The AfD began as a party that posed a threat to the central banks. Today, it censors their critics.

ER Editor: With zero proof of anything, we feel the white hats are playing on the image of populist parties, showing they’re no answer to anything. And this is all happening fast. First, Milei in Argentina (crazy Zionist); then Geert Wilders in the Netherlands (totally in bed with Israel for decades); now the Alternative fur Deutschland party, who suddenly becomes part of war criminal Henry Kissinger’s fan base.


We’ve published a fair bit about Germany’s so-called ‘far right’ party, Alternative fur Deutschland, and often in a sympathetic way. We had thought they were committed to free speech, especially when it came to the Covid and vaccine lies and tyranny. A two-day symposium they held on this in late November in the German parliament buildings had Dr. Mike Yeadon as a guest speaker. But he was never heard, which was clearly deliberate. Here is Uwe Alschener on this censorship, from Nov. 25 (source):

Why does German Opposition censor Dr. Michael Yeadon’s talk at “2nd Corona Symposium”?

Alternative for Germany (AfD) Party in German Bundestag holds 2-day-Symposium in the Reichstag only to decide Yeadon’s warning unfit for publication. Raises concerns as to the kind of game they are playing.

After a two day Symposium in the German Bundestag, which sits in session in the reconstructed version of what the Nazis burned down in order to implement sweeping powers for Hitler, the “Alternative fur Deutschland” has cut the presentation given by former Pfizer VP Respiratory, Dr. Michael Yeadon.

This follows irritation by observers who had criticised that no live-stream had been made available for the Symposium, which took place on November 12 and 13, 2023.

One week later the parliamentary caucus of the AfD, whose Working Group on Health had organized the conference, published the edited recordings of the first and the second day of the conference. But Dr. Yeadon’s presentation, which at 3:27:55 was announced by Working Group chairman Siechert, was not (!) included in that documentation.

Uwe Alschner continues on this theme below. Regarding this piece, this is Mike Yeadon’s response from his Telegram account on Dec. 4:

I have just spotted this very interesting article. It’s worth reading the article before the partial transcript. The partial transcript is VERY partial. It was a 20 minute speech. These clips are not incorrect, but shorn of their contexts, I think they’ll sound ridiculous to many. It’s very important that the longer speech for Croatia is made available. That’s very similar to what I said in Germany. One thing is for sure: the authorities in multiple countries do not want you & your families, friends and colleagues to hear what I’ve got to say. Fundamentally, I show by reference to others’ excellent work that there never was a pandemic & no public health emergency. Consequently, there was never the faintest reason to rush an inherently dangerous “vaccine” at the whole population. I further show, drawing on 30+ years experience of rational drug design at high levels within the pharmaceutical industry that these constructions were designed intentionally to cause multiple harms, deaths and to damage fertility. I close by joining the dots. Lockdowns were known to be all costs no benefits, intended to destroy the economy and financial system, particularly the sovereign currency of every major country. We see digital ID being imposed, when it is completely unnecessary except to exert totalitarian control. Numerous countries are trialling CBDCs, which Richard Werner and Catherine Austin Fitts say are also completely unnecessary, unless totalitarian control is your objective. The WHO pandemic treaty will cede world control powers to hidden individuals who can require you to be injected with mRNA, or face exclusion from society & even life. I think I mentioned that factories to manufacture billions of doses of mRNA are being built & every government has agreed to buy sufficient for ten doses per citizen. I ask rhetorically what is expected to happen to these ten doses each? Best wishes Mike


The AfD began as a party that posed a threat to the central banks. Today, it censors their critics.

Until today it was everybody’s guess why the AfD party in Germany may have censored Mike Yeadon. Now a recording has been leaked which points in a certain direction.

Below is the translated text of Dr. Mike Yeadon’s presentation at the 2nd Corona Symposium. Let everyone see for themselves what he said. And form an opinion as to why the AfD has not published his lecture – as far as can be seen – to this day.


The recording was leaked to us. The authenticity of the material has been verified insofar as it was received in the form of a camera recording.

The recording was made in the hall where the symposium was held. Individual participants are recognizable in the picture. In order to preserve the anonymity of the sender, a still image has been created, into which a second still image has been inserted at a reduced size, in which Professor Dr. Stefan Hockertz can be seen applauding after Yeadon’s lecture. Hockertz was invited to speak with Dr. Yeadon on the topic of “Global threats to health and freedom”. Yeadon speaks on this very topic. His lecture is anything but “out of place for the review of the past three years”, as some in defense of the AfD have tried to argue.

True: Dr. Yeadon sheds light on aspects that have nothing to do with health per se. But all the more so with the topic of “freedom”. These are aspects that give context to decisions that seem unreasonable and incomprehensible from a purely health perspective. The danger here is that such decisions risk being dismissed as mere bungling and stupidity if the context that Mike Yeadon is talking about is not explained. This is why censorship by the AfD is particularly serious

Obituary of Henry Kissinger by AfD leader Alice Weidel. Which AfD voter will miss his “warning voice”?

It may be that some protagonists within the AfD are unaware of the scope of Yeadon’s approach to explaining “the pandemic”. However, it is almost certain that the AfD leadership is in a position to recognize the radical nature of Yeadon’s lecture. In the video, Yeadon talks (without naming the term itself) about the “deep state”. One of the most prominent representatives of this “Deep State”, Henry Kissinger, who also had very close ties to the Rockefeller family mentioned by Yeadon, has just received an effusive obituary from the leader of the AfD parliamentary group in the German Bundestag, Alice Weidel. Coincidence?

