Time For Retaking The High Ground



Have we all lost our collective minds, along with our American pride?  Just how much more of this insipid political correctness can we tolerate?  This “correctness” is in direct opposition to our First Amendment free speech acknowledgments, so how is it that Americans adhere to its restrictions?

Remember that German lesson, of, when the storm troopers came for each group, nobody interfered since they weren’t affected, until one day, it was he who was their prize and he was alone and defenseless?  We better wake up.

Insults and injustices, no matter the degree, are mounting at almost a daily clip, and other than Mr. Trump, Americans silently adjust.  Politics aside, Trump is showing us the way back to our American birthright.  We were never a people to be muzzled.  We are a mongrel breed. Our motto “from many one” has produced the most worthwhile and successful record in human history.  So, why now are we so timid and agreeable?

Along the way we have been herded into emotional identities ready for exploitation.  Whatever the issue, whether it be abortion, police brutality, minimum wage or this recent flap over the Confederate flag, we are eager for the defiance of protest and, of course, its accompanying notoriety.

But what of all this?  Is there no commonality, no American unity? Or are we all just emotional buttons to be pressed when a certain agenda or issue needs elevating?  Are we so dedicated to preserving the spotted owl that we willingly destroy viable industries?  And can we momentarily step away from of all this hysteria to quietly judge the possible results of our actions?

american decline

This may seem ridiculous but what is taking place is certainly not American in nature.  Forget the rationalizing that our Country was formed by rebellion.  That is for the opportunist who is pumping up emotions.  What is occurring is an uncontrollable mob mentality, fueled with a willing ignorance, and in some cases, a destructive desire.  It is, for political science majors, the classic example of a “democracy,” and as such, demonstrates why our Forefathers despised this type of governing.Individual rights such as we possess cannot exist in a democracy since everything revolves around a majority rule.  The individual is pursuant to the majority and, as is currently taking place today, actions are often based upon emotions and/or rewards

During the last half century, America has been splintered into special interests, even to the point of replacing one’s individual American identity.  Think about it. There is a group to protest just about anything imaginable.  In addition, we have been taught that American History is not worthy of study since America is actually evil and destructive of our planet.

Why is this is so?  Could it be that to instruct otherwise, with a truthful accounting of America’s development, would be self destructive of the federal government’s Education Department, being that it was created out of thin air?   To further distance the student from any truthful or useful curriculum, we now have been approached with a “common core” standard, of which a few Presidential candidates from both parties have supported.

The American citizen has become so disheveled, in action and thought, that the standards and principles proven throughout our Country’s history are now criticized and even rejected.  A perfect comparison of then and now will never be a Sixty Minutes segment, but remains available for our noting.

Once again, the yardstick of politics applies.  Just what has our Presidential elections become?  I can remember a time when an outcry arose across our land because a Roman Catholic might become President.  It was thought that his allegiance would be tempered since his faith included the Roman Catholic Pope.  This, it was assumed, would constitute a case of dual allegiance.

In contrast, while our current President has yet to prove his worthiness as an American citizen, let alone qualifying as a “natural born citizen,” hardly a peep is heard.  Is it because those that have raised questions have been vilified in public?  And what of this action?  Why such venom when attempting to insure the required standards for the highest office in the land?

America Falling

If nothing else, this lack of public response, verses the long ago loud rebuke against Kennedy suggests an uninformed or less caring citizenry.  It also must be pointed out that our once “free press” is anything but free!  Today, negative statements or happenings are filtered out of the morning ink and the evening broadcasts.Also effective are the results from this watered down educational format which logically incurs a lower voter turnout.  Election success dramatically increases with less voters, thus, enabling many a miscreant to float in and out of public offices at will.

With the next Presidential election roughly sixteen months away, the American electorate has been incredibly patient concerning the insult which this Hillary Clinton campaign represents.  Just think, after all those mournful years of learning about her husband’s many dalliances and then listening as he explained what “is” is, she now assumes that the American voter will embrace her socialistic charm, understand her money gouging speaking events, while forgiving her dereliction of duty on that night in Benghazi.

To what limit will our patience, expectations and patriotic fervor reach?  Or are we this complacent, this corruptible?  Are we just so eager for the state of dependency?  If so, we have no idea and apparently less interest for what lies in waiting.

Obama promised to “fundamentally change” America.  Given his efficiency in this regard, which of us asked ourselves, prior to pulling his lever, “just what major change is needed?”  He got elected and re-elected, so the answer must be an indictable, “not many.”

There is little doubt as to the course that America would continue if Obama remained in office.  However, Hillary is his Alinsky cohort.  Whatever the impression of the last six to seven years might be, even the most sturdy of Obama supporters will agree that his agenda is an unconstitutional sort with many socialistic imprints.  This will continue with a Hillary presidency.

But more than her current campaign is the public’s proper anticipation for America’s 2016 leadership.  Just what does our Oval Office require?  What qualities in a leader will we not only seek, but demand?  And lastly, who has demonstrated such?  For in the end, if our standards are debatable, our future will not be.  And our high ground will be forever lost!

About the author: Jim Bowman

Retired, grandfather, 71 years old, Vietnam vet, author of This Roar of Ours, over 25 year of published op/eds.


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