This is how the Ukraine-Russia conflict began 10 years ago

ER Editor: Kudos to Robin Westenra (SeeMoreRocks substack) for putting this together on the 10 year commemoration of the hideous Odessa massacre in early May of 2014. We recommend viewing Scott Ritter’s video below from yesterday, May 8 2024, in which the specifics of the event are discussed with the former head of Odessa emergency services, Vladimir Bodelan. Westenra includes a SOTT (State of the Nation) piece below that, with analysis and an exhaustive list of related articles.

As a firefighter at that time, Bodelan reveals that in addition to saving many lives that day, the Ukrainian govt. actually blamed the firefighters. Further, those who managed to escape the deliberately-set fire actually had to flee Odessa and/or Ukraine subsequently. Bodelan and his family also had to leave the country in 2015. Justice has not been done so far; western media have nothing to say about it. 

A reminder that back in 2014, we didn’t know oppositional forces within Ukraine were ACTUAL Nazis utilized by US Neocons such as Nuland and Obama to murder pro-Russian citizens who didn’t want a western-backed ‘Maidan’ coup in their country. This deep state coup replaced the democratically elected government under President Viktor Yanukovych, to turn Ukraine into a doorstep NATO threat to Russia. Citizens protesting the coup outside of the Odessa trade union building were pushed inside the building on a pretext, locked in and burned to death. Explosives were also set. Those who jumped out of windows were beaten. Some deceased inside the building seemed to have been stabbed and/or raped before being individually set alight. A link we’ve included just below gives photographic evidence of this.

Articles we’ve previously published on this —

Eight Years Ago, The May 2014 Odessa Massacre: How Neo-Nazi Thugs Supported by Kiev Regime Killed Odessa Inhabitants: Photographic Evidence

Original images from the day can be found here (warning). 

The Odessa Massacre 9 Years On – The West’s Shameful Silence


This is how the Ukraine-Russia conflict began 10 years ago


On episode 71 of the show we are joined by Vladimir Bodelan, former head of the Odessa emergency services, he was in charge of the emergency response on the tragic day of 2nd of May 2014. He is currently the Deputy Governor of the Kherson region and an official representative of the Kherson region in Moscow.

Watch HERE


Odessa massacre 10 years on… Western media silence covers up NATO incrimination


3 May, 2024

Ten years ago this week, a shocking and brutal massacre was perpetrated by supporters of the NATO-backed Kiev regime in Odessa.

At least 42 men and women were murdered on May 2, 2014, when the Trade Unions House in the historic port city was set ablaze by a fascist mob.

Odessa Trade Unions House

Last year to commemorate the ninth anniversary of the atrocity, our weekly editorial provided a rationale for Western silence. We commented:

“In all, 42 people were murdered in the Trade Unions building massacre. Not one attacker was ever prosecuted. The Kiev regime refused to carry out any adequate investigation.

However, the horror of that day was a turning point for many Ukrainians and Russians. It revealed the hideous nature of the regime that had seized power over the country and its vile fascist hostility toward Russia.

This is the regime that was brought to power by Washington and its NATO partners. Since 2014, it has been armed and built up to be a war machine to aggress Russia and obliterate all cultural connections with Russia.

The massacre in Odessa should be remembered for the sake of the victims that day. But also remembered because it helps explain the background of how the present U.S.-led NATO proxy conflict in Ukraine with Russia has come about.

For that reason, Western news media and their governments chose to studiously ignore the Odessa massacre. Their shameful silence is necessary in order to conceal the criminal complicity of the West in Ukraine’s deadly turmoil.”

Now 10 years on, the Western media do not even make any mention of the atrocity. In earlier years, the Western media sought to distort the incident by claiming that it was a confused melee and the tragic result of a clash between unknown rival factions. There were even deplorable attempts by Western media to make out that claims of an atrocity were “Russian disinformation”.

The cover-up has given way to total silence as if the horrific event was consigned to an Orwellian “memory hole”.

Russia continues to call for an international independent investigation to bring the perpetrators to justice. The Kiev regime persists in rebuffing any serious investigation for the simple reason that a thorough probe would probably show that the atrocity was carried out by the leadership of the Kiev regime in collusion with Western intelligence agencies.

What happened in Odessa on May 2, 2014, was not some random event of chaotic violence that got out of control. This is what the Western media initially reported.

No, it seems quite clear now that the massacre was a well-planned, deliberate act of mass murder to terrorize the Ukrainian opposition into complying with the NATO regime. It was an act of state terrorism.

