There’s lies, damned lies, even bigger lies and government whoppers

UK closing down but gov lie factory still flat out

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The excellent UK Column deserves our support so we are pleased to feature here their broadcast from yesterday 10th April 2014.

The video is long but well worth listening to throughout because it is a mine of good information that, of course, gets thoroughly blocked out of the corporate media matrix.

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For many more important hard-hitting exposes and items. the UK Column website is here:

In this video former NHS Nurse Debi Evans and Brian Gerrish of UK Column discuss the refusal of the UK Government, NHS, MHRA and established media to tell the truth about vaccine side effects.

Their conversation is based on the government’s own data, for it is this very material and statistics that unravel the web of lies around the COVID 19 vaccination programme, and the serious dangers of vaccine adverse reactions.

This is the most important No Smoke Without Fire on the subject of vaccines and vaccine damage, and leads the audience towards understanding the immanent arrival of a state of affairs in which MPs are frightened of their own government. If we allow that to happen, this is just one step on the route to a One World Government.

We encourage you to watch No Smoke Without Fire Parts 1, 2 and 3 for important context. They can be found here.

And furthermore, just to give you a taste of how the government’s subversive attack is spreading unrest throughout the population and to emphasise how you are NOT ALONE in your disgust with this criminal nest of vipers, we’ve copied and pasted a sampling of the comments to this video both on YouTube and Bitchute. As is often the case, it is hard to find anyone supportive of the government.


  • They are Psychopaths’. They are self-obsessed, incapable of genuine empathy
  • This stuff is so creepy, they’re literally experimenting on our families genes.
  • How the MSM journos can live with themselves is beyond me.
  • Absolutely despicable! Every lie will be exposed , God bless you UK Column & team ! Thank you so very much for all yous do ! ❤️
  • The problem is that nobody who is running to get this is being cautious – they are being brainwashed and coerced.
  • Gates is supposed to wear pink to make himself look less threatening, (as if he could!). Is hancock trying the same stupid stunt with his pink tie and his sloppy grin?
  • The lies are so badly delivered that they are almost amusing, if it wasnt so serious.
  • My daughter volunteers for st John’s they wanted her to train to give the jabs she said definitely not!
  • You don’t know history if you trust the Government
  • I’m one of the viewers watching and listening to every episode of Smoke without Fire. I will share all your showing. Thank you Brian & Debbie for all your work in bringing this info.& shining a light on the corrupt wickedness going on against the public.
  • You are literally the most accurate and cutting edge journalism of our time- and our time is now
  • You are a lifeline. Thank You and God bless.
  • Thsoe smiling media “experts” make me feel nauseous. They don’t seem to have any inkling of the evil they’re propping up.
  • I’ve never had a test, never worn a mask, ive flown twive ,drive and walk were ever i want. i just do not comply with any of this hoax it can be done .
  • “For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea, [those] nations shall be utterly wasted.” Isaiah 60:12
  • The problem is that nobody who is running to get this is being cautious – they are being brainwashed and coerced.
  • Everybody needs to come out ,not be scared,and speak out Including NHS staff,and G.P ,s And vaccanation staff.
  • When he mentions paracetamol yes there are side effects, but you can stop taking it, the jab is in you permanently, I had a adverse reaction to a tablet blood thinner, stopped taking it, the reaction stopped, saw GP removed prescription, treatment. Can’t do that with Jab
  • How come when our g0v give orders out they don’t get questions thrown at them by any body its ridiculous
  • The 4 thumbs downs were probably from the vaxxed.
  • I would be embarrassed and ashamed to call myself a scientist, medical pro , journalist ,politician or any associates to this greed and cowardice in the 21st century .. Shame on them all
  • Never trust Government – it’s default position is to lie.
  • This 💉 is experimental towards us the plebs, it’s beyond insane. Dear lord our god almighty please help us all come out safely from this endless nightmare.
  • please don’t say politicians are confused, they are NOT. They would no doubt like to come off as incompetent rather than criminal, but CRIMINAL is what they are! Dont let them off the hook even before they are in the headlights like this! No more doubt about their responsibility in this! They are pets of the plutocrats, and will be that until WE deal with their masters!
  • It is clear that we are now on our own, we no longer have a government, but governors who are not working for the masses, their system is no longer worth saving nor following. The way things work is, they are told not to frighten the children, this is how common purpose works, they put a football manager [show more]
  • Government don’t care about ANY adverse effects or deaths – the PRIMARY goal is to inject this experimental medical procedure into as many people as possible (you make up your own mind why!) – as ALL pharmaceutical companies are totally immune from responsibility (again you make your own mind up as to [show more]
  • The pharmaceutical industry and the medical industry work together to create long term customers for increased profits. Good health has nothing to do with it.
  • Profits is just a small part of it. The plutocrats owning these companies are far above need of profit or danger of failing. For these its about influence, power and control and money is just a tool for that game
  • The plandemic was introduced for the ‘vaccine’, not the other way round. When you realise this everything fits together.
  • Repetition is counterproductive, you’re kicking yourself in the balls regardless of your message.
  • Russia has made covid-19 vaccine for pets. My cat is an anti-vaxxer and doesn’t want the jab. Cat doesn’t trust vaccine even though it has 9 lives.
  • How relevant is your story, in the context of human extinction?
  • Sad news about DMX. He took the jab. Big mistake. That’s what happens when you listen to people like Morgan Freeman and Lenny Henry.
  • I just love how the Helpline entity can barely be understood. Was he eating at the time..??  Perhaps English is his second tongue..? He certainly seems Confused…
  • A lot of very good information in this video.
  • They meaning world government are killing off the world population for the CCP so they can move their population across Britain and Europe and North America etc with out having a nuclear war leaving the homes perfect for the new inhabitants. It’s either that or a nuclear war as China is running out of space and has been for a while.
  • We are playing Simon Says and yes we all look stupid.
  • Thank you for information, people question everything! Will share
  • The globalists intend to murder millions of people in every country. The survivors will be enslaved, like animals in cages. They plan to destroy human DNA, families, religions, agriculture, food supplies. Defend yourselves by any means possible. You have nothing to lose. Within 3 years you are likely to be murdered by the globalists anyway.
  • we not only need don’t do what they are asked … we should go back to jobs … do not use the mask and do not take any vaccine and take these criminals to court
  • how much more time do the sheepole need to take these criminals to prison for crimes committed against humanity .. how much more time will it take to see and believe the evidence of the facts … we are all stupid and continue to make space for these criminals .. .
  • Talk of bullshit about the effects how much longer we are going to have this conversation … and we have not taken any action to arrest these criminals who are in a corporation called government
  • unfortunately too many people have been lax shall we say in the resistance, nay a lot have participated (willingly or unwittingly) but there is hope yet, one Reiner Fuelmich is taking the CDC to the court of human rights but right here in UK, a team headed by Michael O Bernicia (the man who defeated [show more]
  • Latest UK figures for Adverse Reactions to Covid Vaccines: Pfizer 124,371 of which deaths 302 Astra Zeneca 440,871 of which deaths 472 Brand unspecified 1367 of which deaths 12 Total 566,609 of which deaths 786

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