The Federal Government Burns the Whole House Down

Federal Government Burns the Whole House Down

By: J.B. Shurk

The Department of (in) Justice secured more J6 wrongthink convictions last week — this time netting four Americans for “seditious conspiracy” because they were not members of Black Lives Matter or Antifa. Regime thugs Merrick Garland, Christopher Wray, and Lisa Monaco (the titular heads of America’s Gestapo forces) actually took a victory lap and stood solemnly together while warning Americans that this is what happens to those who dissent from the federal government’s enforced truth. (If you squinted, you could almost see the Imperial Eagle flags draped behind them.)

Watching this bad theater play out as if it resembled anything close to real justice always feels like a gut punch. The federal government has spent the last two years lying about everything that happened on January 6, 2021. The liars transformed a million-person protest against election fraud into an “insurrection” — even though the people supposedly trying to “overthrow” the government arrived at the Capitol unarmed. The government alone killed Trump voters that day, and no protesters killed anyone, but the State-controlled corporate media continue to echo fake-president-but-real-liar Joe Biden’s claims that “MAGA extremists” murdered ten or more police officers for fun. Undercover officers from numerous agencies worked not to keep the peace, but rather to spread mayhem, threaten the protesters’ safety, and entrap otherwise law-abiding Americans. A complicit news media covered up the actions of known Antifa operatives who posed as Trump-supporters while breaking windows, tossing metal barricades, and egging the crowd on. And even though a masked, gloved, and hoodie-wearing suspect threatened both Republican and Democrat politicians with pipe bombs on January 6, billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of bureaucratic man-hours allocated for the sustained persecution of Trump-supporting patriots have somehow been insufficient for America’s premier law enforcement agencies to track down the real mass casualty threat.

Judges, prosecutors, and Fascist Bureau of Investigation agents devoid of basic ethics have gone after thousands of Americans with no criminal records for minor offenses that never would have been pursued against Obama-supporting radicals. They have recommended charges for “obstructing an official proceeding,” even though leftists obstruct official government proceedings every day throughout America without any consequence. They have spent more time and money hunting down patriotic grandmothers as “domestic terrorists” than worrying about actual terrorists who mean America real harm. And all these Gestapo agents intimidating and punishing Americans for their thoughts have done so while America’s borders remain unprotected against unprecedented drug-smuggling, sex-trafficking, cartel murder, and other violent crime.

This wretched State kabuki theater has stunk to high heaven. Even though the majority of criminal charges against J6 defendants have been the kinds of simple trespass and vandalism crimes that are rarely pursued against Obama-Soros shock troops, political mercenaries posing as prosecutors and judges have spent the last two years in courtrooms lobbing rhetorical grenades like “treason,” “sedition,” “insurrection,” “attack,” “murder,” and every other kind of underhanded verbal accusation with the intention of semantically transforming small infractions into variations of rebellion and mutiny. Few changes in venue have been granted, even though no ethical judge could reasonably believe that a Trump-supporting defendant would receive a fair trial in an area of the country that votes well over 90% for a Democrat — whether that candidate is incapacitated, a convicted criminal, an out-and-proud communist tyrant, or even dead. While actual murderers and rapists are released on bail before their trials, hundreds of J6 defendants have been locked away to perpetuate the government’s absurd propaganda that these people are so dangerous that if we let them out before their rigged trials, they’d only try to overthrow the government once again!

Of course, as soon as too many sensible observers pointed out that the U.S. government has been treating “trespassers” as if they were Pablo Escobar, then the feds stepped up their efforts to go after groups like Oath Keepers and Proud Boys, whose organized clubs made it exceptionally easy for the DOJ’s Lavrentiy Beria forced-confession-brigade to add an assortment of “conspiracy” charges to the J6 persecution mix. No need to prove actual “sedition” when “seditious conspiracy” sounds just as bad — if not worse — and requires barely anything more than two people engaging in unapproved political speech while knocking over a trash can. Heck, one of the defendants convicted for “seditious conspiracy” last week was not even in D.C. on January 6!

That’s the beauty of fed persecution, though. First, those brownshirts find a thought they would like to punish; then they look for a pre-formed group that makes a “conspiracy” easy to prove; lastly, they look for a single act of vandalism that can be framed as “force.” Voilà: like one of Beria’s convictions ready to go straight to the firing squad, you get prepackaged “seditious conspiracy” right out of the can. Ah, being a tyrant is easy-peasy in America today — especially when the State-directed media and a cabal of ideologically aligned prosecutors, judges, and juries all work together to pre-convict.

With a loosely-defined “conspiracy” being such an easy allegation to hang around someone’s neck, now the stage is set to go after the unaccountable Deep State’s number-one enemy: Donald Trump. After all, neither Trump nor his supporters thought the mass mail-in-ballot 2020 “selection” was a free or fair contest, so through the police State’s transitive property of tyranny, he must be convicted of some kind of treasonous conspiracy, too! Did you know that federal agents could secretly conspire to infiltrate a crowd of the sitting president’s supporters, stir up trouble, entrap thousands, and lay the whole mess at the feet of the very man whose office they betrayed?

This is what happens when nobody goes to prison for an Obama-Clinton–Intelligence Community Russian collusion hoax that was nothing less than an attempted coup d’état that tore the nation in two, further inflamed tensions between nuclear adversaries, and nearly succeeded in taking down a duly elected president. The same people who never suffered any consequences for that organized attack on America never thought twice about covering up Hunter Biden’s laptop with more Intelligence Community disinformation, transforming the Department of Homeland Security into an unconstitutional organ for censoring Americans’ free speech, or weaponizing the criminal “justice” system into an expedient catch-and-never-release monster for persecuting Trump and his voters. Maybe if Bill Barr had done anything other than eat ham sandwiches and shamelessly defend the rotten-to-its-core Justice Department, the American Gestapo would not operate so vilely or gleefully today.

The problem with Merrick Garland’s gloating jubilee intended to impress upon the public that he and henchman Wray have been wickedly successful in using Trump-hating judges and juries to convict Trump-supporting defendants (prosecutors routinely reminded juries that it was Trump who was really on trial) is not just that his showboating has permanently destroyed Americans’ residual faith in the criminal “justice” system. The bigger problem is that an evil Deep State that abuses the law to lock up its critics has now taken us down a path promising Americans no prospect for future reconciliation.

Benjamin Franklin’s “Join, or Die” political cartoon was an effective call for colonial unity against a common foe. Today, the federal government says, “Join or die,” and what it means is, “Do exactly what we say, or we will treat you as an enemy, lock you up, and throw away the key.” With that kind of message being disseminated, there will be nothing to “join” because the United States will dissolve into warring parts. Political divisions will only worsen because those with power rub salt in open wounds. A house divided cannot stand — especially when the federal government chooses to burn the whole house down.


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