Things Usually Lotta GREY AREA…

Things Usually Lotta GREY AREA…

By: Joseph M. Lenard

Things are usually never pure Black/White, Right/Wrong, Good/Evil, but indeed lots of GREY AREA distinctions. Sadly, most too lazy (or lacking functioning Grey-matter) to deal in any nuance and historically accurate context – prefer Twitter degree Talking-Point drive-by level absolutist-position sound-bites… This holds true of so many issues/topics, but I am just going to mainly talk about a #SocialMedia back and forth I had awhile back about Russell Brand as main example (other brief comments or mentions, or this would become a novel) to make my point… Whether it be this or anything else, there are often various different camps of people with varying own personal agendas wanting to muddy the waters for their own gain; and we need be smart-enough to dig into the WHY (motivations) someone is saying what as part of the determinations of whether genuine or even factual (or spin/false-narrative/lies). The very concept of what meets “Grey Area” definition can be argued, therefore Grey.

How do the likes of Russell Brand, Rosanne Barr, and POTUS45 (Donald J. Trump, Candidate for 2024 to hopefully become POTUS47) all factor in?!?! And, yes, this is going to take “detailing” (to do this Justice) not “drive-by pot-shot” Twatter like preferred brevity to fully hash-out – and therefore broken into 2 parts (part 2 next week) as it is both (even separate parts) longer than preferred even individually.

People normally, when being logical, understand, but sadly emotional hysterics get involved at times and people forget the basic “always shades of Grey area” concept. There is a reason why the phrases “Marriage of convenience,” Enemy of my Enemy (not my friend but if desperate enough may need to temporary partner (“I may be able to make a USEFUL IDIOT for my ends/purposes of my Enemies Enemy, temporarily to defeat one Enemy today, but they certainly are NOT, nor likely ever, MY FRIEND, and likely someone needing defeating also tomorrow!”), “the lessor of two Evils,” “desperate times, sometimes calls for desperate measures (and people may do something they would never normally do),” “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows,” “for every rule there are often exception(s)/exemption(s),” and on and on exist!!! There is indeed difference between the concepts of “honestly just mis-remembering,” “outright creating a Fiction to Lie.” Those things should invoke a degree of understanding in many of the main point, but this in and of itself as a concept is not always direct and grey in how, when, where, applies. These examples, separate and apart and have no relation to additional other examples, given here-in or you may think of on your own.

We generally recognize GREY AREAS in Law – it’s called mitigating circumstances, or voluntary vs coerced, (we do not punish equally someone for negligent homicide (ultimately still arguably “accidental” causation of death) as do premeditated Murder (especially serial killers); for a very harsh and drastic/dramatic example – John Lee Malvo (aka: Lee Boyd Malvo) did not receive same sentence as John Allen Muhammad (together known as “The Beltway Snipers”)). First time offenders, treated more lenient than repeat offenders. Some would say the basic concepts and moral of Les’ Misérables sub-storylines and intersections (conflicting circumstances, motivations, etc.). More than one thing can be true at same time, and the sometimes conflicting bits-and-pieces and/or polar-opposites need weighed for overall determinations.

Granted, the afore-mentioned Les’ Mis’ sometimes cross-conflicting situations a far better example (in so far as just the “within Law” application of the GREY AREAS point and people more likely to grasp the GRAY AREAS (no-one likely all Good nor all Evil, we have to extrapolate further) concepts than where I am about to go next – but, none-the-less, it is an example of things may not always be cut-and-dry and easily discerned News item of late…

For better or worse, full disclosure on this, I am writing this at end of September for likely placement ahead/out in November – whole lot more light may be shown upon the main example/situation I am about to use in furtherance of my point by then. But, again, better or worse, I will be leaving this as is as it is about a greater/broader set of points than the Russell Brand attack/smear or “revelation” if true (as I type this, too early to tell, IS THERE EVIDENCE?). Part of the point of this is people making knee-jerk emotionally hysterical stances very early; or based upon Personalities rather than Principles, or own Personal agenda narratives; before evidence presents – as, yes, sorry, sadly, there are emotional hysterical Snowflakes on The Right also (will flip-flip any given moment to the next cause it’s partisan posturing rather than #PrinciplesNotPersonalities). The accusations, the denials, will take months IF we ever get to actual charges and (in part why I feel OK with putting this together now for later, as things not likely to shake-out entirely before Publication, like and) Trial (which likely not necessary now, if fools allow Russell to be Cancelled/destroyed well before that, and those looking to destroy him “potentially unjustifiably” get their way).

VIDEO (10m): Know Nothing Snowflakes, on both the Right and the Left (@JlenardDetroit YouTube channel):

I posted:

Podcaster Russell Brand under attack (legit or smear, not the point, but) The Left again gets its Cancel Culture way based on REALITY? or MORE BASELESS ALLEGATIONS???

Russell Brand – The Left cannot allow a hint of dissent, even from someone like Brand (still a #BernieBro) on their own side… or others may question Left false-narratives…

As for Russell – I do not give one shit about him, however the situation matters….

Brand may play the “RED PILL as a gimmick” podcast, but indeed a game is all it is. He is controlled opposition, IMO.

He is still 100% a BernieTard (claimed in his own Words “Sanders supporter” recently).
He may occasionally “point out a valid problem.”
BUT his Solutions are always more Leftardism BernieBro Socialism manure.

