The Police Matrix: A Bizarro Opposite World – Part III of IV

The Police Matrix: A Bizarro Opposite World – Part III of IV

By TLB Contributing Author: Rico S. Giron

It’s a lie, but it’s fun,” an unnamed Seattle cop told his partner on body camera footage as they investigated the misdemeanor traffic citation. Instead of investigating the incident, however, this officer had a plan to lie in an attempt to catch the man” Matt Agorist, supra. This is the full expression of sadistic and cruel behavior in which the LEO gets a perverse satisfaction in wreaking havoc and chaos on innocent men and women. In this particular case, the accused was overwhelmed with grief and killed himself days later. What caused this unnecessary death? The two police officers spread the blatant lie that the man had caused the death of one of the victims. “Building the web of lies even thicker, the officer then told her that the non-existent woman he hit “might not survive.” According to the OPA investigation, this made the woman visibly distraught, which was evident on the body camera. After spinning such a heinous lie, the cops left and the woman frantically called the hit and run suspect to tell him what they told her. At first, according to the investigation, the man knew the accident was nothing but a tiny fender bender and didn’t believe that anyone could’ve been injured. However, due to the officer’s lie, thoughts started racing through the man’s head causing him to think that he may have run over a pedestrian.” Agorist, supra.

In a normal society based on the rule of law, a single lie is a lie and not tolerated. However, in the LEO institution, small lies are run of the mill and are tolerated. It is only when a lie perpetuated by the police is so outrageous as to shock the conscience that a police officer must be verbally reprimanded. “To be clear, the lie was not the problem, according to the OPA — because police are allowed to lie. The problem was the nature of the lie. Myerberg recommended that the department provide training on future lies, including “when they are appropriate and when they shock fundamental fairness,” according to the Times. Matt Agorist. “The lie was not the problem”, “Because police are allowed to lie”, did you get that? What kind of Banana Republic, Totalitarian Regime have we debauched into.

Below is a list from an attorney in San Diego of just some of the ways police can and will lie to you to get a conviction.

Police Can Lie About Having Physical Evidence

We have your fingerprints.”
“We have your DNA.”

Police can trick you into giving up your DNA

Would you like something to drink?”

Police can give fake tests to “prove you’re guilty”

You failed the polygraph.”
“You failed a chemical test.”

Police may lie about having eyewitnesses

An eyewitness identified you leaving the scene.

Police can lie about recording your conversation

I’m turning the recorder off, this is just between you and me.”
“This is off the record.”

The police will try to imply that your refusal to cooperate will be damaging to your case.
​“We know what happened, but if you obstruct our investigation the DA will be a lot tougher on you.”

Police can lie about what will happen to other people.

Your friend will spend their life in jail if you don’t tell us what happened.”

They will lie about wanting to help you out.

We know what happened, best thing for you is to tell us how write it up in your favor and we will help you out.”
“We have enough evidence to charge you – this is your only opportunity to tell your story.”

Police may ignore your request for a lawyer

Matt Agorist.

That is how an invisible tyranny is created behind the facade of “A Nation of Laws”, and “No person is above the law”, except of course, if you are filthy rich and have all of the proper pedigree connections. The psychological impact of simply uttering those two phrases is blinding and numbing. Who in their right mind would dare question those phrases. Only an insane person would even dare to contradict them and openly yell, “The Emperor is naked.” I guess that Matt Agorist, Chris Hedges, and I, we be all crazy, mon!!

Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire, Hedges, supra. That is what happened to the German people under Hitler, he made them believe these convenient absurdities with the well known result of atrocities against the Jews. STATE POLICE academies are the ultimate “reductio absurdum.” How many thousands men and women in this country have been falsely convicted and imprisoned by the “police” thru lying, trickery, coercion and false threats while hiding behind the “color of law?” How many confessions have been extracted thru fear and coercion that has resulted in a false imprisonment? More than we care to admit as long as we have the false belief that we are a “nation of laws and no one is above the law.” When an entire institution, “law enforcement” has become the “professional criminal class”, Nock, supra, what chance do the average people of a nation have? For some reason, this disturbs me deeply and I feel unsafe in my own country.

The hypocrisy and the blatant lies of the LEO are part of the reason this country is being destroyed from within. We have a two tiered system of law. One for the poor, colored folk [all colors, sometimes even including poor white folk, yes white is a color], and the other for the Law Enforcement cadre of this nation and the ruling elite which includes the political system. Here is my main question. What kind of nation will the future generations of our children inherit when the very institution of “law enforcement” has reached such a level of perversion and depravity?” Indeed, a Bizarro Opposite World where the real criminals carry a shiny badge and are quick to draw their guns and spray us with bullets!!! I fear for myself and my children and their children.

