The Police Matrix: A Bizarro Opposite World – Part IV of IV

The Police Matrix: A Bizarro Opposite World – Part IV of IV

“By TLB Contributing Author: Rico S. Giron

Anywhere you go, you see “packs” of Staters having lunch or congregating in groups like a pack of hyenas. In complete isolation from the public they are supposed to be serving and protecting. I have seen packs of ‘staters’ as many as fifteen, in a restaurant, isolating themselves from the general public in a far off corner. The mantra “To Serve and Protect” is quite an oxymoron. The American sheeple have been entrained to accept appearances and to not question authority. Obey, obey, obey, be a good citizen and pay your taxes and your fines. Most Americans still falsely believe that the police are “public servants.” Nothing is further from the truth. All LEOs in this nation are private contractors working for private corporations disguised as “governments.” Just for clarification, LEO means Law Enforcement Officer and PO, means Police Officer.

However, this false belief gives us a nice and cozy feeling about our “public servants.” The sheeple like “warm and fuzzy.” Let me restate my position clearly, “No one in “government”, including LEOs, is a public servant, all are “private contractors/privateers” working for the private corpor-nation mislabeled, “government.” “Government” is the ultimate “mind phuck” for PLUNDER of the sheeple. In the corpor-nation, there is no such thing as “Serve and Protect” of men and women of flesh and blood, only “Serving and Protecting the Power structures and cash flow of the corpor-nation.” Sadly, we have not reached the point of Self-Governance in this world.

The screening process to become a LEO is in depth and intrusive to determine the real personality of the recruit. This is designed to weed out the “healthy, mentally stable” recruits and deny them entrance into the secret, brainwashing “state police academy.” Failure by the recruit to “take” to the indoctrination and brainwashing, will result in the expulsion of the recruit from the land of Sadism, Power, Prestige and Status. Certainly a heavy price to pay and loss of a steady paycheck and loss of a potential excellent retirement package in 20-25 years. Plus in case you don’t already know, women love men in uniform.

In all military dictatorships, arresting and imprisoning men and women of flesh and blood has always been a major industry. In the invisible tyranny called “America”, incarcerating men and women of flesh and blood is also a major industry. “The poor and minorities are also being incarcerated at a greater rate due to their inability to pay fees and fines imposed to generate revenue. By one estimate, 20% of those in local jails are incarcerated because they didn’t pay a fine or fee. Those with fine-only misdemeanors, such as traffic violations, have been jailed for failing to pay fines.” Around the world, America is known as “Incarceration Nation.” And you thought you lived in the Land of the Free.

Every road, street, highway and freeway has been surreptitiously converted into “fishing lanes” or “navigable waterways” for the LEO, simply because he is enforcing Admiralty/Maritime Law of the Open Ocean and navigable waters. That is quite a mind phuck indeed. Remember the Mao Principle, “Any fiction whatsoever can be turned into a reality at the end of a gun barrel.”

If you are “driving” an automobile, the PO presumes that you are under his jurisdiction and thus engaged in several things; 1. you are engaged in traffic. “Traffic” is defined as; Commerce, trade, sale or exchange of merchandise, bills, money and the like. The passing of goods or commodities from one person to another for an equivalent in goods or money. Senior v. Rattermassen. Traffic can also overlap into the presumption that you might be trafficking drugs. 2. you are engaged in commerce. 3. you are engaged in transportation for hire and pay. 4. You are engaged in Trade. You provide all the visual cues that signal to the PO that you are a driver.

Within the TC, the definitions of the terms “trade, commerce, transportation, trade” cast the widest possible net to catch the “fish” of the day. Keep in mind that the TC was written by liaryers using “LEGAL-SLEAZE” terms, not English. These legal-sleaze terms are the PS that are used to ensnare unsuspecting travelers who falsely believe that the real purpose of the Police officer is to “serve and protect”, like it says on their car. Because the American sheeple are so stupid, the sheeple will never ask the following: Who is he serving, Who is he protecting? Perhaps the hegemony of the STATE? His secret Masters?

