Those Maui ‘fires’ bear all the deep state hallmarks

ER Editor: The so-called fires on Maui do indeed look like those DEW-caused fires in Paradise, California where houses were levelled with intense heat, where the metal of cars was melted into pools, but where trees were left intact. This on Maui was apparently an 8/8 events for those who find significance in dates.

Here is a this short piece by Mark Crispin Miller, who draws attention to a couple of tweeted images —

What kind of “wildfires” burn in a perfect circle, and JUMP OVER WATER, igniting all the boats?

Here’s one of those tweets —

See also this piece by Sasha Latypova

Maui – Plans for A High Tech Prison Island?

Two quotes of note from Sasha:

The government of Hawaii states goal for rebuild is to make the entire island of Maui the first Smart ISLAND. They want the entire island governed by AI as outlined in the Hawaii Digital government summit of 2023 that they have planned to host next month Monday, September 25, 2023 on Maui.


“Hitachi recently announced that it has begun operations on the demonstration site for the “Japan-U.S. Island Grid Project” (commonly referred to as the “JUMPSmartMaui”) on the island of Maui, Hawaii, in collaboration with the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), Mizuho Bank, Ltd. and Cyber Defense Institute, Inc. An opening ceremony was held on Maui to coincide with the launch of site operations.”


We are republishing this useful video from yesterday by Martin Brodel and Sarge, who both seem to have interesting sources of intel. Information on Hawaii comes in the first 25 minutes. Readers will make of it what they will. Hawaii generally seems to have been (and still is?) a cabal hangout. In other words, there might be a lot there of a highly incriminating nature that they want destroyed. Not a million miles metaphorically speaking from Ukraine.


Thanks to colleague Michel van der Kemp for reminding us about the fires producing similar results in Lytton, British Columbia 2 years ago. A reminder that this was where vaccine-truther doctor Dr. Charles Hoffe was practicing medicine.


Were The Maui “Wildfires” Caused by Directed Energy Weapons?


The official Mockingbird narrative blamed strong Hurricane Dora winds for the the series of unprecedented wildfires.

As of this writing, the MSM are claiming at least 80 people have died, and around 1,700 buildings were destroyed.

Hawaii Democrat Governor Josh Green stated that this is the largest natural disaster in the state’s history, concluding:

It does appear like a bomb and fire went off, if I may. And all of those buildings virtually are going to have to be rebuilt.

What if it was not a bomb that went off, but, rather, a Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) was deployed to transform this tropical paradise into a future dystopian UN project?

The resort town of Lahaina was the most devastated, and offers the most important clues as to the true nature behind this devastation.

Here are the before and after images:

According to the below eyewitness account, she claimed that the weather system came from the East, which never occurs. She also went on to state that the damage was caused by DEW, and that many more had burned alive in the streets and in the water than is being reported:


What is being reported by the news is not true, and I lived it firsthand.


When reviewing footage of the damage, it does not resemble a natural disaster whatsoever. This is more akin to 9/11, and the way in which vehicles were scorched, yet papers and trees remained relatively undamaged. And who could ever forget when one of the “hijackers’” passports was miraculously discovered amongst the incinerated and dust-covered rubble in perfectly preserved condition?

In the below video you can see charred vehicles, yet nearby trees were relatively unscathed.



Aside from strangely arranged and blackened cars, boats far away from shore somehow also incurred identical damage. Highly improbable, to say the least.



While the thesis of this article may be considered high octane speculation, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that both DEW and geoengineering were utilized in this latest “wildfire” tragedy.

Government apparatchiks have been telegraphing the existence of DEW and weaponized geoengineering for many years:

Blaming Russia and China for America’s own crimes is nothing new; one only has to look as far back as last year’s Nordstream pipeline sabotage, which was most absurdly blamed on Putin.

Here are two more videos showing that these “wildfires” were clearly directed by Putin, and anything but natural events:



From crop circles to fire circles, the peculiarities are aplenty:



The added bonus for the perpetrators is that all of this can yet again be blamed on their PSYOP-CLIMATE-CHANGE. This would provide the perfect opportunity for the UN to transform Maui into what could be one of the most dystopian 15 Minute City Island experiments.

“Anyone who’s lost a loved one, whose home has been damaged or destroyed, is going to get help immediately,” the senile diaper soiling ice cream licking pedo criminal puppet said. And Marxist Hawaii Governor towed the One World Government party line as commanded, adding that there was no question in his mind that rebuilding the town would take billions of dollars and years.

Said “help” and “billions of dollars” as funded yet again via tax theft will be laundered into breaking out the 15 Minute City infrastructure — all to “protect” the Hawaiians from future “climate disasters,” and “pandemics.”

Or could it all just simply be a result of poor land management?


(ER: What on earth to make of this surreal tweet from a supremely informed individual?)


So many unanswered questions indeed, and nothing is as it seems.

Do NOT comply.



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