The Essene Teacher: Chemtrails, GMOs, Nuclear… What Really Is The Most Important Issue?

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Chemtrails, GMO’s, Nuclear…
What Really Is The Most Important Issue?

By TLB Contributor and Show Host: Richard Sacks

Humanity faces so many lethal threats now, that sorting them out in order of importance really seems like an impossible task. Geoengineering (“chemtrails”), genetic engineering of our food and other plants and animals, nuclear power plants all over the planet, chemical agriculture, a fake and destructive medical system, the systematic plan currently in action to crash our economy, an “educational” system designed to make it impossible for our children to think clearly and to make sure they lose touch with real history and basic life values, a media that does the same for the general public, and the list just goes on.

As time grows shorter for humanity to turn back from the brink of annihilation, it seems that to come up with any plan for global survival, it is necessary to have some kind of understanding of which issues are the most urgent to solve and what is the best strategy for getting rid of all the major intentional threats that keep us from enjoying our natural birthrights of health, freedom and prosperity on all levels.

This week on the Essene Teacher radio program for The Liberty Beacon, host Richard Sacks tries to find a logical way to rank the urgency of the various problems we face, and come up with some way to replace them all with the normal life conditions we would all like to spend our lives enjoying. Join us for this exploration of how the maze of threats to our survival fits into a pattern with clues of how we can overcome all of these pressing issues successfully.


The Essene Teacher with Host Richard Sacks may be heard at 9PM ET every Monday (you will receive a “No Results Found” message if you click on the show link prior to air time) at the Liberty Beacon Radio Network and can be heard in full anytime after show publish time (pre-recorded).

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richard_sacks 3Richard Sacks has been an independent holistic health scientist since 1965.  Much of his work has focused on the reversal of degenerative disease and “aging,” by natural means.  Now he teaches principles of natural health, is an internationally known radio host, and does a small number of one on one consulting sessions for those wanting to upgrade their health status on all levels, working with clients in areas of health and consciousness.  Visit Lost Arts Research Institute  for information, links to study group meetings, and more.

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