The Word Is Not Enough… Additional Paul Craig Roberts Interview: US Nuclear Threat, The Neocon Ideology & Looming First Strike on Russia & China

By Mary Carmel (TLB)

The World is Not Enough..

I wish the that the uncertainty of the the world situation was not real, it is more sinister than a James Bond movie, and and the characters not so unlike them. I wish I could  take my popcorn bag and leave the theatre.. wishful thinking…

Paul Craig Roberts has been the voice of reason throughout these war games that Washington insists upon playing out, in the aftermath of WWII, without a legal declaration of war ever since. We have provoked conflicts all over the world, since then, with an Israeli occupied Congress, the Bush Crime Cabal, and the Vatican since the end of that war. These conflicts seem to be a self serving thirst for power, as the US led attack on humanity spreads like cancer across the globe, in the name of the “peace keeping” UN and NATO forces of the West. How convenient it was for the Rockefeller family to build their UN building on US land. The sell was the “peacekeeping” UN,  now we are smart enough to know what the term means, as we are swarmed by foreign “peacekeeping” troops on our soil , training to disarm, arrest, and execute us here at home years later.(All in the name of their New World Order, we never asked for one, and never VOTED for one).


The DOD has gotten away with a lot of this, through the propaganda led “presstitutes” (the film industry and media is owned by the same people in power), that has sent a message of American Exceptionalism Porn, lies about false flags, and terrorism, feeding a machine of mind control that has led us down the path of destruction to to others, and to ourselves . They were able to do this easily,  for there was really no worthy opponent to pick a fight with in the arena of nuclear war, mostly since the fall of the Soviet Union. If there had been, they would have required a vote through congress and the people as a formality to declare war. A legality! Instead they preyed upon the fear of the people with the creation of the bogus war on terror, until it spiraled out of control and we were stripped of our liberties for “protection” under the Patriot Act. We never voted for that one either, nor did congress READ it!… My how that vague new term “terrorist” got perverted, until we each became one, for being Patriots! .


All the while, Russia, China, and other countries that seek to remain somewhat sovereign in the global power struggle of the elite, have built their resources, while Washington spent our money foolishly. Instead of admitting that we are not the world force we once were, they continue to march on, surrounding Russia with NATO forces, and poking the bear, so to speak. These irresponsible ones that run the show in our government blindly, continue to nudge us into a WWIII scenario, treating it like a Hollywood script, or a video game that could destroy the entire planet. It is and addiction to power and at this point, I cannot help but to say that drug testing and/or psychological evaluations are in order here!


This neocon behavior is complete insanity, we know this, but time and time again, the people will turn on the mainstream news and buy into their story! Now that we have that worthy nuclear opponent, they are setting the stage for a total destruction of mankind. Americans and the rest of the western world will not even know what hit them. In the past it has been the practice to avoid nuclear war at all costs and now we have a congress that is promoting it! These are not the same people you elected to serve you and your best interests. I am sorry to say that their foreign and personal endeavors become before anyone. WE are last in line here, and I mean the end of the line. Take a look at THEIR  war bunkers, do you have one? I would like to cement the door to John McCain’s,  one of the biggest neocon traitors, after seeing him hanging with the guys in the middle east, yeah, the ones they armed and trained to cross our southern border and attack us with their asymmetrical warfare dressed up as immigration policy.


I will print it again.. Americans and people everywhere stand up!  Raise your  voices to this, before the endgame has arrived.  They are more afraid of  you  than they  act!  Hold them accountable for their actions, now! Congress can do, or will do nothing for you! They either have been bought, or they are admittedly being threatened. An no, “the world is not enough” for the elite and the tools of terror that they have created along the way. They have an addiction problem, and even if they take their throne on the world stage, it still will not satisfy them until they have enslaved or executed us in large numbers (they are aiming for 80 – 90%) . Sad to say, the reality is… that the quest for this control will most likely get us all killed during the course of it.


Speak up, change your thoughts and be the free people that you have every right to be. Starve them, they are a parasite! Do not buy their goods (see the boycotts in the name of Palestinian, and world genocide), do not take the credit from their cabal banks. YOU are the host, and they cannot feed off of you or anyone else unless they have permission. ~ MC ~

Paul Craig Roberts: US Nuclear Threat, The Neocon Ideology & Looming First Strike on Russia & China (Interview)


Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts’ latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost



The World Is Not Enough: Official Video by Garbage, Title song  from the James Bond Movie

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