The Art Of The Gun

The Art Of The Gun

Commentary by: Bill the Butcher

And so it begins. The endless debate on gun control. There is a little girl. She lives in what she calls “Plain Ol’ Texas.” Each day the Butcher Shop runs a picture of her with the meme Bug of The Day. Her smile is eternal. She even smiles at the dentist. And she is wise. She is a prophet! Once, when her mother asked why she smiles all the time she answered, “Because I love you all the time!”

You can’t “get over” something like Uvaldé, you must survive it!

A Texas Ranger said yesterday that you can’t “get over” something like Uvaldé, you must survive it! Today The Butcher Shop’s morning benediction from Mr. Vic Quinton Light One Candle touched on the struggle we all face in the game of life.

No one wants another Uvaldé, but one will come. During the DPS press conference yesterday the officer referred to The next time! The next time? Why does there even need to be a next time? This needs to stop! The massacre of nineteen elementary school children in their classroom while a little girl feverishly calls repeatedly to 911 shouldn’t have happened the first time.

When seconds count the police are only minutes away

In a dire situation your safety depends on you! Child or bull dozer operator, if you live or die is in your hands. The little girl did the right thing. She did what she’d been taught. It didn’t work. The police weren’t minutes away. They were in the hall. And the little girl died!

Since Columbine police agencies and medical minds have tried to develop scenarios on active shooters. They try to figure out what’s in the shooter’s mind. What makes such a person even consider such an act? All this is folly!

Take all the rope in Texas find a tall oak tree . . . hang ‘em right in the street!

People who believe in Unicorns tell us to get rid of all the guns. According to Bloomberg, America has 393.3 million guns! Even if you you could pick up all the guns, all you got to miss is one. And after the next shooting the po po would still be looking for a motive. Gee! I wonder why he shot all them kids? He did it because there are bad men in this country. And there are 331.9 million of us. More people, more nuts! And the national conscience has changed. Billy the Kid never shot up a school.

The only cure for a bad man with a gun is a good man with a gun!

There will always be an abundance of guns in America. There will always be incidents with guns involved. People will always die. The only cure for a bad man with a gun is a good man with a gun. These are irrefutable facts, and no amount of sand over your head will drown out the gunfire.

Do I like it? Do I accept it? No! I’ve seen Charles Whitman, George Hennard, and Nidal Hasan. I’ve seen all these up close and personal. From combat veterans to students going to their next class. The results were always the same. Our lives are in our hands, and you can’t pick up all the guns!

The best we can do is minimize the cost for us and increase the cost for them! And make that cost high. If you have a mad dog in your back yard you do not try to understand its motive. You kill it. Poor puppy. If you see someone getting on social media with red flags hanging out of every pocket you need to fix the situation. If some idiot comes on Facebook talking about shooting up a school they need to be put in an insane asylum until Jesus comes back. Let Him sort ‘em out!

Oh, Butcher, you’re so harsh! There are laws in this country. We must find a kinder, friendlier way to help these poor souls. The funerals in Uvaldé are going on as I write. How harsh am I now? All the background checks in the world won’t catch all these guys. But, when they expose themselves, for the love of God put them somewhere where at least they can’t kill our children. I’m not going tic for tac on all the hairbrained ideas I’m reading on the LameStream Media, from one door schools to blaming the cops. I’m just going to leave you with the words of the Prophet, Bug . . .


The above article (The Art Of The Gun) is republished here with permission and with attribution to the author Bill the Butcher and The Butcher Shop.

About The Author: Bill the Butcher is the purveyor of The Butcher Shop which is a collection of independent writers ranging from journalists to op/ed, from conservative to liberal. Whatever cut of literary meat you prefer the Butcher Shop is here to serve.


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  1. From now on, I will refer to these weapons as PPR’s and PPW’s. Personal Protection Rifles and Personal Protection Weapons….such as “I own several PPW’s and am looking into getting a PPR”. 🙂
    Since that is what they are mostly for, EVERY GUN OWNER should start using those terms EVERY time they mention their personal weapons.

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