The Mystical Magical Concept Of Children Remembering Past Lives [Video]

The Mystical Magical Concept Of Children Remembering Past Lives

by Susan Price, TLB Contributing Writer/Analyst

We’ve all heard the expression, “they’re an old soul” meaning the individual has sage awareness and experience in this life, as if it were inherited through another life time and we’ve seen child protégées inspiring us through their wealth of unbelievable worldly talent, knowledge, sportsmanship, academics and other unexplainable gifts that young and innocent two and four years old’s couldn’t possible gain in only a few short years in this lifetime.

On average, many children ranging between two to about four years old tell their family members stories of past lifetime experiences, who they were by name and what they did by profession, where they lived, some even remember their deaths and circumstances surrounding it.

Watch this video. (9:20)

Fact or fantasy, whether you’re a believer or not, there are literally thousands of documented cases over the years and some Psychiatrists and Psychologists are accepting the reality that these memories of lifetimes ago do belong to the young and innocent minds of children who possess past life recall.

In many cases, children possess a birth mark in the very area of their body that determined their fate of their alleged past lifetime.

Crazy you say, so out of the box it’s inconceivable?

Not really, there are many things in this life we cannot explain, but one things for sure, we all base our lives upon a belief system, which becomes our reality, our why or driving force, it’s how we live our lives, for those who remember their past lives, they’ve found the key unlocking a real Pandora’s box, hidden in the attics of their super consciousness.

The one thing we learn as soon as we are able to comprehend is that the human body does not life forever, we have a journey here on earth as mortal beings that will end in the transformation process we call death or when our tasks are completed our lives as we know it, are over.

Young or old, it’s part of the growth and journey of the soul and there’s no way around it, we will all leave our bodies, our families, this place in time one day, young or old, yet, the mystical wonder of it all, is the possibility of returning to a new life with a growth of soul knowledge.

For over fifty years, the doctors at the University of Virginia Division of Perceptual Studies, they have investigated over 2,600 cases in which young children reported memories of past lives. Parents frequently ask for advice on how to handle their children’s statements.

The Division of Perceptual Studies (DOPS) is a research unit with the Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia Health System. The research facility of the Division are known internationally for their expertise and research in the investigation of phenomena relevant to the nature of consciousness and it’s relationship to the physical world.

The research mission and focus at the (DOPS) is on the scientific, empirical investigation of phenomena that challenge currently accepted models of the nature of mind and consciousness and their interaction with the physical world.

Despite widespread accounts and popular interest in these phenomena, there is a paucity of careful scientific research into their occurrences and processes. DOPS researchers are dedicated to the use of scientific methodology in their investigation of a range of such phenomena that so far defied adequate explanation. In particular, the Division’s research has focused on the apparent persistence of perception and consciousness after the death of the physical body.

Dr. Ian Stevenson, the founder of this work, published numerous scholarly articles and books about cases from all over the world. After working with Dr. Stevenson for several years, Dr. Jim Tucker took over the project when Dr. Stevenson retired in 2002.

With the book, “Life Before Life”, he presented an overview of the research.

Focusing on American cases, he tells of his experiences with some remarkable children in his book “Return to Life”, extraordinary cases of children who remember past lives.

Jim B. Tucker, MD states, “here is some advice for parents of children who report memories of past lives. While each case has individual differences, here are some general guidance points that may be helpful. “First, it is important to know that these statements do not, by themselves, indicate mental illness.

Talking with many families in which a child claimed to remember another set of parents, another home, or a previous death, and the children rarely show mental health problems. These statements are generally made by children whose development appears to otherwise be just like that of their peers.

They can occur in families with a belief in reincarnation or in families where the idea of reincarnation had never been considered before the child began making the statements.

When children talk about a past life, parents are sometimes unsure how to respond. It’s recommended that parents be open to what their children are reporting.

Some of the children show a lot of emotional intensity regarding these issues, and parents should be respectful in listening just as they are with other subjects that their children bring up.

When a child talks about a past life, it’s suggested that parents avoid asking a lot of pointed questions. This could be upsetting to the child, and, more importantly from a standpoint, could lead the child to make up answers to the questions.

It would then be difficult or impossible to separate memories from fantasy. It’s fine to ask general, open-ended questions such as, “Do you remember anything else?” and it is certainly fine to empathize with a child’s statements (“That must have been scary” when, for instance, a child describes a fatal accident).

Also, parents are encouraged to write down any statements about a past life that their children make. This is particularly important in cases where the children give enough information so that identifying a deceased individual that they are describing might be possible. In such a situation, having the statements recorded ahead of time would be critical in providing the best evidence that the child actually had experienced memories from a previous life.

At the same time, parents should not become so focused on the statements that they and their children lose sight of the fact that the current life is what is most important now.

If children persist in saying they want their old family or old home, it might be helpful to explain that while they may have had another family in a previous life, their current family is the one they have for this life.

Parents should acknowledge and value what their children have told them while making clear that the past life is truly in the past. We do not recommend children undergo past life regression hypnosis.

Parents are sometimes more upset by the statements than their child is. Hearing a child describe the experience of dying in a painful or difficult way can be hard, but both parent and child can know that the child is safe now in this life. Some parents may be comforted to know that the vast majority of these children stop talking about a previous life by the time they are five to seven years old.

This is the age at which children become involved with school and also the age at which they lose their memories of early childhood, and the talk about a past life fades along with those memories.

Very rarely, the memories will persist into adolescence or adulthood, though with much less intensity than during the younger years. In many cases, however, as children get older they do not even remember that they ever talked about a past life.

Overall, parents often find children’s claims to remember previous lives more remarkable than do the children, for whom the apparent memories are simply part of their experience of life. The children then move on from the memories to lead typical childhoods.”

As for my own personal opinion on this fascinating subject…

One of my three children at the age of about four told me out of the blue one day he remembers he was a farmer in a past life and the father of two young children, a boy named Patrick and a daughter named Sarah, I myself was surprised and inquisitive about such a marvel that I probed further in hunger for more details regarding such an amazing concept, yet my son was unable to furnish me at that time with any such memories.

This led me on to my own investigations through the years to learn more about a possible reality, as a young mother at the time, the many books I read regarding this subject opened me up to why and how our children learn and journey through their emotional, social and academic ties in this lifetime.

It’s a subject open to interpretation and abundance of knowledge in many cases.

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