The U.S. & the West are in the Grip of Delusional Madness

The United States and the West are in the Grip of Delusional Madness

By: Steve McCann

The politically motivated and unprecedented overreaction to a virus with a 99.5% survival rate was launched in March of 2020, thus unleashing what can best be described as a once-in-a-century fiasco. Nineteen months later it is impossible to look at the United States and the world and not conclude that this country and much of the West is in the grip, not of a virus, but of delusional madness and malevolence.

The governing elites have been so successful in propagandizing and fear-mongering the populace in many western nations, including the United States, that the virus has made far too many people blind to the madness as they wallow in anxiety, depression, and hopelessness — deliberately and with forethought brought about by these malevolent cabals.

The noted British historian Kenneth Clark in his book and television series Civilisation said that empires fall not just to barbarians and other external enemies, but more so on account of exhaustion and loss of confidence within. He warned of the evolutionary process of destruction of self-confidence leading to exhaustion and culminating in the feeling of hopelessness which can overtake people even with a high degree of material prosperity. As any civilized nation, in order to survive, requires confidence in the society in which one lives as well as belief in its philosophy and in its laws and confidence in one’s own mental powers.

In the United States, the left-wing dominated ruling class, determined to transform the nation into a one-party oligarchy, has long focused on demoralizing and fomenting hopelessness among the American people so they would be amenable to this transformation. In a society already beset with self-doubt and disquiet about the future, they gaslighted the populace through the gross and near-criminal exaggeration of the threat of Covid-19, combined with manipulated data, unprecedented societal and economic lockdowns, social distancing, mandatory masking and now de facto vaccination passports. Thus, exacerbating the feeling of hopelessness among the citizenry.

At the height of the pandemic hysteria in the fall of 2020, 36% of Americans reported symptoms of anxiety disorder (in 2019, 6.5% of Americans reported anxiety disorder). In this same period, 42% of Americans reported anxiety or depressive disorder (in 2019, 10.8% of Americans reported these disorders). The age group 18-39 (30% of the overall U.S. population) had the highest reported levels of anxiety or depressive disorder– 52%.

The manipulation of the public by the ruling class and its media arm has succeeded as nearly half of the overall American population and a majority of the Millennials (America’s most populous generation) are suffering from anxiety or depressive disorders, which inevitably leads to hopelessness.

Having wildly succeeded in fomenting despair, the ruling establishment cannot stop or curtail their tactics as they cannot risk the American people awakening from or becoming aware of their malevolence and delusional madness. Thus, the never-ending Covid-19 falsehoods and fearmongering in order to maintain and exacerbate anxiety and depression.

Having demoralized and created hopelessness among the bulk of the population, the next step for the ruling elites was to remove Donald Trump, install their hand-picked puppet and control Congress. Using the cover of the pandemic, they unabashedly, and in many cases unconstitutionally, altered the election laws in swing states to accommodate massive voter fraud and buried any negative stories about Joe Biden and his family while censoring the alternative media. Thus, unleashing their delusional madness for all the world to see.

The United States is the latest country in a long history dating back to 330 B.C. to leave bloody footprints on the way out of Afghanistan. The incomprehensible tactics in this exit, as executed by Biden and the ruling establishment, has destabilized the world and made it significantly more dangerous than before. Their imbecility in believing the Taliban will be responsible stewards of Afghanistan will precipitate another horror show playing out not only in Afghanistan but throughout the West and in the United States.

The fatuous and Marxist-inspired ruling class believes that unlimited spending on social programs and unbridled money creation will sustain and expand an economy. Consequently, millions of able-bodied Americans are choosing to remain unemployed thanks to ever more generous welfare and unemployment, thus, permanently shuttering businesses throughout the country and severely undermining the economy. As an inevitable byproduct, inflation is also running rampant. Yet, these myopic loons are determined to spend $5 Trillion in new welfare and “Green New Deal” programs. Monies the nation does not have, and which will accelerate yet more inflation and ultimate stagflation leading to a potential global recession/depression.

On the now non-existent southern border, having created one humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan, their madcap policies have deliberately created another and quite different humanitarian disaster, one made of unchecked illegal immigration. Allowing terrorist, murderers and sex-traffickers unfettered passage into the country and millions access to welfare, education, health care and low-income jobs. Thus, displacing Americans, further exacerbating economic decline, creating potential health crises and accelerating societal upheaval.

The ruling elites, in their irrationality, have decreed eight-year-olds can choose their gender, take on a new name and use which ever toilets they want — and mom and dad don’t get to hear a word about it. Nor do mom and dad have a say in whether their children must wear potentially harmful masks or be vaccinated with an experimental vaccine or be taught in school that those with white skin are genetically predestined to be oppressors and those with dark skin are hopelessly doomed to be oppressed, or that the planet will self-immolate within 10 years because of the lifestyles of their moms and dads.

The madness is in other countries in the West. In the Australian state of Victoria, they are firing rubber bullets into crowds of protestors as well as physically attacking and jailing them without trial.  Australia and New Zealand have almost totally shuttered their countries and in at least one place built a “quarantine camp.” Many nations have initiated vaccine passport schemes to keep the unvaccinated — the unclean — out of the mainstream of society, precipitating the closure of vital medical facilities and security services due to lack of staffing.

It is not the Chinese Coronavirus that will be the undoing of this or any western country. They (we) will be undone — and are being undone now — by the madness and malevolence of their ruling classes.

Many Americans and citizens in other Western nations know what is happening is wrong and will lead to chaos and a dark place. Yet far too many are fearful of being shouted down, ostracized and censored for saying so. But that cannot be an excuse to remain quiet — on the contrary, that must be the inspiration to speak out in every forum available from one’s family, to one’s neighborhood, to one’s town, to one’s state.

This can be fixed, and a nation restored, if enough join together stand up and emulate Howard Beale in the classic movie Network and shout from the rooftops: “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore.”


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