The Essene Teacher: The War On Food – What Illegal Raw Foods Will Mean For You

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By TLB Contributor and Show Host: Richard Sacks

On this week’s Essene Teacher Radio program, Richard looks at confirmations the long anticipated “Great Culling” is finally in full swing, and the message that self-awareness and conscious positive action in our own lives is now that much more urgent.  Members of the self-proclaimed “elite” have been saying for decades that this focused elimination of the undesirable members of society (translation: anyone other than themselves) would be commencing soon.

All of us have been getting gradually accustomed to seeing chemtrails in the sky almost every day, genetically modified food being sold as edible in the grocery stores, poisons intentionally added to our drinking water and most of our foods before and after harvest, emerging and developing technologies that are approved for mass distribution even though they are admitted to be damaging or lethal over time to those who use them, dirty and inefficient power sources used for energy worldwide even though they clearly destroy the biosphere and pose a threat of extinction to all life on the planet, and the list goes on.

In time these unnatural aspects of the environment we live in become familiar and it is easy to stop noticing them, especially when so many of us are under financial pressure because the economy is also being systematically destroyed as part of the same overall “elite” agenda.  But we cannot afford now to become complacent or lazy.  This is a critical time where we have to find ways to function at our best, and that means educating ourselves in the use of natural means to keep our strength and immunity very high.

The War On Food

Yesterday Richard received confirmation that certain raw foods, notably fresh organic nuts and seeds, will from now on have to be cooked (“pasteurized”) before sale, by order of FDA and similar organizations elsewhere.  The unavailability of critical fresh organic raw foods is certain to have its effect just like all the other programs of government and global corporations designed to gradually eliminate life on the planet.  The minimum response required from those of us who don’t want to see this outcome is to appreciate the value of the time we have remaining before it gets too difficult to turn things around.  Awareness of the challenges we face and how specifically to empower ourselves to overcome them is essential.

Beginning by reclaiming our health physically, mentally and emotionally, we can then be in a position to offer maximum help to those around us during the challenges ahead.  Richard reviews some of the elements to health that must be correctly addressed, and invites any of our listeners that are interested in going deeper into this understanding and getting back into their fully empowered state, to join him in the weekly Essene Class that will cover all this information in much greater depth, and more.

Those in the live class can ask questions at that time, and those hearing the archive can email in questions to Richard and still get the answers they need even when scheduling conflicts mean they cannot listen live.  All listeners of the Essene Teacher radio show on The Liberty Beacon are invited.  Full details are available at or  Questions may also be addressed to [email protected].  Enjoy this week’s show, and we hope it is educational and helpful to you on a practical level.  Let’s help each other turn things around.


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richard_sacks 3Richard Sacks has been an independent holistic health scientist since 1965.  Much of his work has focused on the reversal of degenerative disease and “aging,” by natural means.  Now he teaches principles of natural health, is an internationally known radio host, and does a small number of one on one consulting sessions for those wanting to upgrade their health status on all levels, working with clients in areas of health and consciousness.  Visit Lost Arts Research Institute  for information, links to study group meetings, and more.

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