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ER Editor: Here’s a 40,000 foot view of recent goings-on from Simplicius. From French colonialism about to collapse in Africa affecting uranium supplies to the EU and France, from China (and Russia in the Donbass) controlling a large chunk of rare earth minerals and precious metals, with Mali and Burkina Faso supporting Niger as things currently stand,

[t]his represents a one-two punch from both sides as Russia and China are whipsawing the West asymmetrically.’

Russia is fighting for everyone, for the liberation of the entire disenfranchised and colonized world from the grips of the Western-led banking cabal octopus.


SITREP 8/1/23: The Hegemon Begins To Unravel


Momentous things are setting into motion geopolitically all over the globe, most notably in Africa. A coup took down the president of Niger, a country of critical importance to France and the NATO bloc. The Atlanticists are extremely worried now:

France is the #1 country in the world for total percentage of nuclear use for energy generation, and #2 in total number of nuclear power plants. I’ve seen figures that Niger supplies upwards of 40% of France’s Uranium, though some have it in the 15-25% range, as well as 25% to the EU itself.

Now, the coup leader Abdourahamane Tchiani has reportedly banned Uranium and gold exports to France, which could devastate their energy industries, though it could be just a tactic for renegotiations:

Naturally, Ukraine blames Russia:

What Podolyak is referencing is that Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger(ia) immediately issued statements coming to the defense of Niger, stating that any attempts from other countries to intervene against Niger’s ‘transition government’ would be a declaration of war:


Note: the autotranslate meant to write Niger not Nigeria above.

Many have previously asked what Russia does or will do against the U.S. or West in general as a tit-for-tat for things like the Nord Stream bombings. I had said that Russia has many ‘asymmetrical’ programs in motion.

Now it’s being reported that Mali has dropped French as an official language in the country, leading to another big step toward decolonialization.

French is excluded from the official languages of Mali. Thus, Mali officially withdraws from Francophone Africa. Please note that in addition to Mali, French influence is reset in the Central African Republic and Burkina Faso. Niger’s falling out of this structure will mean the final collapse of the former French colonial system that existed in northwestern Africa from the 50s-60s of the 20th century. For the region, these processes are tectonic in nature. It is from here that such attention is paid to Niger, although it would seem – who cares about some kind of Niger.

The decolonization of Africa continues.

Our country is an important player that helps to speed up the ongoing changes that are aimed at forming a new multipolar world order. Hence such hysterics in the West about Russia’s actions in Africa. After all, these actions undermine the mode of exploitation by the West of its former colonies and dependent countries. At the same time, we do not impose our diktat on Africans, but, as in the days of the USSR, we act as liberators who help the local population get rid of the colonialists. We are on the right side of history.

At the same time, China is slowly putting the crimp on the West’s supplies of critical precious metals and rare earths essential for chip industries. New reports state the following:

Chinese export controls on germanium and gallium have stepped into effect amid fears that this will mean more expensive microchips, solar panels, cars, and even weapons. More significantly, the restrictions threaten to sink the Biden administration’s ambitious domestic microchip manufacturing goals, says China-US trade expert Thomas Pauken II.

China’s rare earths restrictions officially stepped into force on Tuesday, with the measures, announced last month after Beijing said it needed to protect its “national security and interests,” expected to cause a sharp jump in the cost of an array of advanced manufactured goods, particularly electronics.

“China produces upwards of 80 percent of the world’s gallium, and 60 percent of its germanium, with experts predicting that it could take “generations” for the US to replace lost Chinese capacity.”

This represents a one-two punch from both sides as Russia and China are whipsawing the West asymmetrically. I’ve already written at length about how the West likes to portray themselves as independent, with Russia as the one reliant on their ‘electronics’, yet it’s the West themselves who are hugely reliant on the natural resources that Russia/China produce, as well as those found in Africa.

For instance, a small sampling:

This is a relevant chart as well:

We’ve also explored long ago how Russia has already taken control of most of Ukraine’s vast rare earth resources as well, the majority of which lie in and around the Donbass region.

The way things are developing could lead to absolutely dire circumstances for the West, particularly Europe, ending with its eventual collapse or dissolution.

One other shrewd writer has outlined exactly this scenario in a new article I encourage you to read:


Alex Krainer’s TrendCompass
Is the EU about to begin disintegrating?
The default ethos of mainstream commentariat seems to be, we never expect any surprises (except the pandemics, that is). However, we might be up for many surprises in the coming months. One of them could be an accelerated disintegration of the European project…
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He has an interesting, albeit perhaps slightly optimistic angle. But nevertheless, it’s important to add to these developments the ongoing grain saga. Russia is now putting the cinch on grain supplies as well. When you consider the African developments together with the ongoing grain corridor saga, it has potential to be a resource coup d’etat against the West, although the dire consequences may not be immediately felt or seen.

