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Presented by Steve Cook, the Editor of The Liberty Beacon UK. With special Guest Ariyana Love, Director of The Liberty Beacon’s Middle East Rising project.

Steve says:

Ariyana 2This week I am very pleased to welcome Ariyana back onto the show for another lively and fascinating discussion.

This week we look at the origins of Zionism, its Ashkenazi heritage and current role in the chaos of the Middle East that has driven tens of thousands of displaced people in upon the heart of Europe and precipitated the current refugee crisis.

From her first-hand knowledge of Middle Eastern people, Ariyana gives us insight into the wide cultural variations between Muslim people from different areas and the origins of division within Islam itself. In particular, we take a brief look at how Zionist-sponsored sects have spawned oppressive governments and – with the collusion of those governments AND criminal agencies within Western governments – terrorist groups.

We also cover how both Islam and the West are targets of Zionist infiltration and cultural subversion and how the creation of extremist factions within the broad Islamic culture is then used to demonize all of Islam in order to stir up conflict with The West, despite the strong rejection of Muslims themselves of that extremism.

With the Zionist program becoming increasingly exposed, current propaganda efforts have accelerated in an effort to head off the very real danger that Islam and Christendom might find common ground in their shared humanity and unite.

Ariyana reveals, for example, how in Palestine she found virtually NO hostility on the part of the Palestinians towards the Jews and Judaism. They fully understand that the Jews are distinct from the cult of Zionism and that it is Zionism not Judaism that is the cause of the crimes against them, whilst the Jews are even now considered to be their brothers and sisters. This is a remarkably sane and well educated viewpoint on the part of much-abused people and one seldom if ever mentioned in the Zionist Western media’s propaganda campaigns.

The discussion highlights the dangers of accepting broad and misleading generalizations that can so often tar decent people with the same brush as criminals and play right into the hands of those who would divide humanity and thereby weaken and conquer it.

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