives to have any meaningful influence there. This article confirms it.

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