We, the sheeple, assume the police officer is there to “serve and protect” US. Nothing could be further from the truth. His master is the STATE OF NEW MEXICO. “WASHINGTON, June 27 – The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the police did not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm, even a woman who had obtained a court-issued protective order against a violent husband making an arrest mandatory for a violation. Jun 28, 2005.” NY times. The role of the police is to be first responder, to clean up a mess, and most importantly, to charge someone with a crime or offense against the “personhood of the STATE”, and arrest them to make revenue for the STATE OF NEW MEXICO. So there you have it, directly from the highest court, the police do not have a constitutional duty to protect the public. Always remember, the STATE is a “PERSON” and can get their feelings hurt. However, the STATE has an inflamed EGO, much like touching an engorged penis. Extremely sensitive. Sadly, LEOs suffer from the same Ego/penis sensitivity when it comes to their color of law power, simply because they are an extension of the STATE.

The next thing the PO will ask you for is your “Drivers license”, registration and proof of insurance. Let us take these one at a time. In New Mexico, as well as all fifty states, there are only two types of drivers’ licenses to operate a “motor vehicle.” 1. CDL, 2. Commercial motor vehicle license. Both of these require a “drivers license” for the privilege of conducting commerce, transportation, trade and traffic. All licensed activities fall under the Executive authority of the President and CEO of the “United States” corporation, see 28 USC, section 3002, paragraph 15. On the United States Corpor-nation, it is all about Commerce.

If you have any kind of license, you are under Executive authority, your Mafia Boss, aka, the Prez of the US. As of March 9th, 1933, licenses were required of all “enemies of the state” in order to conduct business within the jurisdiction of the United States. On the same date, all Americans of flesh and blood within the jurisdiction of the United States [the corpor-nation] were surreptiously converted into “Enemies of the State?” How did you become an “Enemy of the State”, you may ask. By the stroke of the pen by FDR.

Now ask yourself this, “Do I need a license for any activity I engage in?” Human beings of flesh and blood do not need any kind of license. Only fictions under a specific jurisdiction and conducting specifically defined activities need licenses. Legal fictions engage in legal activities. Men and women of flesh and blood can engage in lawful activities without a license requirement. All licenses are mere “privileges” granted to slaves by their Master. When you renew your driver’s license, you are gently reminded, “Driving is a Privilege.” But only if you are a good and compliant Slave. Under the Laws of War, an enemy can only conduct business or commerce with the Belligerent under “licensure.” Every license that we have verifies that we are “Enemies of the State”, corpor-nation.

Drivers’ License, Business License, Hunting License, Marriage License, License to Practice Law, License to Practice Medicine, do I need to go on? By the way, why do these arrogant fucks “practice” law or medicine? A terrible little tangent here. Iatrogenic deaths are now the leading cause of death in the health industry. Iatrogenic is a fancy Latin term and means, doctor caused death. Some authors put these at over 1 million yearly deaths by doctor. Rare Earths, Wallace. It must be so nice to have institutional immunity for these doctor caused deaths. Iatrogenic is just the politically correct way to say “murder by doctor.” Another great book on the Iatrogenic epidemic is “Death by Medicine” by Gary Null, et. al. This book by Null is a grand indictment of the “medical system” and it is devastating to read. The Medical System in the United States is a total and shameful failure and should be revamped from bottom to top. In reality, it is a system of disease and death by doctor and Pig Pharma.

Rare Earths was written over 30 years ago. I would venture to say that has doubled or tripled in the last thirty years. 1 million divided by 365 equals 2739 doctor caused deaths every single day of the year including Sundays. 3 million divided by 365 equals, 8219 doctor caused death every single day of the year including Sundays. This equals 2.7 times the total WTC deaths on 9/11. Yet, People go to these mass murderers by the thousands per day and lay on the sacrificial altar to sacrifice their health and sheered of their money. Much like the Aztec sacrifices done by the thousands to appease the “Blood lust” of the Quetzalcoatl God. Doctors are killing their patients with impunity and not feeling a bit guilty about violating the 1st rule of practicing medicine, “First do no harm.” Indeed, what a Bizarro Opposite World. A “License to Kill.” Move over 007. Additionally, zero prosecutions for iatrogenic deaths.

If you produce a Drivers license, you have just incriminated yourself and told the PO that you are in fact involved in “trade, commerce, transportation, traffic”. You produced the evidence to convict yourself in a court of no-law. The 5th Amendment gives you the right to “not testify against yourself or produce evidence against yourself that can be used against you in a court of no-law.” In Iseah and Hoseah, it is stated, “My people are enslaved for lack of knowledge” and “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” The American sheeple are the best sheeple, and stupidest sheeple, on the face of the planet. We truly suffer from an imbecile infantalism.