The Deep State, Shadow Government looks for precisely this kind of men and women, damaged, psychotic, perverse, warped, and depraved who are more than willing to inflict pain and death [Milgram] to keep their paycheck coming and above all, to utterly protect the Matrix of Deception where they live their entire lives. This institutionalization of lying, deception, coercion and fraud has created entire generations of psychopath law-enforcement officers. Power corrupts, absolute power absolutely corrupts. Power has a corrosive and perverting effect on humans. The Power to Deceive another fellow human being is incredibly seductive. But to receive “immunity and official sanctification” from prosecution for lying is beyond belief, especially while wearing an officer’s uniform and badge. It is the epitome of arrogance, cruelty and psychopathic perversion. In what world of psychopaths does the police officer live in? Indeed, in a Bizarro Opposite World.

Does it not say “To Protect and Serve ” on his very car? He lives in a world of legal-sleaze, where words mean exactly what he, and his corporate bosses, say they mean and no more. “It is 100 % legal for police to lie to you, to threaten you falsely and trick you into doing what they want you to do”. Attorney Stephen Stubbs. Always keep in mind, “legal” means a fiction and a fraud. The goal of every “law enforcement officer” is a confession, no matter how he got it. Your pain and misery thru being imprisoned becomes his “badge of honor.” Sadism and cruelty become the standard of behavior for the LEO. “Success in policing is not measured by combating or investigating crime but in generating arrests and handing out summonses, turning the work of police departments into what Taibbi calls an “industrial production scheme.” Hedges, supra. In his perverse mind, the LEO becomes “god.” The first step is always self-betrayal. No man can deceive another until he has first deceived himself. Welcome to the Police Matrix.

Archytas, the Greek philosopher, stated, “A man without deceit is more rare than a fish without bones.” Restated in modern lingo, this simply means “A LEO or politician without deceit or betrayal is more rare than a fish without bones.” I have already resigned myself to be assassinated for my writings. At some point, a psychopath LEO will take my writings personally, and hunt me down with his rage and set up an assassination. Only time will tell. There is an Inner Freedom that comes from defiance. To resist Evil is the highest achievement of Human life. It is the Supreme Act of Love. Those who resist stand regardless of the cost. The rebel does not define success the way the Elites define success. Those who resist refuse to kneel, before the idols of mass culture or the powerful elite. In every act of rebellion, we are Free. The Rebel will always be an outsider. The inversion of the world’s value systems makes Freedom possible. Hedges. Ben Franklin is credited with saying, “Rebellion against Tyranny is obedience to God.” During the Mexican revolution, the Mexican General Zapata is credited with stating, “I would rather die on my feet, than live on my knees.” Judge Napolitano stated, “I would rather die defending freedom, than live as a slave.” Only time will tell where we really stand as men in this country. Will America be the new Jews? Will we be sheep and slaves, or Men of Renown and Lions?

Tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, the loss of industrial, unionized jobs with sustainable incomes, and the collapse of public institutions have decimated city and county budgets. Police departments are used to make up lost revenue through the constant imposition of fines on the poor, often for manufactured crimes such as blocking pedestrian traffic (which means standing on a sidewalk), drinking from an open container or selling tax-free cigarettes. Arrests and consequent fines for such violations are called “quality of life” actions. Poverty has forced many, especially the young, to derive an income from the illegal economy. The lack of work in the legitimate economy and the bottomless need for governmental revenue have turned policing into a sustained war on the underclass.” Mr. Fish, Truth.dig These are the new Black Codes, disguised as “policing” and have now been extended to the entire nation, and the sheeple of all colors. Cui Bono? Always follow the money in this corpor-nation state. Will Amerika ever wake the fuck up? The problem as I see it is this, sheep can never become Lions.

