The Many Benefits of the New Investment Trading Platform … ‘Vestle’

The Many Benefits of the New Investment Trading Platform … ‘Vestle’

By TLB Project Contributing Writer: Jeremy

Vestle is a new investment trading platform brought to you by the owners of the iFOREX group. The platform is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission under the license number 143/11. The company used its 20 – plus years of experience in the forex and CFD markets to address the specific needs of the modern investor. Vestle is the trading name of iCFD Limited.

Focus on Active Trading

The Vestle platform caters to investors who are looking to actively manage their portfolio, providing tools needed to successfully trade in the 21st century. By combining robust risk management techniques and state of the art software, Vestle has created a platform that is a leader in online trading. While many trading platforms have migrated to an automated systematic approach, Vestle has focused on new technology combined with a human touch. The company offers two unique trading platforms. Their browser-based platform known as FXnet, can be used on any browser allowing you to pick up where you left off if you need to move to a new location. In addition, Vestle has a mobile platform that can be downloaded for free from Google play, that caters to traders who are on the go.


Vestle aims to enhance your trading experience with a platform that is sophisticated but easy-to-use. The company provides homemade educational programs that are required to make knowledge-based investment decisions. Education includes real-time news that is listed on the company’s economic calendar. Video reviews of technical analysis, describe the most popular sentiment and momentum tools.

In addition, Vestle offers trading signals. Trading signals are formulated from trading strategies that have historically shown robust returns based on historic market conditions. The education that is provided by Vestle works in tandem with the company’s active investing approach. Vestle uses its experience as financial market leaders by providing you with our homemade educational programs and accompany you along the process needed to make investment decisions.

Trading Instruments

Vestle prides itself on offering a wide variety of trading instruments in contract for differences (CFD) format. CFDs allow traders to leverage their trades and avoid posting the full amount of the value of the security. Vestle offers clients more than 600-different tradable instruments including currencies, commodities, equity indices, cryptocurrencies and shares. Shares are from countries around the globe including some of the most popular U.S. shares like Facebook, Apple and Alphabet (Google). The CFDs that Vestle offers are comprised of a wide range of underlying assets. These include instruments such as shares, currency pairs, indices and ETFs.


Vestle is a new trading platform developed by iFOREX, which focuses on active portfolio management. The company has introduced a state of the art platform which is accessed via any browser called FXnet. The company also offers a mobile application that can be downloaded for free via Google Play. Vestle offers more than 600 trading instruments that are in CFD format. The company is focused on providing a non-automated discretionary trading assistance to portfolio managers and retail traders that are looking to tackle the capital markets.


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