All Law Enforcement Officers are glorified revenue agents on behalf of the King thru numerous layers of “corporations”, and you are “civiliter mortuss”. You cannot access law as you are a slave with no rights only privileges granted to you by your admitted King. The 14th Amendment grants the new United States Citizens “privileges or immunities”, not both. I would like for you to read the 14th amendment, and show me the word “Right(s)” anywhere in the amendment. Just for fun, here is the 14th amendment. “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” Can you please point out to me the word “right” in this text? What happened to “natural rights?” That is specifically why “driving” is a privilege. Everything on the USPOWSCC is a privilege. So quit your whining, grab your ankles and don’t squirm too much while the Kweeng has his way with you. In case you already forgot, United States Citizen means “prized” in Admiralty/Maritime Law. Look it up in Black’s Law Dictionary.

Driving and traveling are distinctly opposites and diametrically opposed activities. A man or woman of flesh and blood, has a “constitutional right to travel freely on public roads as the roads belong to the public, without being impeded or accosted by “pirates” disguised as public servants.” If you were truly a “freeman”, which incidentally you are not, you would have retained the “constitutional right to travel of your own volition as you pleased.” Since the 1933 “coup de etat” by FDR and the 13 Banking/Ruling families, in alliance with Il Vaticano, we have acquiesced and consented to the status of “United States citizen”, a “prized status.” Since March 9th, 1933, everything on the American continent, aka, the USPOWSCC, [see glossary], has become a “privilege” granted to us by the “Prez” of the US. Even “being alive” is a privilege.

Slave: A person who is wholly subject to the will of another; one who has no freedom of action, but whose person and services are wholly under the control of another. One who is under the power of a master, and who belongs to him; so the master may sell and dispose of his person, of his industry, and of his labor, without his being able to do anything, have anything, or acquire anything, but what must belong to his master. Black’s law Dictionary, Fourth Edition (1951 ). In other words, the entire life of a slave is for the benefit of his master. There are only two ways to break this status of “slave.” One, your Master gives you your “official freedom papers”, or you just kill your Master.

Chattel: Personal and moveable property; includes slaves, i.e. permanently indentured servants (commercial chattel property) by virtue of contract, i.e. operation of commercial law. Black’s law Dictionary, Fourth Edition (1951 ).

If you get too uppity, a PO can kill you simply because he was “afraid for his life”, never mind that you were running away, and were unarmed. Here is an unknown fact, a perp has more of a chance of getting shot in the back while fleeing than while facing off with an officer. “There is an instinct in animals as well as humans to commit the greatest of atrocities when the enemy is in flight. This is known as the chase instinct. In the same way, there appears to be a chase instinct in man that permits him to kill a fleeing enemy. The eyes are the windows of the Soul, and if one does not have to look into the eyes when killing, it is much easier to deny the humanity of the viction.” On Killing, Lt. Col. David Grossman.

Plus this provides the PO the greatest advantage of killing with the least danger to him personally. You decide, “Heroism or Cowardice?” “On average, more than 1,100 people, or one every eight hours, almost all unarmed, are killed every year by police in the United States. These killings are not accidents. They are not the results of a failed system. The system works exactly as it is designed to work. And until the system of corporate power is destroyed, nothing will change for the poor, or the rest of Americans.” Hedges,

The Traffic Stop is your opportunity to rebute and refute the Police Officer’s presumption that you are a driver engaged in commerce. To the police officer, if you act like a driver, speak like a driver, and respond like a driver, then by your own admission, you are a driver. Remember this statement, “Everything you say and do, can and will be used against you in a court of law.” The thing he never tells you is that you will be a an Admiralty/Maritime court of Law. You will be “court-martialed”, like in Martial Law.

Lastly, when you produce your insurance card that proves you have insurance, you again admitted and confirmed that you are under Admiralty/Maritime Law, which is the law of the open ocean. Commerce is War, and War is Commerce. In the MindPhuck, Alice in Wonderland world of the LEO, every road, street, hiway and freeway are the “fishing lanes” for the LEO, simply because he is enforcing Admiralty/Maritime Law of the Open Ocean and navigable waters. By showing your insurance card, you agreed to the Alice in Wonderland scenario and screwed yourself.

These three documents, your driver’s license, your registration and your proof of insurance, are precisely the evidence he uses against you in the Admiralty/Maritime court of no-law. In essence, you convict yourself thru your own ignorance. By presenting these three documents, you entered into a Mind Fuck Matrix of immense proportions.