Do not ever let yourself be deceived, no matter now “friendly” a police officer portrays himself when he meets you in a public setting, he is your openly declared enemy and you are his adversary. He functions in the “adversarial world of commerce”. Perhaps the most deceptive facade he presents to the public is written on his police car, “To Protect and Serve”. Here is the great deception, it is never made clear who the police are “serving and protecting.” Could it be that they are serving and protecting the corpor-nation United States? Are they protecting the revenue stream for the corpor-nation? Are they serving the corpor-nation? The judge in the above case confirmed this, “police” are private contractors enforcing private commercial law. They are enforcing the private “Traffic Code”, not enacted statutes. Remember the statement by Emord, “75% of all laws in this country are written by un-elected officials.” This self serving mantra reminds me of the idiotic mantra “Change.” “We Need”. Remember that one? Because the American sheeple have a childlike trust in “OFFICIALDOM”, see my chapter titled, “America, Land of Officialdom”, they will readily succumb to the demands of the LEO. The American sheeple are such imbeciles that they readily accept the Matrix and conspire against themselves to enslave themselves. Hoseah stated, “My people are enslaved for lack of knowledge.” Old Testament. “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” Goethe.

The Police Academy personnel are looking for a specific type of personality to recruit to become “Staters”. They are looking for these traits: 1. Low IQ, preferably less than 100. 2. Herd mentality thinkers, not free independent thinkers. [When I was 24 years old, I applied and was accepted into the San Jose Police Recruiting Academy in California, but I declined the offer, I do believe that my IQ is over 100; at age 18 I received an offer to attend West Point Academy, plus, more importantly, I am a Free thinker] 3. Compliant and willing to follow orders without question. [ a rebel could never submit to this brainwashing] Which creates a paradoxical twist. On the one hand, if a man is willing to be compliant and submissive, he then requires that same compliance from his fellow man upon his encounters with the public. It is the pecking order. 4. A desire to “please” his superiors in order to get an occasional “attaboy”, as is the case, most American male LEOs are suffering from “daddy abandonment.” 5. willing to exert power over, and dominate, another human being, in order to accomplish their “corporate goal(s) and police directives.” [emotional sadism] 6. Willing to hurt, injure or kill another human being [Milgram] in order to accomplish their “corporate goal(s) and police directives.” [emotional sadism] 7. A specific disconnect from their humanity. In other words, a damaged and warped Ego personality with tendencies of Sadism and libido dominante. 8. A very specific attraction to Power, Prestige and Status thru external symbols like guns, badges and uniforms. Basically a regressed and repressed childhood attachment, a marked infantilism. 9. A hyper-masculinity and specific attraction to the “Pseudo Alpha Male” syndrome. 10. The most important trait is the belief that they, “Staters” are a class of people superior to the sheeple they must now oversee. This breeds arrogance without limit, and contempt for the inferiority of the sheeple. Plus official, institutionalized “protection and immunity” for lying and deceiving the sheeple.

I served my military in West Germany in the 70s, and I remember becoming aware that it was required of the German police to have a four year college degree in one of the social sciences. On the other, I personally know of a young man, a twenty year old, with no education past high school, applied to, and was accepted into the State Police Academy, and became a Stater. Personally, it is my belief that no man or woman before age of 30 should become a LEO, and they should all follow the German police model, a four year degree in one of the social sciences. The power of a uniform, a badge and a personal police car, is very seductive and can breed arrogance and stupidity.

Anywhere you go, you see “packs” of Staters having lunch or congregating in groups like a pack of hyenas. In complete isolation from the public they are supposed to be “serving and protecting.” I have seen packs of ‘staters’ as many as fifteen, in a restaurant, isolating themselves from the general public in a far off corner. The mantra “To Serve and Protect” is quite an oxymoron. The American sheeple have been entrained to accept appearances and to not question authority. Obey, obey, obey, be a good citizen and pay your taxes and your fines. Most Americans still falsely believe that the police are “public servants.” Nothing is further from the truth. All LEOs in this nation are private contractors working for private corporations disguised as “governments” intent on one thing only, to PLUNDER the sheeple. However, this false belief gives us a nice and cozy feeling about our “public servants.” The sheeple like “warm and fuzzy.” Let me restate my position clearly, “No one in “government” is a public servant, all are “private contractors/privateers” working for the private corpor-nation mislabeled, “government.” “Government” is the ultimate “mind phuck.”

The screening process to be accepted into the State Police Academy is in depth and intrusive to determine the real personality of the recruit. This is designed to weed out the “healthy, mentally stable” recruits and deny them entrance into the secret, brainwashing “state police academy.” Failure by the recruit to “take” to the indoctrination and brainwashing, will result in the expulsion of the recruit from the land of Sadism, Power, Prestige and Status. Certainly a heavy price to pay and loss of a steady paycheck and loss of a potential excellent retirement package in 20-25 years. Plus in case you don’t already know, women love men in uniform.

