The DATA show that about 1 Million Americans have been killed by the mRNA Injections

ER Editor: Substacker Peter Halligan offers this introductory comment:

Another way to estimate that 1 million Americans and 20 million around the world have been killed by lethal injection

We’re watching out for global estimates of deaths by the Covid genetic shot. Canadian physician Dr. Roger Hodkinson had verbally estimated the number to be 20 million, too, several weeks ago in an interview with Laura Lynn Tyler. This article a while back put the global number at 13 million —

New paper: An estimated 13 million people worldwide killed by the COVID vaccines


The DATA show that about 1 Million Americans have been killed by the mRNA Injections

And at least 20 Million around world


Figure 1 below shows DATA 1 from the CDC for the number of Deaths/Month and mRNA Injections/Month 2 over the last 2 years.

Fig. 1. CDC DATA for the Death Rate and mRNA Injection Rate in the U.S. for the past 2 years.

In Figure 1, the correlation between the two curves is readily apparent.

In a previous posting I summarized the result of a statistical analysis I did showing that 75% to 90% of the variations in the U.S. All-Cause-Mortality-Rate can be attributed to variations in the mRNA-Injection-Rate with the Death Rate delayed by about 6 weeks with respect to the mRNA-Injection Rate 3. Of course, there are additional deaths that such an analysis will not pick up (e.g., deaths happening not in the first two months after the injection, but over the next year or two or more).

The area under the peaks in the Death Rate, following peaks in the Injection Rate, come to 900,000 deaths. So, I’m just going to estimate at least 1 Million Americans have been killed by these injections, so far. Worldwide, there have been 20 times as many mRNA injections, so I estimate at least 20 million people have been killed by these injections, so far.

And I conjecture:

  • No one will be accountable for these millions of deaths; and
  • No one will be accountable for the 6 to 9 TRILLION of our dollars spent in the U.S. enriching the few and destroying the lives and businesses of the many, causing inflation, etc.; and
  • No one (especially the Medical Industrial Complex) will be held accountable for reducing the life expectancy of people in the U.S. by over 2 years 4 in just 2 years compared to other countries; rather they will congratulate themselves; and
  • You’ll never hear about any of this on the Legacy MSM or Social Media due to the Censorship Industrial Complex [see Matt Taibbi’s Twitter Files]; and
  • Etc., etc., etc.

Good News:

  • The number of mRNA injections has fallen to a trickle, and
  • According to the CDC a mere 17% of the population have the “Updated Booster Dose”;
  • AND the schedule for the approximately 100 “vaccines” given to children is being neglected by more and more people who are waking up to the fact that health is NOT (positively) correlated with the number of health-destroying injections.

I will discuss these numbers more in a couple of subsequent posts.


About the only “numbers” from the CDC that I think are DATA (numbers coming from measurements, not models, or just made-up), are the counting of death certificates (All-Cause-Mortality []) and number of mRNA-Doses given []. A lot of people make money from these injections, so I’d guess they are tracked closely.


I refuse to call the mRNA-injections a “vaccine”, since it has been shown by the Cleveland Clinic that the more one is injected, the higher is their chance of getting CoVid. But of course, even this is meaningless — who cares whether you contract a disease with a >99.9% survival rate? The question the Cleveland Clinic should have asked is, “What is the All-Cause-Mortality-Rate as a function of the number of Injections?”. That is the only metric one should look at. The U.K. ONS data show that the mortality rate of those injected is about a factor of 2 higher than those not injected, regardless of age. I conjecture we would see a similar result in the U.S. if these data were made available. If the data showed otherwise, then I’m sure the data would be available.


Why the CDC did not pick up on this obvious health signal, I have no idea (/s = sarcasm). Probably the same reason they don’t see anything in the VAERS system.


See e.g.



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