Every single criminal lawyer or counsel will always tell you, “Never talk to the police and never answer any questions for the police without counsel present” as their job is to trick you and entrap you, with the ol’ “bad cop/good cop” routine. With their legal-sleaze Police Speak, their job is to submit you, and dominate you, using the Law of Necessity, which is aka the Law of Commerce. Commerce is War, and War is Commerce. Under the 5th amendment, you can invoke the right to not incriminate yourself by producing evidence that can be used against you in a court of “no-law.” Your drivers license, your registration and your proof of insurance are the documents specifically used against you in the court of “no-law”. These three documents are proof that you are engaged in Commerce and thus subject to the Traffic Code and the penalties therein. In Law it is all about presumption of jurisdiction and ignorance on your part.

The court system along with the judge are an integral part of this racketeering and extortion pyramid scheme. It is brilliant and masterful. Follow the money, babe!! It keeps the billions of FRNs flowing yearly into the coffers of the 13 Banking/Ruling Families in alliance with Il Vaticano because of the sheer ignorance and arrogance of the American sheeple who think they are so “free and live in the home of the brave.” By the way, the Prez gets a cut of these billions of FRNs that are extorted yearly. The Prez gets paid a “commission” on all transactions under his authority and jurisdiction. All licenses in this country fall under the Executive Branch and thus under the control of the U.S. President.

When you ask for “permission to do what-ever-the-phuck” by requesting a “license”, you just asked your “Big Daddy”, for permission to do what-ever-the-phuck it is you want to do. Mum is the word. That being the case, what is a man or woman to do when confronted with these professional racketeers and master extortionists? The whole system is set up to sheer the sheeple of as much “money” as possible. It is a Temple of Plunder. “With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”” Statue of Liberty. Send me more suckers to PLUNDER!!!

If you happen to suffer the misfortune of being pulled over, stay calm, lock your doors and roll up all of your windows. When the LEO comes up to your window and knocks on it, roll it down 2 inches and no more. This will piss off the LEO. He will insist that you roll down your window all the way. You are not to comply. If you comply with even one of his commands, you just phucked yourself by consenting to the stop. The thing that the American sheeple do not understand is that this encounter is under Commerce, and is adversarial. Commerce is War and War is Commerce. It is your will against his. He has been trained to submit you and dominate your thru fear and coercion. His very job depends on how well he can submit and dominate you.

In such an encounter, every word coming out of his mouth is a lie, a fraud, a deception meant to dominate you, subdue and trick you into a private jurisdiction. When an LEO lies directly to your face, he shows a complete lack of empathy and is the ultimate act of denying your humanity. Lying so blatantly is the ultimate act of affirming his superiority. Lying is an act of contempt. His word becomes the law, the Rule of Men, and he self proclaims himself to be “above the Law.” I have a young niece that is married to a young police officer and she already has fallen into this profound psychological trap of believing that even she is “above the Law.” “But in their hearts many of them yearm for a righteous battle, a wolf upon whom to legitimately and lawfully turn their skills.” On Killing, Lt. Col. David Grossman. All men have within them the Hero and Warrior Archtype as described by Jung. All men dream of being Heroes in the eyes of the family and friends, and all men dream that they could be Warriors in the eyes of the peer group. “We long for the encounter that will ultimately empower us with dignity and honor…Be not mistaken, the longing is there and its loving and terrible and beautiful and tragic.” On Killing, Lt. Col. David Grossman. For LEOs, to kill with “dignity and honor” and become “Heroes and Warriors” is the ultimate act of Manhood. But who defines “dignity and honor?” Is shooting a fleeing perp in the back, a killing with “honor and dignity?” Is killing an unarmed man or woman, a killing with “honor and dignity?” Is killing an unarmed teenage kid, a killing with “honor and dignity?”

Here is a great irony, the act of pulling the trigger is not a violent act itself. I am a gun afficionado and have fired thousands of rounds, the pulling of the trigger is a simple act, an almost inconsequential activity, but devastating at the receiving end. I have never once felt a sense of violence when pulling the trigger on my rifles or pistols. Psychologically, pulling the trigger on a weapon is almost an act of cowardice, not bravery. On the other hand, the plunging of a knife into the body of another person, is incrediby violent. Especially if it is done face to face. This is up close and personal. I can only imagine what it takes to commit such a violent act.