So I will analyze two things. The Traffic Code/Vehicular Code, [TC, hereinafter], and the “Police-Speak”, [PS hereinafter], lingo that the police officer must master. Ok, let’s dive into the Rabbit Hole of PS. When an officer stops you for a TC violation, there is no crime committed, it is an offense against the “STATE”. The STATE OF NEW MEXICO, as all states, is a private corporation listed on Dunn & Bradstreet. The Police Officer is a roaming Revenue Agent for the corporation, the STATE OF NEW MEXICO. The North Carolina courts have ruled that police officers are “Private Contractors” pretending to be “public servants” enforcing private commercial code, as in Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). The entire career of this Private Contractor will be defined by how much money he makes for the STATE OF NEW MEXICO. Arrests generate the maximum profits for the STATE OF NEW MEXICO. All corporations seek to maximize one thing, profit, no matter what the human cost, the environmental cost, or anything else that might deter their single-minded march to worship Mammon. The thing to remember is that there is no “human cost”, on the USPOWSCC, there are only slaves, mere res, things. The question that is never asked by the sheeple is this, “Who is behind these corporations, who owns them, who are the shareholders?”

Upon stopping you for a violation, the Police officer, PO, will immediately ask you a question to engage you in an oral contract. “Do you know why I stopped you?”, “Do you know how fast you were going?” The minute you answer, regardless of your answer, you have consented to a verbal contract with the “Private contractor” who functions like a fisherman on land. At that moment, you fall under his fictional jurisdiction. Except his “bait and hook” are his gun and badge, and the private Traffic Code. And you are his catch of the day. He is trolling to see who he can catch on his hook and force you to enter into a private written contract in the form of a “ticket” which he forces you to sign under the threat of going to jail for failure to do so. Once you are in his grip, he will not release you until he extorts money, or jail time. Always remember, the PO is allowed to lie to you to submit and dominate you, no matter how outrageous the lie or deception or threat. Now the primary method of protecting yourself has become your cell phone. Without exception, you must videotape every minute of encounter with any police officer, even if he is being “extremely friendly” and you know him personally. Do not be deceived, the police officer is your Corpor-nation Enemy posing as a public servant.

Getting you in front of the judge is one of his goals. All judges in this country are part of the Saturn Death Cult. “Saturn had two aspects, represented by his two wives. His one wife Ops was a goddess of wealth and abundance. But his other wife Lua was a goddess of war and destruction.” Because he is engaged in adversarial commerce, his ultimate objective is to arrest you for one of two things. 1. DUI. 2. Drug bust. 3. Or any other pretext that he can conjure up. That is where the real money is, imprisoning you. See, here is the thing, every arrest he makes and therefore, makes money for the CORPOR-NATION, gives him “promotability” within this sicko, Bizarro Opposite World. “Success in policing is not measured by combating or investigating crime but in generating arrests and handing out summonses, turning the work of police departments into what Taibbi calls an “industrial production scheme.” Hedges, supra. In all military dictatorships, arresting and imprisoning men and women of flesh and blood has always been a major industry. In the invisible tyranny called “America”, incarcerating men and women of flesh and blood is also a major industry. “The poor and minorities are also being incarcerated at a greater rate due to their inability to pay fees and fines imposed to generate revenue. By one estimate, 20% of those in local jails are incarcerated because they didn’t pay a fine or fee. Those with fine-only misdemeanors, such as traffic violations, have been jailed for failing to pay fines.”

Otherwise, these jails are known as “debtors prison.” Keep in mind, that the state charges your fictional “Strawman” and makes the man and woman of flesh and blood responsible for the actions of the mischevious “Strawman”, who is always getting in financial trouble. All governments are fictions and thus can only interact with other fictions to engage in Commerce. Commerce is for fictions only. Commerce is War, War is Commerce. “Government” is the facade, and private corporations are the reality. “A landmark Supreme Court Case of 1795, Penhallow v. Doane’s Administrators, defines governments succinctly: “Governments are corporations.” Inasmuch, as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, and a creature of the mind only, a government can interface only with other artificial persons.” Cracking the Code, Jordan Maxwell. Every road, street, highway and freeway have been surreptitiously converted into “fishing lanes” or “navigable waterways” for the LEO, simply because he is enforcing Admiralty/Maritime Law of the Open Ocean and navigable waters. That is quite a mind phuck indeed. Remember the Mao Principle, “Any fiction whatsoever can be turned into a reality at the end of a gun barrel.”

