The Ministry Of BS Will See You Now

The Ministry of BS Will See You Now

By: J.B. Shurk

I wonder if there is ever a moment while DHS Secretary Mayorkas is claiming that America’s borders are entirely secure and blaming “climate change” for the influx of tens of millions of illegal aliens into the United States when he thinks, “Wow, I am really full of BS. I mean, it is simply amazing how much BS I shovel down the American people’s throats every single day.”

The notion that powerful people lie to the public is certainly not new. You can go back through the centuries and find essays, songs, drawings, and folktales that all attest to the timeless truth that every generation sees its “rulers” as an unworthy camarilla of cutthroats, liars, backstabbers, and thieves. Still, the lies being told today are just so brazen. Damaging tornado? That’s what we get for driving cars. Too many white mathematicians? Obviously another bout of “systemic racism” rearing its ugly head. Trump’s beating Biden in the polls? Duh — that’s because America runs on “hate”!

Disney and other child-grooming companies keep telling us that the only way to protect America’s youth is to put them on puberty blockers and let them dance for skeevy adults. We used to call those skeevy adults “pedophiles,” but now the medical community insists that we treat them with more respect. I have trouble respecting a profession that wants me to respect child molesters. I also have trouble respecting a profession that pushes experimental “vaccines” on patients without their informed consent.The fact that so few physicians have taken responsibility for their unscientific and unethical behavior during totalitarianism’s favorite over-hyped pandemic feels like a giant whiff and strike three for medicine. Or maybe the white coats (“systemic racism” alert!) struck out four years ago when medical associations insisted that Antifa and BLM be allowed to burn down neighborhoods in the name of “social justice health,” while the rest of us were forced to stay inside and participate in the theatrical production of the “Great COVID Hoax.” A lot of MDs have BS degrees.

PINO Joe Biden tells listeners (when he’s not tripping over his own words or feet) that “white supremacy” is the “most dangerous terrorist threat” in America. Really? I’ve never met a dreaded “white supremacist.” I’ve never even seen the elusive creature from a distance! I do know generations of Americans who grew up learning the valuable lesson that a person should be judged by the content of his character and not the color of his skin. The day before yesterday, we celebrated those moral people as colorblind Americans who were creating an integrated America and a better world. Then the Democrat Party decided that “integration” was racist and that only the forced segregation that comes from oxymoronic DEI edicts and other race-based sorting programs will do. Those who don’t obsess over the color of another person’s skin are now deemed the worst kinds of racists, while those who glorify race over every other feature of a person’s identity are applauded for their enlightenment! The Old Democrats fought first for slavery and then for segregation. The New Democrats fight for welfare-dependent slavery and segregation. Yet they congratulate themselves for somehow being on the forefront of both progress and civil rights. What unbelievable BS!

In order to understand the enemy, I read a lot of articles from legacy media institutions (i.e., corporate vehicles for State-approved propaganda). When you dive into the slop and dross that win Pulitzers, you’ve got to hold your nose and suspend your capacity for critical thinking. If you can convince your brain cells to play dead for a while, you realize that the more prestigious the publication, the more likely its writers are pod people still plugged into the Matrix.

Anyway, the prestigious pod people are absolutely blown away by how spectacular Dementia Joe’s economy is and cannot understand why any American would doubt that we’re living through a golden age of splendor. I think, “Hello, McFly! Anybody Home?” Have you not been inside a grocery store in Inflation Joe’s America? Everything costs twice as much as it did before mail-in ballot fraud catapulted his senile corpse into office. Have you not filled up a car with gasoline or paid a home energy bill lately? The “green energy” Nazis have jacked up the cost of fuels everywhere in their insane war on hydrocarbons. Even public transportation lackeys are feeling the pinch, as bankrupt cities that are hemorrhaging taxpayers desperately seek to keep municipal budgets afloat by doubling the price of sitting next to a urinating drunk on the subway (warning: they pinch, too).

Everything’s gotten so expensive in Touchy-Feely-Woke-and-Woozy Joe’s America that being just plain poor — as opposed to destitute — has become a privilege! Bidenomics means that “99 Cents Only” stores must go out of business nationwide. Nobody can make a buck in this miserable economy. Unless you crossed into the country illegally – then Democrats will give you more money than they provide struggling military families. If you’re here legally, though, you’re out of luck. When McDonald’s is selling twenty dollar “value meals,” chicken wings cost more than illegal drugs, and thrift stores are the most popular shopping spots in town, life feels a little Great Depression-y. Ooh, but don’t tell the geniuses at The New York Times or The Washington Post. To them, Biden Land is a magical place where middle class parents get to work multiple jobs just to make ends meet! How dreamy…in a dystopian BS kind of tragedy!

The boneheads at The Economist are always telling me (in some hoity-toity-posh-and-snobby accent, no less) that Americans have nothing to complain about because food and energy prices are so much worse in Europe. What kind of a-hole tells a person who’s being robbed to stop complaining because there are even worse robbers sticking it to the blokes on the other side of the pond? I don’t find remedial comfort from the knowledge that the criminals running Old Europe might be worse than the criminals destroying the New World here at home. I say, “Throw all the parasites out — whether they feed on the people from the banks of the Potomac, Thames, Seine, or Spree!” The Bastille might lie in rubble, but I hear the Tower of London provides lovely lodgings this time of year. Oh, dear. Did I just commit a “hate crime” by gluing a few words together in a syntactically impermissible way? How dreadfully felonious of me. Somewhere there’s a self-hating Scot who secretly roots for Edward Longshanks over William Wallace during showings of Braveheart just itching to punish me for dabbling in free speech. To that, I say, “Shut it, ya bampot dobber!” Aye, what bollocky BS.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe everything’s fine, and what I see as pervasive BS is really some imaginary MAGA bugaboo playing tricks in my head. On the other hand, here’s a two hour and twenty-three minute video of Joe Biden — supposedly the president of the United States — struggling to string words together and form cogent thoughts. Here’s an article about an Oregon professor who blames “climate change” on a “surplus” of “white nationalism.” (Spoiler Alert: if we have too much of something, I guess we have to eliminate some white people.) Here’s a Reuters article whining that “climate change” is having a harmful impact on “Indonesian Trans Sex Workers.” Here’s a whole brouhaha on Reddit in which “trans” activists are arguing “whether they should commit mass suicide or mass genocide to accomplish their political goals.” And here’s an NBC local news affiliate blaming New Jersey’s recent earthquake on man-made “climate change.”

Nah, I must be right on this one. We’re neck deep in nuclear-grade BS today.


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