The victims were all from Odessa who had been participating in a peaceful protest outside the landmark building in the city center. The building was closed due to the May Day holiday. As in several other southern and eastern regions of Ukraine at the time, there were many protests against the NATO-sponsored coup in Kiev that had taken place only weeks earlier in February of that year.

Many Ukrainians were not happy – indeed were appalled – that the so-called EuroMaidan coup in Kiev had brought to power ultranationalists and fascists, who glorified Neo-Nazi figures and paramilitaries. Cities like Odessa suffered terribly under Nazi occupation during the Great Patriotic War (WWII). Now they were seeing a regime exulting in those Nazi memories and wanting to banish all Russian cultural connections.

In those pivotal months of 2014, the CIA’s plan to turn Ukraine into an anti-Russian bulwark was not a foregone conclusion due to the formidable opposition to the new regime in cities like Odessa, Kherson and Kharkov – as well as of course the Crimea Peninsula and the Donbass.

Former Odessa lawmaker Vasily Polishchuk, who witnessed the violence that day, testifies that senior figures in the Kiev regime were present in Odessa in the days before May 2. One of those was Andriy Parubiy who had been appointed head of national security. Parubiy is also implicated in the sniper shootings in Kiev on February 20 – a false flag provocation killing dozens of protesters and police officers – that precipitated the coup against the elected pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovych.

Two weeks before the Odessa massacre, the then CIA director John Brennan was in Kiev on an unannounced visit. Even some U.S. lawmakers complained at the time that it was not a good look for the United States to be seen collaborating with the Kiev regime. Brennan was not only giving the green light to the “anti-terror operation” (civil war) that the Kiev regime was about to launch against the Donbass. It seems plausible that the United States was also helping to formulate a scorched-earth policy of terror to quell any dissent across Ukraine.

The mass killings in Odessa on May 2 were the selected terror demonstration.

Eyewitnesses tell of how thousands of Kiev regime paramilitaries who had been instrumental in the coup in the capital weeks earlier were bussed into Odessa and put up in camps. Andriy Parubiy was seen inspecting their ranks and overseeing the supply of body armor.

When the anti-Maidan protesters were attacked on May 2, they were herded by baseball-bat-wielding thugs into the Trade Union House. The building was then assailed with incendiary devices.

People who jumped from the blazing building were bludgeoned to death by Neo-Nazi gangs shouting “Death to all Russians”.

The dereliction of duty by the police that day to protect the peaceful protesters and the subsequent quashing of any crime investigation is proof that the security forces were complicit. That could only have been enabled by senior orders most likely issued by those in Kiev.

This is essential background to understand the current conflict in Ukraine and why Russia decided to intervene on February 24, 2022. Moscow maintains that Ukraine is a proxy war orchestrated by the United States and its NATO allies as a geo-strategic confrontation to subjugate Russia. Western regimes and their propaganda media make out that Ukraine is a democracy under aggression from Russia.

Understanding how the Kiev regime was installed with CIA and NATO engineering and how it rapidly used its fascist violence to turn Ukraine into a terror state corroborates the analysis of the current conflict being a Western imperialist proxy war.

The Western-lionized “democracy” has repressed all opposition parties and media.

The United States and its NATO accomplices do not want the Western public to understand the truth about their criminal machinations in Ukraine. These powers want the bloodshed to continue to the last Ukrainian because the war racket is so damn lucrative.

Thus the Western powers must shove episodes like the Odessa massacre down the memory hole and keep a lid on it. It is imperative to keep the fiction going of a democracy under attack otherwise the West’s collusion with a Neo-Nazi regime would reveal the Western powers’ inherent fascism.

Several events and developments around the world – brutal police repression of peaceful protests in the U.S. and Europe, the enabling of genocide by a fascist Israeli regime, the unprovoked aggression toward China, and the nefarious involvement in Ukraine – all point to Western states degenerating into full-fledged fascism.

1) The massacre at the Odessa Trade Unions House on May 2, 2014 was an important turning point for future developments. It was a warning to citizens, especially in the countries that kept silent about this tragedy, as to how much their governments and media are ready to underwrite without even batting an eyelid. A cursory glance at the more than one hundred article on SOTT, that discuss, or just mention the event in passing, reveal undercurrents that are now manifest in the global situation.

2) The article claims the western media has been silent, and several articles relate to this situation.

  1. A look at the false flag in Odessa and the pathetic U.S. media coverage
  2. How Western media protects the right-wing supporters of the new puppet regime in Kiev by covering their murders!
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3) Below is a mix of articles using various search strings applied to title, summary and text. First those that contain Odessa Trade Union (or Unions) House in the title, next those that mention these terms in the summary and last those that mention them in the main text. There is no system to the numbering, but it makes it easer to find and refer to them later, if needed.

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