The Fundamental Unraveling Of America

The Fundamental Unraveling of America

By Albin Sadar

By now, it must be overwhelmingly apparent to every American citizen that what candidate Barack Obama promised on the campaign trail back in 2008 has come to pass. Obama touted a “fundamental transformation of America” if elected president and, once elected, he proceeded to accomplish that one huge goal. The question in 2024 is whether enough people want to make the effort to re-ravel America to the normal, constitutional nation she once was.

It can certainly be argued that the country experienced a slow boiling of the frog during the eight years of Obama’s presidency and that, during that period, the pot neither got to boil too long nor did the frog feel the heat intensely enough to hop out. The Democrats anointed Hillary Clinton to follow Obama to continue the unraveling of America’s constitutional republic, replacing it with their own interpretation of a “democracy.”

But, somehow, out of nowhere, a wrecking ball named Donald J. Trump collided with the original fundamental-transformation plan. That, as we all experienced, was only a temporary setback. Once the 2020 election was successfully rigged and stolen and a hand-puppet-Biden government was installed, Obama and his global handlers continued stirring and reheating the pot to the required boiling point.

As it turned out, this time around, turning up the heat also necessitated putting a lid on the pot because there was a real chance that the frog might finally catch on and attempt to jump out.

So, where are we now?

The pot continues to frantically boil with the frog finally awakening to its fate—but trapped inside the pot. And the only one capable of removing the lid is that same old why-won’t-he-just-go-away-already Trump. Even with the onslaught of tactics straight out of the Jussie Smollett playbook (i.e., if you can’t find a crime, make one up) resulting in New York- and DC-style “fair” trials and verdicts, Trump continues to generate his own heat resulting in the heads of Democrats boiling—and sometimes even exploding.

What is it about Trump and, more importantly, about the movement that he has inspired? One could say that the MAGA movement is the Tea Party supercharged. The latter was pushback against Obama’s early years in office, with a large portion of the country seeing what “fundamental transformation” really means—pitting poor against rich, black against white, women against men, children against parents—and saying these are not the ideals upon which our country was founded nor for which it fought.

Can anyone stand in a cemetery and thoughtfully observe rows upon rows of simple, small, white crosses heading hundreds of graves that mark fallen soldiers and not reflect upon their noble sacrifices? Did these overwhelmingly young men and women not go off to war to fight tyranny overseas to preserve the God-given freedoms we peacefully enjoy here at home? What would any of them say today about their sacrifices? Would they really have gone off to fight to preserve the unraveled, fundamentally- transformed country in which we now find ourselves? A country where:

  • Wide-open borders allow an overwhelming influx of unvetted foreigners, along with human traffickers, drug pushers, killer gangs, dangerous diseases

  • Males claiming to be females win swimming meets and track races against girls

  • Graphic sex literature is made available to kindergarten and young elementary school children

  • Boys and girls are being told they can medically and surgically change their sex if it “feels right,” even without parental consent

  • Election Day has become Election Season, where one party can keep counting ballots until they have manufactured their desired outcome

And of course, rounding out this partial list is the fact that we are a country where the government vilifies and even jails the opposition party.

Whenever Democrats and the Far Left talk about Trump supporters, they always sneer when saying the name “MAGA.” In other words, they never say the words to which the letters refer. Why not? They do not want people to hear that those opposing their leftist views want to “make America great again.”

If you love this country, why would you not want to see it great, now and in the future? And the opposite is also true. If you do not love this country, wouldn’t you naturally want to change it in a whole other direction, thus the need to manufacture a transformation?

When you marry someone, it’s only the most devious who, after saying, “I do,” then say, “Now that I have you, I want you to transform, to be a totally different person. I don’t love you, per se, I love the person I can now turn you into.”

If you don’t love this country, and you don’t want to leave it, you would stay and fundamentally transform it. And to do so, you would have to unravel the very foundations upon which the country was built. Unravel the unity of We the People; unravel the belief of Nature and Nature’s God; unravel limited government. All of these must go because these three principles alone are key to the true freedom made possible within self-government.

This year’s election is our final wake-up call.

Good men and women need to be ever vigilant to make sure that the Democrats, the Deep State, the RINOs, and the globalists do not have even the slightest chance to solidify their scheme to fundamentally transform this great nation by completely unraveling its foundations.


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About the Author: Albin Sadar is the author of Obvious: Seeing the Evil That’s in Plain Sight and Doing Something About It, as well as the children’s book collection Hamster Holmes: Box of Mysteries. Albin was formerly the producer of “The Eric Metaxas Show.”

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