If you are “driving” an automobile, the PO presumes that you are engaged in several things; 1. you are engaged in traffic. “Traffic” is defined as; Commerce, trade, sale or exchange of merchandise, bills, money and the like. The passing of goods or commodities from one person to another for an equivalent in goods or money. Senior v. Rattermassen 2. you are engaged in commerce. 3. you are engaged in transportation for hire and pay. Within the TC, the definitions of the terms “trade, commerce, transportation, trade” cast the widest possible net to catch the “fish” of the day. Keep in mind that the TC was written by liaryers using “LEGAL-SLEAZE” terms, not English. These legal-sleaze terms are the PS that are used to ensnare unsuspecting travelers who falsely believe that the real purpose of the Police officer is to “serve and protect”, like it says on their car. Because the American sheeple are so stupid, the sheeple will never ask the following: Who is he serving, Who is he protecting? Perhaps the hegemony of the STATE? His secret Masters?

We, the sheeple, assume the police officer is there to “serve and protect” US. Nothing could be further from the truth. His master is the STATE OF NEW MEXICO. “WASHINGTON, June 27 – The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the police did not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm, even a woman who had obtained a court-issued protective order against a violent husband making an arrest mandatory for a violation. Jun 28, 2005.” NY times. The role of the police is to be first responder, to clean up a mess, and most importantly, to charge someone with a crime and arrest them to make revenue for the STATE OF NEW MEXICO. So there you have it, directly from the highest court, the police do not have a constitutional duty to protect the public.

The next thing the PO will ask you for is your “Drivers license”, registration and proof of insurance. Let us take these one at a time. In New Mexico, as well as all fifty states, there are only two types of licenses to operate a “motor vehicle.” 1. CDL, 2. Commercial motor vehicle license. Both of these require a “drivers license” for the privilege of conducting commerce, transportation, trade and traffic. All licensed activities fall under the Executive authority of the President and CEO of the “United States” corporation, see 28 USC, section 3002, paragraph 15. If you have any kind of license, you are under Executive authority, your Mafia Boss, aka, the Prez. If you produce a Drivers license, you have just incriminated yourself and told the PO that you are in fact involved in “trade, commerce, transportation, traffic”. You produced the evidence to convict yourself in a court of no-law. The 5th Amendment gives you the right to “not testify against yourself or produce evidence against yourself that can be used against you in a court of no-law.” In Iseah and Hoseah, it is stated, “My people are enslaved for lack of knowledge” and “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” The American sheeple are the best steeple, and stupidest sheeple, on the face of the planet. We truly suffer from an imbecile infantalism.

In the TC, being a “driver” also means that you are carrying “paying” passengers to a destination. A driver by definition is involved in commerce and is charging a fee to carry his passenger to a destination. So when you stupidly admit that you are a “driver” and you have “passengers” with you, you just produced evidence for the PO and the judge to convict yourself in a court of “no-law.” This is precisely the kind of mind phuck that the PO used to trick you and deceive you into his “private law” jurisdiction.

When you produce the “registration” a bunch of things happen. First, as I have already covered elsewhere in the previous volume, “regis” means King. The suffix “tion” means “contract with”. Registration then means “contract with the King”, which is private law and making you a subject and slave to the “will of the King.” Specifically since the 1933 banking, commercial coup de etat, the entire nation called America, has been under Admiralty/Maritime Law of War, Law of the Open Ocean, Law of Necessity. There have been several openly declared “state of emergency” since 1933, and thus we are under the Law of War. The Police Officer is an agent on behalf of the King thru numerous layers of “corporations”, and you are “civiliter mortuss”. You cannot access law as you are a slave with no rights only privileges granted to you by your admitted King. The 14th Amendment grants the new United States Citizens “privileges or immunities”, not both. I would like for you to read the 14th amendment, and show me the word “Right(s)” anywhere in the amendment. Just for fun, here is the 14th amendment. “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” What happened to “natural rights?” That is specifically why “driving” is a privilege. So quit your whining, grab your ankles and don’t squirm too much while the King has his way with you.

End of Part III


Police Matrix – Preface to part IV of IV

In the TC, being a “driver” also means that you are carrying “paying” passengers to a destination. A driver by definition is involved in commerce and is charging a fee to carry his passenger to a destination. So when you stupidly admit that you are a “driver” and you have “passengers” with you, you just produced evidence for the PO and the judge to convict yourself in a court of “no-law.” This is precisely the kind of mind phuck that the PO used to trick you and deceive you into his “private law” jurisdiction. 


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