So here is a Dark question. Are a soldier or PO being violent, cruel or dark when shooting a fleeing perp in the back? Or are they being cowards? I can’t see where it takes a lot of manhood to pull the trigger of an AR-15 while pointing it to the back of a fleeing perp. “We are reaching that stage of desensitization at which the inflicting of pain and suffering has become a source of entertainment, vicarious pleasure rather than revulsion.” Grossman, supra. That is the greatest danger the LEO faces, it is the trap of sadism, where inflicting pain on other humans becomes a symbol of “manhood” and produces a secret and perverse “pleasure high” in the PO. Especially when the STATE rewards this sadism. How does the LEO reach this point of sadism? “The answer to that question is that we, as a society, have become systemically desensitized to the pain and suffering of others.” Grossman, supra.

The PO has several things working in his favor and against you, the man or woman of flesh and blood. He is cloaked in the “Color of Law” Power of the STATE. As such, in his mind, he wields great Power. He has no authority over you as a man or woman of flesh and blood, but he has 100% Power over your “personhood”, your fictional “strawman”, you as a DRIVER. This creates the illusion of “legitimacy of authority”, which is exactly what “color of Law” does. Next, he has tremendous support from his peer group of fellow officers. To fail in the eyes of his peers is to suffer humiliation. Thus he can never let a “DRIVER” get the best of him. That is one of the reasons why there is a no “fraternization” policy for Law Enforcement officers. The LEO is trained to view you as less than human, a mere fictional “driver”, thus in his mind he can commit atrocities and feel justified by the “Color of Law” and peer approval.

Here is a major psychological and emotional hurdle for the PO. Once he has lied, coerced, tricked, or committed any kind of deception against a member of the general public, aka a DRIVER, he is guilty of committing a psychological atrocity against his fellow man, and he becomes stuck and trapped in a profound psychological trap. In this profound psychological trap he then becomes a predator, cunning and sagacious, looking for opportunities for self promotion and self aggrandizement to assuage or deny his guilt. The LEO becomes desensitized to the “humanity” of his wards. He sees things instead of men and women of flesh and blood. In fact, he cannot afford to see his wards as “men and women of flesh and blood.” “Those who choose the path of atrocity have burned their bridges behind them. There is no turning back.” Grossman, supra.

Given an opportunity and with little chance of getting caught, most LEOs would let a female “driver” suck their dick and fuck the “driver” in the back seat. He must learn to discard empathy and guilt as signs of weakness. Thus he enters into a world of sadism where inflicting physical and emotional pain becomes his “badge of Manhood.” It is truly a perserve and psychotic world of LEO. Above all, an LEO must never drop the Con.

Power becomes his driving motivation and he uses it to its fullest extent to accomplish his goal, to submit and dominate every man and woman he encounters on the Kings’ Roads.

And every word coming out of your mouth, can and will be used against you in a court of No-Law. Your statement will be simply this, “Officer, I saw that you had your emergency lights on, what is your emergency and how can I help you?” He will persist that you roll your window down all the way, never do that. Continue to ignore his request and you make your request again. “What is your emergency and how can I help you?” At any time, you may request to speak to his supervisor and just wait for the supervisor to arrive and proceed in the following manner. You must never answer any question, and never comply with any of his requests. You must train yourself and steel yourself like a soldier and never give in to his demands. If you happen to slip up, he just grabbed you by the balls.

He will try to trick you into answering one of his question, never answer his questions, as this will provide consent to the interaction and provide the basis for a verbal contract. Any time he asks a question, simply tell him that your attorney has instructed you to never answer any questions from police officers without him present, as you have a right to counsel. Ask him the following question, “Officer, are you a private contractor working for a private corporation or are you a public servant and have you taken an oath of office to support and defend the original, organic Constitution for the united states of America.” “As a public servant, are you operating under you full commercial liability?”

You will have to keep your cool, as he will get more forceful and attempt to get your to answer one of his questions. He may even threaten to arrest for failing to follow a “lawful order”, which a lie. He is allowed to trick you to get you to comply. If he makes idle chatter, ignore it. Ask him a question. You must keep in mind that it is legal for him to lie to you, falsely threaten you, and do just about anything he can to get you to submit to his demands. He operates in a “lawless world” where he has been given a “Letter of Marque”, which is permission to wage War against you, simply because he sees you as his ward, and his will is paramount. In his eyes, and under the fictional law jurisdiction, “Color of Law”, you are a SLAVE and his word is the Law. Keep in mind, he made it thru the brainwashing school, the “police academy”, which incidentally is now 6 months long. So he has proven himself to be willing to lie, cheat, coerce, and threaten the “public” to serve his master’s will, the Corpor-nation.