Now The Left dare not let him gain more traction, cuz if ANYONE is allowed to start to question ANY of their false-narratives others may too. Exactly why The Left tries label everything as “Conspiracy Theory” to distract/distort/deny or otherwise part of (full complement of) The Leftist’s 7 D’s, as I previously covered in a TLB piece on October 14th 2023. Just because I understand him to be “Controlled Opposition” and suckering many under false-pretense and in my mind also as dangerous as (maybe more, cuz he may fool induhpendents, where-as the likes of) CNN, MSNBCiles, etc., doesn’t mean I will join in the cries to pull him from YouTube and where-ever else as I’d actually like him to be (personally, but my FREE SPEECH for any/all stance forbids me from going there (#PrinciplesNotPersonalities, have I mentioned that a few times in several of my TLB pieces? LOL)).

Now, I think he’s always been a low-life POS scum-of-the-earth egotistical and self-centered Millionaire insider idiot, but I enjoy his movies (usually funny).

Him being a POS (IMO) his entire Life does NOT make him automatically Guilty of Rape (or even just Sexual-Assault – you do not get to “consent” then later “recant”). Do I think he could be Guilty of it, YES, but I am about #PrinciplesNotPersonalities and he deserves a Defense and INNOCENT until proven Guilty.

Remember the Duke Lacrosse fiasco?
Remember the Kavanaugh hearings farce?

Even Rose McGowan the Poster-Woman for the #MeToo movement said in September (via X/Twitter) this smells – an anonymous attack – whomever needs come forward and bring evidence of some kind not just what can be an empty baseless accusation to smear someone to get them Cancelled.

But back to Brand’s act/schtick (angle, to draw monetization revenues)…
I find it hilarious how many Useful Idiots he has following him.

He has his money, he will keep his money, you will stay poor while he and his other Ruling Elitists further destroy (BiDUMB doing a pretty good Job already, making Cloward and Piven proud) the System that has lifted more people from Poverty in the entirety of all History of this Planet.

You think #BiDUMBnomics is bad? Wait for bernienomics (even more Paul Krugman style manure, over Sowell based reality Economics (I speak with Sardor Akhmedov on CTP S1E17 10/14 show about Economics)) disaster if he were to ever be allowed into oval office…

VIDEO (9m 46s): NEW Russell Brand Accuser Comes Forward, Agent DROPS Him Amid Slew Of Sexual Misconduct Allegations (The Hill (Sep. 2023)):

My friend responded:

The sexual revolution set people up with publicized sexuality. The left proclaimed “free sex”, leading progressive, childlike trusting people away from God’s laws and guidance. Now, these new agers are turning on each other, accusing and condemning people for what their sex revolution did. Typical Marxist behaviors. Russell Brand set himself up then when he turned to actual free speech, guys like himself and Andrew Tate are left open to be shot down, according to the left’s hypocrisy.

To which I further replied:

Yep, you get it, frankly I do not think the likes of Russell do indeed still get it! That it was a certainty once he questioned anything on The Left, they would very enthusiastically push him (one of their own) under the Bus – as I said, well hinted before say implicitly now, they cannot allow even minor questions of their false-narratives as more will then potentially grow usable functioning Brain-matter and do same.

But, lastly, again, I find it hilarious, the number of folks on The Right that want to now pretend a Bernie Bro is some sort of Hero and defend him personally (go well and beyond the proper, legal, #RuleOfLaw, “due process” required, argument).

I call him out as scum, I would never defend “Russell” per se, but COMPELLED to carefully craft posts like I have calling out THE SITUATION and how it portends to/for others and not Personal defense. Some hypocrites on Right, selling out, want to make him some Hero he isn’t for what? some MINOR POINT – Hell No, I can, we can, make the point(s) without at same time try to turn some SCUMBAG into SAINTHOOD image. Shit is usually NEVER pure Right/Wrong, Good/Evil, Black/White, but GREY AREAS that sadly too many are too lazy to DEAL IN THE NUANCE but rather absolutist sounding Talking-Points that can fit a Drive-By pot-shot Twatter (limited characters) Post.

This is why Twitter is a problem, dumbs-down things to just drive-by pot-shot posts without any and proper context – as Paul Harvey would say: The Rest Of The Story (or a whole story).

So how is this a GREY AREA matter/example? Let me implicitly make clear in case some confused by this line of thought, again the no-one is all Good vs all Evil. While someone may indeed be Guilty of one thing or another (including just having piss-poor “Character”) does not mean they should automatically by extension be assumed Guilty of something else. Yes, not the best example, but does relate to the subject-matter.

Lastly, to wrap up part 1 of GREY AREAS, is the issue of the spelling for the color in this article in itself a GREY AREA. From Merriam-Webster (dictionary people): Grammar & Usage Commonly Confused ‘Gray’ vs. ‘Grey’: What is the Difference? When it comes to spelling, it’s not all black and white. What to Know Gray and grey are both common spellings of the color between black and white. Gray is more frequent in American English, whereas grey is more common in British English.

Continued in part 2, next week with Trump/POTUS45 and Rapper Tom MacDonald examples!

Stop only whining online, get off the couch, and ACT (details here)!!

The corresponding, more in-depth to other GREY AREA examples, ChristiTutionalist TM Politics Shows…

VIDEO (43m 40s): CTP S1E22 “Grey Areas” w/ Rick Walker [“Maverick News” Canada] (@JlenardDetroit YouTube channel):


VIDEO (30m 23s): CTP S1E23 “Grey Areas 2” w/ Miss Liz [“T.E.A. Time w/ Miss Liz” Canada] (@JlenardDetroit YouTube channel):


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