The American Freedom & Unity Project: It’s Time to Give The Bully a Bloody Nose!

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

I am so freaking tired of the bully complex and the whimpering! Today we are constantly hearing …

“We can’t win”

“There aren’t enough of us to make a difference”

“There are too many sheeple for us to succeed”


The constant droning on of defeatism and resignation (even by many of our supposed leaders) is infectious and easily transmitted like a viral disease! But is it the truth?

Did David defeat Goliath, against all odds? Did a small relatively untrained army eventually defeat the most powerful military of its time to win its independence? And I could go on …

The truth of the matter is, although we face a formidable foe who seems prepared for any contingency … no one is ever fully prepared …  especially for the actions of those dedicated to getting out from under the yoke of oppression, tyranny or bullying.


To those who sanction us

Who commit tyranny against us

Who bully instead of represent

Know this …

When you least expect it we will lash out in key ways to protect or regain out unalienable rights and freedoms … And you will never know what hit you until you wipe the blood off your broken nose !!!

We do not make THREATS … we make PROMISES

Undiluted Courage 01

If you are a defeatist the best thing you can do to assist us is …


Self Evident

If you believe as I/we do that …

We The People control our destiny!

Together we constitute an unstoppable force!

If you believe there are many more awake and aware Americans than we are being told!

Then please join us at The American Freedom & Unity Project … and help us strike a crippling blow against tyranny!

AF&UP 03a

See much more here on these archived TLBTV shows:

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There is much more to come as the foundation of this massive project is laid down, please stay tuned!

One change to the information you have been presented with. This IS now a TLB project. We tried to set this up as a totally independent project but found it could not generate sufficient forward momentum without a solid structure behind it, and that is unexcepable  in light of today’s rising tide of tyranny. We at TLB now fully support, fund and motivate this new project, and lend all our project assets to its success. That said we still maintain an independent board of directors to provide a check & balance decision making process … This is and must remain a project that is ultimately directed by We The People NOT any one organization.

And above all please remember …

What can one man do




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  1. Sadly, because we are deceived about the way our government “system” really works, most are consenting to what is going on without knowing it.

    If they would review the LAWFULLY YOURS guide on the AntiCorruptionSociety web site they would find some great and empowering strategies.

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