A wave of pro-Russian and anti-Western sentiment is sweeping across Africa just in time for the upcoming BRICS summit. Eritrean president Isaias Afwerki summarized things perfectly. Please watch:



His words are echoed by the new Foreign Policy article which states that America is eroding its power and the reach of the global financial system by its addiction to sanctions:

The article conveys the grave fear in the West that every country is beginning to hop on board the Russia-China led bandwagon which is creating a ‘parallel financial system’ to compete with the Western/American one:

These Chinese-led parallel financial arrangements bring significant systemic risks for the United States and its allies.

One is the rising number of non-sanctioned countries in the global south that are joining a parallel anti-sanctions world economy. Returning from his April trip to Beijing, Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva repeated his support for a trading currency among the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa). In raising the initiative, Lula cited his concerns about a dollar-dominated global economy, where the United States leverages the dollar’s dominance for its punitive foreign policy.

The movement is now unstoppable: The anti-imperialist forces are gathering, emboldened by Russia’s successful blunting of the previously-much-feared Western financial terrorism tools. The Ukraine war will be a truly watershed moment that will mark the bisection of eras like BC and AD before it. The entire world has already awakened to the fact that the war is not just about Ukraine, but that Russia is fighting for everyone, for the liberation of the entire disenfranchised and colonized world from the grips of the Western-led banking cabal octopus. This war is the final rebellion against the Atlanticist West’s hegemony and empery, and more specifically the financial cartel—to use G. Edward Griffin’s words—which controls the West.

🌏🇷🇺 Patrushev stated that the special operation marked the beginning of a phenomenon – a global majority showing readiness for sovereignty, free from Western hegemony.

The victory of Russia over the West in Ukraine will serve as a powerful impulse towards further shifting the global balance in favor of a multipolar world order, highlighted the Secretary of Russia’s Security Council.

Roaming the new halls of power.

There are still many asymmetrical tricks and delaying tactics that the West itself has up their sleeve to employ as a counteracting response to these latest forays, so we shouldn’t be overly optimistic about immediate results. But like I said, the momentum is clearly gathering and is already unstoppable—the West can only throw sticks and twigs in the path of the rolling boulder, hoping to marginally slow it down.

Ukrainian ‘Offensive’ Enters Phase 2

Now, I wanted to move onto a new discussion of Ukraine’s ongoing catastrophic losses, in light of some recent new revelations to that account. This will then segue into a few battlefield updates.

Firstly, let’s acknowledge the fact that days ago, after spending a couple weeks doing preparatory work, which included various attempts to strike Russia’s rear and degrade logistics, Ukraine began the official Phase 2 of their offensive. It was even announced by MSM.


Ukraine has launched the main thrust of its counteroffensive, throwing in thousands of troops held in reserve, many of them Western-trained and equipped, two Pentagon officials said on Wednesday, hours after Russian officials reported major Ukrainian attacks in the southern Zaporizhzhia region.

Ukraine has now thrown its 10th Corps into battle, after having previously depleted the 9th Corps in the first phase of the offensive. The first days of the battle are described by some as the single largest armor losses for the AFU since the start of the conflict. They came brazenly into prepared positions, hoping to prove some modicum of success to their Western handlers, but were brutally rebuffed as before.

⚡️⚡️⚡️There were rumors in the Ukrainian lobby that the loss of the Armed Forces of Ukraine after the first 50 days of the summer offensive campaign was over 11,000 soldiers and officers. More than 25,000 people were injured.

Such data is provided by the Ukrainian telegraph channel “Woman with a Scythe”.

In his view, this is still the most positive figure. Many call numbers much worse⚡️⚡️⚡️

👉 An example of this is that, the enemy has lost 81 out of the 185 BMP Bradleys’ which were supplied to them; or 66 out of 145 of the Leopards that were supplied to them. The list could go on and on.

They took a little new territory in Rabotino but as of this writing it was already taken back. Staromayorsk near Velyka Novoselka is the only place Russian forces had to retreat. The artillery war simply destroyed the entire small village, leaving no place to hide, so they were forced to withdraw. However, the good news is, the soldiers themselves say they had little to no losses in doing so. Just listen to the report from this Kaskad Ballation fighter, which includes the revelation that Ukraine was using a chlorine-like chemical weapon in the area as well:


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