The Anatomy Of A Thoughtless Mind

The Anatomy Of A Thoughtless Mind

By TLB Staff Writer: Lucille Femine

You must be thinking I’m talking about someone who doesn’t give two cents about anyone else. That’s the only definition in the dictionary.(reworded, of course) I’m guessing but it makes me look smart to say that with assurance.

Let’s take your average jerk who is rude, interrupts you, tells you you’re wrong, cuts you off in line, cheats on his wife, etc. What’s he thinking? A lot. He’s not thoughtless at all.

Only his thoughts are not centered around saving humanity.

Does this make those of us who are not jerks any less busy with thinking? No, we’re thinking a lot about the jerks in our lives and how to deal or not deal with them. That can be a huge chunk of useless pondering and nail chewing. But let’s be real, there are moments when we are all jerks so I won’t get carried away with holier than thouism. No, that’s not a word but I rebel against dictionary slavism. See, another word to thumb my nose at rigid grammar, at the risk of being incomprehensible.

So is it safe to say all of us, jerks or not, are talking heads? Not quite.

What does it mean to live in the moment? This has become an overused concept; its lack is like chasing the train that just pulled out. I mean that’s how difficult it is to achieve this state for most of us.

I say this because I spend almost every moment trying to lure the moment into my soul. As I fail, the moment flitters by, unseen.

Where do we go after this loss of the now? Into the past. We scan our lives for past happy moments to drag out like last year’s Christmas decorations. Surely they will make us happy again. But unlike Christmas with a brand new holiday to make the old decorations fresh, they do not provide that newness.

Why do I say this so sweepingly? Consider times when you were in danger, when you just had to win a game, when a loved one just died, when you were intensely in love. Where was your attention? Right smack in those moments. Happy or not, you were alive with emotion. Isn’t this why we sometimes take chances with our safety? In those moments,, were you thinking about breakfast? If you were, you’d really be in danger! In those rare moments, thinking was cancelled.

Have you considered that you can’t live in the moment because you had bad experiences in the past that haunt you? If so, you are absolutely right. Do you go to a therapist to erase those moments? That’s somewhat effective but takes years to get a result, if any. There’s a better way.

For example, take the broom you were just about to use. Examine it . Start the chore. Put all your attention on the head. Is that real straw? What dirt am I picking up? How fast can I get it all up? Is the stick firmly attached?

Here’s the million dollar question. Were you thinking or just experiencing? If you were thinking, the experience was diluted to something boring. Am I right? Another example: do you have a growing pile of “important” papers you will never look at again? Yet you can’t get your mind off it? Yeah, like that.

If you practice this shift of attention with everything you do, the past just might become meaningless, regardless of trauma. You will be filled with joyful, intense experience. You will become a thoughtless person, one who gives oneself to others and their happiness. A life brimming with present time.

This view of existence is not new, it’s ancient but I hope I’ve expressed it as an ever-present yearning for that something we vaguely sense but are too busy with the wars of life and all their painful memories to explore it any further.

We choose to let the spirit die so the body can live. Does that make sense?? Are we whores?

Poetic Epilogue:

And finally, knowing you are rich in needing nothing but the moment, naked of thought.


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