Not if you consider what preceded the founding of the AfD and how the party that opposed the “euro rescue” bank bailout was deliberately infiltrated. Yeadon’s main argument is that digital identity in conjunction with digital central bank money is the real danger!

His reasoning is conclusive: the economy had to be destroyed first, in order to create the conditions for the introduction of a new currency. This digital currency is individualized per se, i.e. the disposal of one’s own bank deposits is dependent on the approval of a central authority and is therefore linked to “social credit”. Anyone who disobeys the “rules” will no longer be able to dispose of their funds (and will probably no longer be able to use their vehicle, which is also connected to the Internet of Things). All it takes is a click of the mouse and participation in life is “switched off”.

Yeadon certainly didn’t mince his words, as he also referred to the military industrial complex”, which he said was responsible for ordering the injections. By censoring this speech (to date, apparently only a harmless two-minute excerpt from Yeadon’s speech has been published), the AfD exposes itself all the more to the accusation of not leading the opposition in the Bundestag against the background of this recording, but presenting a controlled opposition, albeit a somewhat louder one.

Content of Yeadon’s presentation

(as the audio contains the German translation, this is what was retranslated into English)

[Even if the translation has recognizable weaknesses (the translator speaks of “digital idea” right at the very beginning and later at 15:50-17:00, whereas Yeadon speaks of “digital identity/digital ID”), the context of Yeadon’s argumentation does become very clear].

00:04 It’s about the introduction of a digital identity and the abolition of cash

00:35 There will be total surveillance and forced injections (for any reason and as a condition for participation in ‘social life’) with ingredients as described by Professor Hockertz. This will lead to the murder of “most people on this planet”.

02:45 Own experience in pharma and biotech. Therefore competent to talk about the horrific crimes currently being committed.

03:30 “What has happened since then: we were lied to in 2020. There was never a health emergency. There were discussions about whether there was a (new) virus or not. I don’t think so. This whole story about gain-of-function in Wuhan, it’s all made up… to make you believe that there is a virus that has escaped.”

04:40 “They tried to convince you that a lockdown is necessary… If you are sick, you automatically withdraw. The sicker we are, the more we withdraw. People who are well cannot infect others!”

05:30 “I underline (emphasize) this because they are planning to do it again! ... Then why did they lock you up? … To destroy the economy! Because the people who are involved in this, … the central banks, … the rich families who have been in power for hundreds of years, they want to destroy the economy so that they can then replace all independent currencies with central bank digital money! And then they will hold us captive with this … Central bank money” (CBDC).

06:20 “They also want you to get used to being controlled, to do what you’re told. They want you to be trained!”

06:50 “We must resist, otherwise we will lose our freedom!” (Loud applause in the hall)

07:15 “I knew that was a lie, because the vaccine needs 5 to 6 years to try it out. … You can’t do that in eleven months, ladies and gentlemen!”

08:10 “That wasn’t a vaccine! I’ve spent my whole career developing vaccines.”

08:40 “This poison was developed to harm. Intentionally! … We knew the spike protein was toxic.”

10:20 “In every animal that was tested … Accumulation in the ovaries. Is that a good choice? No. Deliberately injecting a doubly dangerous weapon into your body…”

10:50 “I think this vaccine has killed at least 17 million people. … This is a deliberate poisoning of 5.8 billion people on the planet.”

11:50 “These products were commissioned by the American defense agencies to the pharmaceutical companies. … We were poisoned by the military who commissioned these toxins. They will do it again.”

13:00 “We don’t need a global pandemic treaty because there is no possibility of a global pandemic! ...The WHO is now pushing through a global pandemic treaty and the WHO will then have the power to control everything in your country and in my country…. We should not hand over this power! If you hand over power to the WHO now, it’s like suicide!”

14:40 “It’s not just the pandemic, it’s also climate change. These are two issues where they are lying to us. Because one can’t do it alone. … CO2 does not cause climate change. The IPCC, a UN agency, the Club of Rome, probably founded by the Rockefellers. It’s all a scam. … They’ve changed the science so that everyone believes it, but it’s all a lie.”

15:00 “The Digital Identity and Digital Money, then we have total control.”

16:30 (CBDC) “There’s no money if you don’t meet all the requirements. Then you have to get another injection.”

17:00 “If you accept that, then you’re taking the first step into the global killing machine. I’m not going to do that!”

17:50 “Don’t allow the abolition of cash!”

18:30 “I’m in favor of banning these mRNA products. But they are making many more of them right now.”

19:20 “The toxicity varies in different batches.”

20:00 “I didn’t realize it for a long time: there is an elite that controls these events. … We have to say stop, otherwise our lives will no longer be worth living.”

20:40 “If you go out and talk about what you’ve heard in the last two days, the worst thing that can happen to you is that you’ll be laughed at. If you do what the government says and follow the instructions, you will lose your freedom and your life!”

21:14 “Healthy people should not be locked up. They should be allowed to cross borders. We must not accept these restrictions!”

21:30 “I have been speaking out for four years now. I still have not been able to reach so many people. I am censored everywhere on the internet. On all platforms. That means I can hardly reach anyone anymore. If there is any effect at all, it’s that you have a network. Because the media will never tell people the truth. The only person who can pass on what I have said is you! If we are not successful, then we will lose this battle. So I beg you, I implore you: all that I have told you – please pass it on! You can pass it all on. To your family, your friends, your work colleagues. Pass on what I have said!”

“We will resist and we will stand up to these evil tyrants and save our world! Thank you!”



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