By Ariyana LoveTLB Director of Middle East Rising news

I spent the entire weekend examining the official Mainstream Media (MSM) narrative of the Las Vegas shooting, which contradicts on the ground facts being reported by independent media sources.
The MSM version goes something like this:
A lone gunman named Steven Paddock, hauls 400 pounds of equipment up 30 floors, while disarming the Mandalay Casino’s fire alarm, CCTV security camera’s and the entire security system and sets up a small sniper nest on the 32nd floor. He proceeds to bust out two, 800 pound hurricane proof windows with a sledgehammer. For 10 minutes, he unleashes high caliber firepower onto a crowded concert arena, killing 59 people and wounding 500 more. Stephen Paddock then died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound as police made entry to his Las Vegas hotel room.
Now, is it logical that a 64-year old man, overweight and out of shape, who possessed no military training what so ever and reportedly had a drinking problem, could do all this by himself? In addition, Paddock was a preferred customer at the Mandalay Casino, which reported he had been enjoying himself and gambling there before the shooting took place.
DLUYebsV4AEhDHfJewish supremacist Alex Jones wants us to believe that Paddock recently reverted to Islam and joined ISIS. A member of ISIS maybe, since ISIS is non other than NWO government (Greater Israel).
Any Muslim will tell you that gambling alcoholics do not revert to Islam!
Of course Israeli war criminal, Benjamin Netanyahu and his Zionist Mafia thugs, also tried to link the Las Vegas shooting to Muslims.
Did you notice how the MSM completely failed to mention this was a terror attack? Where is the equality? The white man is innocent until proven guilty, but no other ethnic group is as privileged?
What if the shooter were Arab? MSM would be headlining “terrorist attack” everywhere and misleading the reader to believe that Islam is responsible for it.
It’s worth noting here that despite the MSM programming us to fear and hate Middle Eastern Arabs and Muslims in general, it is in fact White Supremacists who commit more acts of terror in America than any other group. Even Jews commit more terrorist attacks against the American people than Arabs or Muslims.
When are we going to realize this is social engineering and unplug from the TV? MSM has no obligation what so ever to verify facts, since domestic propaganda led by the U.S. Government, is now the new and legal law of the land!
Let’s examine the key facts of the Las Vegas terrorist attack.
There is eyewitness testimony of multiple shooters. There is also a taxi cab drivers video footage with clear audio evidence of multiple shooters that can be heard from various distances in the clip. You can research the details yourselves, I want to focus on some more important facts.
Veterans Today reported that a California based company called Crowds on Demand placed an advert on Craigslist back in August for crisis actors in the Las Vegas area.Crowds on demand offers services to clients such as “protests, rallies, flash-mobs, paparazzi events and other inventive PR stunts.”
Incidentally, there was a mandatory government drill taking place in Las Vegas the day of the shooting. Posters for the drill went up at midnight on September 30th, the day before the terror attack.
Scott Binsack reported from his Youtube channel October 7th, that one of the main owners of MGM, the very company which owns Mandalay Casino and neighboring casino’s, sold his stock two weeks ago. He is also tied to a security company that’s preparing to install their equipment in every casino and arena across America very soon, under U.S. government supervision.
Bisnack claims to have visited victims in the hospital. That may be true, but as with all false flags, there will be a combination of real victims and crisis actors, to throw off our research and enable the MSM to spin our heads with contradictions, so that we argue among ourselves and eventually give up our search to find who is really behind this terror.
Have we learned nothing from previously staged terror attacks? Who recalls that the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS) was present for the government training drills that took place during 9/11, Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting and the Boston Bombing? I hope it’s logical to you to assume the Israeli Mossad were also present for the Las Vegas terror show?
Just as the Israeli Mossad planted the bombs in the WTC through their “Urban Moving Systems” Mossad front for 9/11, they were most likely the hit squad that carried out the Las Vegas terror attack.

Please see: 9/11 Reality – Israel, Friend or Foe: A TLB Special Show with Ryan Dawson

I highly recommend watching each one of the following video’s.

9/11, was an inside job with the Bush Crime Family, Israeli Mossad and Saudi funding. It was a staged event that was intentionally set up to appear as if Arabs and Muslims did it. The Israeli Zionist are masters at deception. Their secret service Mossad motto is after all,“By deception thou shalt do war.” Their military training is based on Talmudic law and Jewish supremacy. The Jewish Mafia (Zionist Cabal) are always diverting the attention away from themselves and pinning it on somebody else. They specifically chose Islam because the Qur’an exposes their devious ways.

Israeli Kill Squad Operating Worldwide

Key Griggs, wife of head of US psychological warfare operations:
“They kill 5, 10, 20 people, women and children. Then they blame it on the Arabs, or they blame it on someone else.” “Israel trains with the SEALS and they do ‘Wet Op’s’. They murder here, in the United States.”

Just 7 weeks after 9/11, the Zionist cabal controllers managed to get Congress to pass the Patriot Act Bill. This put America into a “legal” state of martial law. Now, in order to enforce military martial law on the American people, they will have to stage another national emergency and they have already proven they can do so.
Right now there is another bill on Congress desk called the USA Liberty Act. This bill will make spying on you permanent. The agenda is clear. The controllers want to increase security surveillance and disarm the American people of their 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms, as they coral us towards a police state.
Now I know that some Jews are going to struggle with the information I presented here and in desperation may reinstate the rumor that the Las Vegas terror attack was done by “ISIS.” That brings me to another vital detail.
Whistleblower Gregory Ford, exposed the CIA Torture program. While stationed at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, he was also the general who recruited the very man who later turned around and founded ISIS. That man, Mr. Al Baghdadi, according to Ford was a triple agent. He was a CIA asset and an Israeli Mossad operative.  Are we getting the picture yet? The Israeli Secret Intelligence Service is ISIS.
One more interesting note. The name “Paddock” means a fenced in area (or arena) that holds animals.


Ariyana Love is an Editor at The Liberty Beacon project and a TLB Director of Middle East Rising news. She is a Goodwill Ambassador to Palestine and founder of an international foundation, which promotes human rights for indigenous people and the Middle East.

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