The Mainstream Mantra: Truth is a Revolutionary Act

The Mainstream Mantra: Truth is a Revolutionary Act

Commentary by: TLB Staff Writer Lucille Femine

That famous line from George Orwell has now been well entrenched as standard policy in our social media, causing great frustration – on Facebook and YouTube, in particular.

Here’s a video that goes into the ramifications of his book, “1984”, published in 1949.

How many times have we searched for a video we just saw yesterday and now is gone, banned for “Violating Community Guidelines?” Yesterday I posted one of the most powerful attestations regarding Dr. Fauci’s horrendous crimes against humanity, an interview with Dr. Judy Micovits, an extremely able, humble and honest scientist who had direct experience with the man and detailed his evil act. Gone today, replaced with its onerous label, indirectly naming me a sort of criminal. Yes, I posted the truth.

Keep posting, folks.

Recently, I’ve been searching for holistic cures for various illness and I finally said, after miles of scrolling – where the hell are they?? I know I saw them before! They were replaced with 95% medical solutions which I 94.5% don’t trust, especially in this period where seeing a doctor or, God forbid, going to a hospital, will give you a diagnosis of COVID-19 and might land you under a respirator which might suffocate you.

So, searching for health solutions that work is a branch of current criminality. Don’t get me wrong, there are some things doctors are good for – fixing broken bones comes to mind as the majority of their skills. But curing?? Rockefeller made sure that was banned from medical schools and replaced with drugs. Many are band-aids at best (and least dangerous) save some for life and death situations.

By the way, I was startled to see how Rockefeller here looks like the living dead. Was he the inspiration for a zombie movie?

How Rockefeller Found Big Pharma AND Waged War On Natural Cures

Here’s a tip for high blood pressure – I once had a doctor insist I take high blood pressure pills. I had nightmares for two nights. I quit and started taking the Amish cure for high blood pressure. It was normal in one day and has been ever since.

I had later watched a fascinating video by Dr. John Bergman on how useless blood pressure pills are and exactly why. I can’t post it here because I couldn’t find it!! The better the cure, the faster they take it down.

I gave birth to three children in a hospital and the fourth one at home – after enlightenment on how much better that is for mother and child. I recovered in record time, washing dishes the next morning. I would say it was because I had her in my safe, comfortable home with no drugs and a loving husband, as well as visits to a holistic MD. Still, my family almost disowned me. But that is just more testimony of a brainwashed society.

Later, I got chewed out by my pediatrician for refusing to have her vaccinated. That may have been reckless of me in my hot-headed youth but she never got ill from any of the illnesses she was supposed to be protected from. All this was forty years ago.

So you see, this suppression has been brewing for quite a while and much earlier than my own experiences. The master plan has come to a head. And like pus, it is draining as we apply the cure of exposure and going viral with the truth now popping up from many very reputable places. The current has shifted from the constant dribble about the dangers of COVID-19 to turning the tables on them as we rally to save ourselves and our country.

As I said, keep posting!

I’m sure many of you awesome rebels have considered an alternative to Facebook and YouTube. Have we looked at a massive abandonment of our main source of data? This would fit very well in our enforced isolation as we contribute greatly to draining the swamp. All the while, we rebuild our communication lines through the efforts of sanity and supporting true leadership. It would present the things that matter rather than simply rebelling and constantly trying to take down all the oppression and its practitioners. They will always be replaced with others.

I’m no strategist but there needs to be a game plan. I suppose the dark energy of the globalists will have to be weakened to some degree at first and, at the same time, defuse the fear and anxiety which is making people ill and hopeless.

At the right time, possibly very soon, we will be more in safe mode, like beating down lions on our path through a dangerous jungle, and blast the world with our revolutionary act of putting peace there in all its aspects. A Gandhi revival, so to speak.

Is it possible to simply ignore all the danger in order to recover…ourselves? This is what we have been after for all the time we existed on this planet.

If you object to this “religious” view, as you might see it, I won’t apologize. That’s because I believe in the concept of religion as “coming together again”. That does not speak of any particular religion. It simply says we should communicate way above the level of fear, mistrust and prejudice – whether we are physically together or not. Actually, ESPECIALLY if we are not together. The world needs a pandemic of healthy spirit – the antidote to all that hurts us, big and small.

Let’s be imaginative: what might you think would happen if more and more energy (a real live commodity) was re-routed away from battles and onto this path going in all directions to the expansion of truth and beauty? Energy itself communicates, whether good or bad and alters reality, moods and actions.

In conclusion, don’t get pissed off that our unsocial media has gone Marxist. When the article or video you posted has been taken down, give yourself a pat on the back that you are still a respectable deplorable.

Put out the good stuff – you


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