There’s No Longer A ‘Two-Tiered’ System, There’s NO Justice In America

No longer a ‘two-tiered’ system, there is no justice in America

By: Patricia McCarthy

Now it is easy to see why people have come to believe that the once-vaunted justice system in the US became two-tiered; one for favored elites and one for those the elites loathe. There are countless examples of this: peaceful pro-life demonstrators have been raided and charged with serious crimes that they did not commit, while those who fire-bomb pregnancy centers are not even investigated, let alone charged. Among the hundreds of violent protesters who burned their own cities down in the wake of the George Floyd debacle, few were charged with the crimes they committed and most of those that were had the charges dropped.

But a two-tiered system suggests that there are different levels of justice depending on one’s status within the establishment, the bureaucratic state. For years it has been very obvious that a two-tiered system of justice was being implemented; charge conservatives with made-up crimes, let the real criminals back out onto the streets.

Now we must face the fact that there is actually no justice to be had in America in 2022. Trump Derangement Syndrome has led inexorably to what we now see occurring daily in our once great nation: The proven guilty go free and the innocent have their homes raided by a pack of armed FBI agents who seem to delight in traumatizing law-abiding citizens.

From Niall Williams’s book This is Happiness, a true sentiment: “It’s hard not to despise officialdom in all forms.“ And, “I’ve never known a man or woman to be better for the wearing of the uniform. I’ve known them to be different, but not more human.” Our FBI seems to be overloaded with thugs of the worst kind.

So, it is with both great sadness and furious rage that we must admit there is no justice in America anymore. There is only the knowledge that, under the Biden regime, we are experiencing a version of totalitarianism that would make the Founders recoil in horror. Our thoroughly corrupt FBI and DOJ have spent millions of dollars tracking down anyone who may have been present at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 even as it becomes apparent that what happened that day was a carefully orchestrated set-up. The powers that be have done this with all manner of illegal surveillance tactics — raiding, assaulting, arresting and charging these mostly patriotic, non-violent Americans who knew the 2020 election had been stolen.

They wanted not to overthrow the government but recounts in the contested states which VP Pence could have made happen but did not. The deep state did steal the election by various means made clear by those who bragged about how they did it, made clearer by those who actually did investigate the fraudulent ballots, stuffed ballot boxes, ballot harvesting, and insecure election management software. What happened on that 2020 election night was a travesty so grave that it is rivaled only by the fabricated Russia hoax, the $40m Mueller investigation and the abrogation of freedom for a trumped-up pandemic as three of the most monstrous scandals in US history.

The “deep state,” that amorphous band of bullies who take it for granted that they run this country, conspired to take down the most effective president in decades by illegal means. This cabal includes those lying “former intelligence agents” who signed that letter that appeared in the NYT claiming that the Hunter Biden “Laptop from Hell” “bore all the signs of” Russian disinformation, as well as the usual suspects: Clapper, Brennan, Strozk, Page, Fusion GPS, etc. They knew then that it was real, that the Biden family was unscrupulous and that “the big guy” had spent his decades in Congress profiteering from Ukraine and China. They installed him in the Oval Office anyway because they, this band of globalists who embrace the Great Reset, could run him. They knew he would do as he was told. He was sorely compromised. They could throw open our southern border to all comers, flood the country with five million migrants from all over the world, emboldening and enriching the cartels by facilitating their human, child sex and drug trafficking, speeding up the left’s grand rearrangement of American demographics to benefit their cause, the ultimate decline of the US as a world power.

The result of their truly evil and treasonous campaign to destroy one man and to frighten his supporters into submissive compliance has been the devastation of the country. The economy and our energy independence have been sabotaged. The left is obsessed with legalizing unrestricted abortion and the promotion of all things LGBT, including the mutilation of young children. They employ subterfuge in order to introduce pornography to young schoolchildren all the while keeping parents in the dark, labeling them “domestic terrorists” if they complain.

They embrace the insidious critical race theory that divides people into two groups, the oppressed and the oppressors, and they, this self-appointed group of rulers, censor, de-platform and cancel all those who defy their brand of authoritarianism. We Americans have been captured by the worst kind of people; they have power and they abuse it with happy exuberance. Adding insult to injury, what they did to this nation under the guise of COVID – lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates — makes all the damage they’ve done more tragic, more criminal.

Their irresponsible spending on climate change, another hoax, has bankrupted us, left us $31t in debt ($50b of that sent to Ukraine, to protect their border). We are under siege and wholly without justice. One has only to look at the workings of the J6 committee to know this. If there ever were a Stalinist show trial, Cheney’s J6 committee is it. No defense witnesses allowed!

What they’ve done to Steve Bannon is pure political witch-huntery. Numerous Democrats have ignored congressional subpoenas and suffered not one bit; Eric Holder, Lois Lerner, Hillary Clinton, for example. The Bannon sentence, if it stands, is just another form of de-platforming. What was once a justice system is now a punitive process to silence people the left hates. Free speech is dead in America.

The Durham investigation turned out to be a hoax too. He went after a few low-level participants.  One pled guilty and received a wrist slap for lying to the FISA court. Others were tried for lying to the FBI (it was the FBI that did all the lying) and they were, of course, found not guilty in DC/VA courtrooms where Trump hatred is the dominant pathology of the last seven years. These juries would find Hitler not guilty if he’d murdered Trump and his supporters in his ovens.

The actual perpetrators of the Russia hoax have all gone unpunished; they are all members in good standing of the toxic deep state. All the principals, are like Obama’s pal Bill Ayers, “Guilty as hell, free as a bird—America is a great country.” This was after Ayers learned he would not be prosecuted for a bombing spree with the Weather Underground in 1971.

Letting certain criminals go is not a new practice for the left but their current coddling of violent offenders has destroyed the quality of life in NY, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, LA, etc. Their affection for no cash bail has made each of those cities a nightmare for their law-abiding citizens who are being beaten, killed, carjacked, robbed and raped on a daily basis. The streets of these cities have been effectively turned over to the psychopaths and sociopaths who are free to continue their lives of crime. PA Senate Candidate John Fetterman wants imprisoned murderers released.

This is what the left, most recently the Biden regime, has done to America. It has mocked justice, shredded the Constitution, fought to eviscerate the Bill of Rights, stripped us of the riches in natural resources under our feet, destroyed our cities with crime and homelessness while they pursue their green polices. Green policies cost a lot, and no one ever knows where the money goes; most likely into someone’s pockets. Humans do not have the power to affect or change the climate. The quality of the air? Yes, but not climate. Anyway, the earth is cooling.

If the nation is to survive, these people must be voted out, investigated, charged with the crimes they’ve committed, tried and convicted. Others need to be impeached: Wray of the FBI, Mayorkas of DHS, AG Garland and Joe Biden, the most unethical, senile President in American history. Justice must be restored, justice as laid out in the Constitution, justice that all Americans can trust.

There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice. -Montesquieu


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