The General Election UK: a Tale of Two Buttocks

The dismal political puppet show enthralls nobody except the terminally gullible

by Steve Cook

The next episode in the ongoing puppet show called “Party Politics” is but a few weeks away.

The puppet show is getting boring and enthralls nobody except the terminally gullible. Full of predictable plot twists and sordid and unappealing characters it presents in essence, a choice as to who will next mismanage the nation on behalf of their sociopath puppet masters:

The Globalist Party’s Conservative Buttock


The Globalist Party’s Labour Buttock.

Personally, I will never again vote for the Conservative Buttock or the Labour Buttock or any similar corrupt front group for the enemies of liberty (not to mention morality, integrity, prosperity, justice and common sense). I’ve seen too many lies, broken promises, attacks on liberty, unjust wars, climate and health terror ops and murdered citizens to ever be duped by these criminal gangs again. Quite frankly I am both staggered that anybody with a working brain is still taken in by these scumbags and heartened by the fact that millions aren’t.

Indeed, the numbers of those who aren’t are growing fast. This makes the parasitic globalist “elite” who control our major parties – and doubtless quite a few minor ones – somewhat panicky and in a rush to get our liberties thoroughly snatched from under us before we reject these dishonest crooks terminally. That panic, of course, makes them dangerous.

Unless a miracle happens, we will wind up with a Labour government and if anyone seriously thinks a Labour government will do anything but continue the socio-economic demolition job for so long administered by the Tories, they need their head examined.

However, a look at  the percentages will show us that whoever forms the next government will have received the vote of a relatively small percentage of the entire electorate – hardly a glowing popular acclamation of whatever Labour says it “stands for”. In other words, whatever they promise to do will not have received the consent of a majority of the people – and what they actually do once they wind up in office will have received even less consent, if any at all,

At the last election, for example, the Tories got in with the support of (from memory) about 14 million voters out of 46.5 million registered to vote. In other words, the Tories set about wrecking the country with “support” (tactical, half-hearted or otherwise) of only about one voter in three. Of that support, I doubt whether a large portion was particularly enthusiastic and not of the “lesser-of-two-evils” variety.

And none of that “support” was for measures the Tories never let on they were going to do, such as national suicide through Net Zero, mass poisoning/culling through fake vaccines, enriching their corporate pals whilst impoverishing everybody else, surrendering our sovereignty to unelected largely faceless foreigners via the WHO, supporting genocide in Palestine, serving the interests of Zionism etc etc.

This hardly amounts to a mandate from the People.

My guess is the percentages will be similar in 2024 with Labour winning a third of the electorate if it is lucky. It depends on how much the Tories are hated and how much the rise of Independents will take votes away from the main numpties. And how many disillusioned voters will register their displeasure by not voting for anybody.

Personally, like millions of my countrymen I do not particularly want anyone on offer as they all look shifty/clueless and pretty much bereft of good ideas (PR and platitudes don’t count) and I just want them to stop mucking us about.

I will turn out to vote, however, and write “Andrew Bridgen” across my ballot paper. Along with not voting at all, spoiling my ballot paper is how I can register my disgust.

On the other hand, I may vote for one of the Independents if they look like they have a fairly sensible manifesto (and can be trusted to honour it).

Such a party might be the Heritage Party (check them out and see what you think) so if they have a candidate in my area I might vote for them.

I’m thinking that surely to God there must be some people left in British politics who are not covert slime-balls and both worthy of trust and sensible.

If there aren’t, we had better unite, get together and find and appoint some.

We will wind up with the government we are willing to tolerate.

If we are willing to tolerate crooks, liars and sociopaths, that is what we shall get.

Our present  government being a case in point.

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  1. You could be talking about the erection in the Jewnited snakes as well. We the people world wide against the Exceptionasl class.

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