Whenever he asks a question do not answer, but rather you ask him a question of your own. Ask him for his full name and badge number. Tell him that you are recording him as is legally allowed by the US Supreme Court of the United States. He may insist that you roll down your window again, be strong and ignore it, or simply state that for your own safety you will not roll it down any more. At which point he may do one of two things, he may “ask” for your drivers license, registration and proof of insurance in a nice a manner to get you to let your guard down, or he may demand it in a more forceful manner, at which point you can refuse to show it based on the fact that you do not have to provide any information to him if you have not been charged with a crime. You can also ask the officer another question, “Officer, do you intend to cause me harm in any manner?”

You tell him, “The United States Supreme Court has ruled that I do not have to provide identification absent being charged with a crime. Are you charging me with a crime and if so, please articulate the crime and the statute.” He will deny your assertion of facts, as he must maintain the upper hand in the encounter. He may blurt out that you were “speeding” or ran a stop sign, which are Traffic Code violations, but not crimes under this Constitution. “Speeding” or “running a stop sign” are offences against the “personhood” of the STATE. Again, with firmness in your voice, ask, “Am I under arrest and if so, please articulate the crime?”

The fact that he is functioning under the Traffic Code proves that he is a “Private Contractor” working as a roaming Revenue Agent on behalf of The STATE OF NEW MEXICO. He real role is that of PIRATE, bent of raping, pillaging and plundering under the “Color of law.” Upon graduation from the State Police Academy, he receives his “Letter of Marque”, like his attorney buddy. This Letter of Marque is his commission granting him permission to wage “commercial war” against the world, but specifically you, Driver. Go ahead and google “Color of Law” and have some fun. I cover this subject extensively in my chapter titled, “The Law of Necessity: the Secret, un-disclosed War against America, aka, the Matrix.”

At this point you must clarify your “status” to him and make sure that he acknowledges that he heard you. “Officer, for the record, I am not involved in traffic, trade, transportation, or commerce, do you acknowledge that I have so informed you? I am exercising my Constitutional Right to travel on this public road without being impeded. Do you acknowledge that I have so informed you?” Repeat this as many times as necessary as it takes for him to acknowledge your statement. You further tell him, “There are no drivers or passengers in this private mode of conveyance. I am simply exercising my Constitutional right to travel unimpeded by private contractors enforcing a private law, aka as the Traffic Code.”

In this traffic stop, there is quite a conundrum. You by driving an automobile with a license plate and a sticker, provided the “presumption of jurisdiction” to the PO. Your license plate is your “advertisement” that you are a driver engaged in commerce. Indeed, we are enslaved thru our own ignorance of our status.

Tell him, “The US. Supreme Court has ruled that a right to travel cannot be converted into a privilege simply because you desire it so.” You then ask him the most confrontational question you can ask, “Officer, am I under arrest and if so what is the charge?” Repeat this as many times as necessary to get an answer. He may say one of two things, “No you are not under arrest.” If answers this, he is lying, partially. While you may not be under a full blown arrest, you are in “custodial detention”. In practical terms, “arrest and custodial detention” are synomous. Or he may spew forth another lie, “You are under investigative detention”. So remember the cardinal rule, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT SO AS TO NOT INCRIMINATE YOURSELF. STFU. Because of the Bizarro Opposite World the PO lives in, pretty much every word coming out of his mouth is a lie to you but a truth to him.

At this time you state, “Since I am not under arrest, am I free to go?” Or he can say, “I am detaining you for investigation.” At which time you ask, “What crime are you investigating?” Which of course is that he is not “investigating a crime”, but rather stopped you for an “offence against the personhood of the STATE.” Always stay calm and on point, do not let him rattle you, whoever answers the first question loses. His goal is to get you to answer one of his questions. If you let your guard down, and answer even one question, he just grabbed you by the balls and you will either be arrested or given a ticket/infraction, which was his original goal, to extort you and cost you money. He is nothing more than a glorified “Revenue Officer” shearing the sheeple on behalf of the Corpor-nation State. Your discomfort, pain and humiliation are his badge of “honor and dignity”, which is of course very infuriating.

Keep in mind that an infraction is an offense against the “personhood” of the “STATE” and a crime is an action against another human being or property, with injuries or damages. An offense is a fiction within a fiction and the opposite of a crime against a man or woman of flesh and blood. A crime is real. The average man or woman traveling on a public road is at a major disadvantage. When we accept our Personal Driver’s license, we tacitly agreed that driving is a privilege granted to us by the STATE. We also accepted the fiction that we are DRIVERS, a fiction invented by the STATE. So remember this, the CREATOR owns the CREATED. That is the very reason that corpor-nations had to be converted into “legal persons”, the STATE is a corpor-nation and you had to be surreptiously converted into a fictional DRIVER. Unless you caused an accident that resulted in damages or injuries, and are charged with a crime, you do not have to answer any questions.

If you are being charged with a crime, the PO must read you your Constitutional Rights of the Miranda Rights before he can ask you any questions. But being that the PO is a sadist, he will make every attempt to trick you into his Matrix of Language, Police Speak. The best thing you can do is STFU. Always keep in mind, the police officer succeeded in the Police Academy and thus passed all of the requirements. He had hours of role playing in domination of any encounter. An LEO lives in a world of “hyper-masculinity and hyper-aggressiveness where domination and subjugation of all citizens” are paramount. Welcome to his Bizarro Opposite World. Your pain and suffering are his source of sadistic entertainment and pleasure.

In this encounter, the American driving public, is at a major disadvantage. All human beings have a compulsive need to obey authority. It was Freud that discovered and expanded on the compulsion. “Freud warned us, “never to underestimate the power of the need to obey.” The symbols of authority are several and they work against us. Milgram conducted an experiment of “obeying authority” wherein 65% of his subjects applied “deadly force”, literally to the point “killing the disobedient participants.” All Milgram had was an “official looking white lab coat” as a sign of authority.

The Black and White police cruiser is a powerful symbol. The Flashing Red lights and the siren also help to intimidate the average human being. The PO exits his car with a swagger, after making you wait for what seems like an eternity, while he calls your info into dispatch. You see his black uniform, his shiny badge and his gun in the open. All of these symbols are meant to intimidate you and put you in a state of anxiety, or even fear. At that point he already has a major advantage over you. All of these symbols of authority serve to legitimize the actions of the PO. However, it is important to note that all of the actions of the PO are under the “Color of Law.” Color of Law is a massive subject and is way too much to cover here. I have written extensively about this subject in my chapter titled, “The Law of Necessity: The Secret, Undisclosed War against America, aka, The Matrix.”

It is precisely these symbols of power that create a profound psychological trap for the LEO. A gun represents power at every level, physical, emotional and psychological. For many humans, carrying a gun, whether openly or secretly, is a source of power and is akin to having a permanent hard-on. On Killing, Lt. Col. David Grossman. Keep in mind, that the psychological profiles of criminals, politicians, and LEOs, are virtually identical. The desire for Power is perhaps the predominant trait for all three. For the more pathological LEOs, pulling the trigger of a pistol or rifle to kill a perp can be a pure sexual trip, a sort of release, akin to ejeculation. A pistol or rifle is symbolic of an extension of a man’s penis. “Upon being asked, most of the combat veterans whom I interviewed will admit to having experienced a brief feeling of elation upon succeeding in killing the enemy.” On Killing, Lt. Col. David Grossman.

I call this the “God Moment”, a brief, momentary experience of ultimate Power, to take life like a God and to feel justified because of the profound psychological trap the LEO finds himself in. No LEO will ever admit that he made a mistake when shooting a perp. In every case, the LEO will find a way to justify his actions, including planting a “throw-away gun or knife.”

However, the very act of killing a man can leave the soldier or PO feeling contradictory feelings of elation and “nothingness”. “I lost a lot of that upbringing at Okonda. There was no honor here, no virtue. The standards of behavior taught in the homes, in churches, and schools of America had no place in battle. They were mythical concepts good only for the raising of children, to be cast aside forever from this moment on. No, I didn’t feel guilt, shame, or remorse at killing my fellow man—I felt pride.” Grossman, supra. In order to protect himself from the knowledge of his atrocity, he also had to enter into a “no mans’ land” where numbness serves a protective role. “The two men I killed were practically within arm’s reach, I could see their facial expressions clearly, even hear their breathing, see their fear, and smell their body odor. And the funny thing was that I didn’t feel a damn thing.Nineteen year old UN soldier. On Killing, Lt. Col David Grossman. Same soldier as above but at a different time.

A gun is power. To some people carrying a gun was like a permanent hard-on. It was a pure sexual trip every time you pulled the trigger. ‘Many men who have carried and fired a gun—especially a full automatice weapon’—must confess in their hearts that the power and pleasure of spewing a stream of bullets is akin to the emotions felt when explosively spewing a stream of semen. Killing can be like sex, he told me, and you can get carried away with it; it can consume you just like sex.” On Killing, Lt. Col. David Grossman. That is the very addiction that must be protected against.

Personally, I am a military veteran. At age eighteen, I went thru basic training and had the opportunity to fire the M-60 machine gun and the M-16 on automatic mode. Surely, there was something exhiliarating and mystical, perhaps bordering on “god-like power” to fire in automatic mode. I would say that it ranks up there with losing ones’ virginity and ejeculating for the first time. It catches you by surprise and then pleasure overwhelms you. I can best describe this as the “god-moment.” It was a moment of “oooohhh, my god, fuck yea.” And ever since, I have been looking to replicate that “god-moment”, like a drug addict seeking to replicate the first time of shooting up. The drill sargeants had to constantly berate us not to just squeeze the trigger permanently, as the firing rate was absurd. A twenty round clip in the M-16 could be fired in 2 seconds. The M-60 machine gun can fire up to 650 rounds per minute. That is roughly ten rounds per second. An absurd power in the hands of boys. Indeed, god-like power of destruction.

The PO’s goal is to get you to succumb, and to dominate you by coercion and threat of violence. Any threat of arrest by him is a bluff to use fear to dominate you, keep in mind he was selected thru the selection process because he is willing to lie, cheat, threaten and coerce you simply because he is a sick, psychotic phuck. He is a closet sadist, that like the legal system, pretends to be a “gentleman’s club.” He functions under the Law of Necessity, use any and all means necessary to get the desired outcome, to answer a single question and consent to the interaction. Plus remember, he has official sanction, from the U.S. Supreme Court, to lie to you, to falsely threaten you and to trick you to submit you to his will.

If you happen to answer a single question, you consented to the interaction and you are toast. The Law of Necessity is also known as the Law of War. It is well understood, Necessity knows no Law. In this traffic stop, you are the adversary and his personal enemy, and his job is simple, to submit and dominate you to extort money from you for the privilege of driving on the King’s roads. Like the old toll roads of England and Colonial America. Welcome to the Matrix. Welcome to Feudal America!!

There is an Inner Freedom that comes from defiance. To resist Evil is the highest achievement of Human life. It is the Supreme Act of Love. Those who resist stand regardless of the cost. The rebel does not define success the way the Elites define success. Those who resist refuse to kneel, before the idols of mass culture or the powerful elite. In every act of rebellion, we are Free. The Rebel will always be an outsider. The inversion of the world’s value systems makes Freedom possible. Resistance to radical Evil is the pinnacle of Human existence.” Hedges, supra.

If the LEOs of this nation fail to confront and accept their Dark Side, they will continue to shoot fleeing perps in the back and enjoying it to some degree. “The force of Darkness and destruction within us is balanced with the force of light and love for our fellow man. These forces struggle and strive within the heart of each of us. To ignore one is to ignore the other. We cannot know the Light if we do not acknowledge the Dark. We cannot know life if we do not acknowledge death.” On Killing, Lt. Col. David Grossman. It precisely the imbalance of the Dark and the Light that allows the LEO to remain in profound psychological trap of the Dark Side of his Psyche. Therein lies the real danger to the men and women of flesh and blood. It is my perspective that should an LEO balance his Dark Side and his Light Side, he will resign his position and not be able to continue participating in the Matrix. “And if the soldier truly acknowledges the magnitude of his crime, he must rebel violently.” Grossman, supra. A newly minted LEO cannot afford this self knowledge.

Here is my warning to you, nothing of what I have written is to be construed as advice, legal or otherwise. This chapter is for educational purposes only. If you consider yourself a responsible adult, you must make your own choices and accept the total responsibility for your actions entirely. Confronting this institutionalized and legalized bullying is not easy, in fact, it is very threatening and frightening. Most will fail. I have failed. I have spent 20 days [2 X 10] in the county slammer for my courage to stand up to bullyism. Be strong, be courageous. For it is only in an empire in decay that speaking Truth becomes a crime.

My voice is the Cry from the Wilderness.



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