Time to do away with Energy Star, the EPA’s brand of fake ‘energy efficiency’

Time to do away with Energy Star, the EPA’s brand of fake ‘energy efficiency’

The EPA owns the ENERGY STAR brand, which is mandated for use by government in the U.S., Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland, and the European Union. Interestingly, the brand is not mandated in communist China, where the bulk of ENERGY STAR’s products are produced.

EPA claims its “certified” brand of energy efficiency saves $23 billion annually for its global partners, yet can’t even convince its communist cronies to use their own swell cutting-edge products. It’s almost like the commies know that EPA’s claims are complete BS!

Trillion dollar markets are at stake! Repealing the ENERGY STAR mandate should be the highest priority for every American concerned about widespread government corruption and seeking honest, accountable government. There is no standard in the U.S. for the measurement and verification of electrical energy-savings in technologies, leaving Americans in dark about what exactly are large multi-national corporations and foreign governments buying from our EPA?

If foreign governments are purchasing ENERGY STAR products from EPA, shouldn’t American citizens know the terms of those contracts? Don’t we own the EPA? Why wouldn’t the initial investment costs and rate of return on those multi-billion dollar investments in ENERGY STAR be of interest to citizens in the U.S. and foreign countries? Do foreign citizens get to know what’s in those contracts?

Our mainstream media outlets love to lecture us about the threats posed by global warming but never discuss the failures of cap and trade policies and their pathetic carbon trading markets which are in total collapse. Just this week, former GOP leaders proposed a carbon tax starting at $40 per ton, despite the fact California’s last carbon credit auction with a minimum bid price of $12.73 per ton failed to move even one third of the credits available. Are these so-called conservative leaders really that clueless?

ENERGY STAR is arguably the most corrupt scientific research program since the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment conducted on unsuspecting citizens from 1932 to 1972. There was no moral or ethical justification for those sick experiments back then, and the “for the greater good of science” excuse should not be accepted today.

Taxpayers have spent around $100 billion on scientific research and technical reports for EPA, yet the vast majority of Americans have no idea that ENERGY STAR brand has become a state-owned enterprise like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Just as crooked bankers made bad loans to unqualified buyers base on corrupt political policies, ENERGY STAR will lead us into another bubble from bogus science produced by phony environmentalists. And everyone will act surprised.

Media have maintained a decades-long news blackout on EPA’s ENERGY STAR to suppress public debate on this failed program and protect the financial interests of  multi-millionaires and billionaires.

Back in 2009, EPA’s non-profit partners began claiming that ENERGY STAR certified products produced 25% to 50% energy savings over identical products, turning ENERGY STAR into a multi-billion dollar commodity controlled exclusively by government bureaucrats. Not a single news outlet investigated the scientific validity of EPA’s claim.

Even more comical, all of the highly paid lawyers apparently developed amnesia on the subject of “energy efficiency” when Barack Obama presented his Clean Power Plan.

I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that EPA in a “no bid” process.

The ENERGY STAR mandate is the single greatest impediment to any true economic recovery for America’s business community. Repealing the corrupt ENERGY STAR mandate would lead to the largest economic expansion for America’s business community in history, by removing the pay-to-play toll booth financing the political establishment. I’m not just talking about restoring the small business set-aside programs, but opening up every facet of government contracting to honest competition.

This Buy America policy would not only lower costs to taxpayers, but as an added bonus would drive crooked non-profits completely out of the business sector forever.

Repealing the ENERGY STAR mandate isn’t just some conservative fantasy. It’s absolutely essential for providing equal justice under the law for America’s business community. We can’t compete against China’s green industry platform or the UN’s Global Social Compliance Programme under this corrupt scenario, especially when those business-driven NGOs are receiving billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars from our EPA to ensure their success.

Our manufacturers are saddled with EPA’s draconian laws designed deliberately to undermine our industrial sector, while university professors are getting rich producing junk science for China.

If Americans want the Trump administration to repeal Dodd-Frank, re-establish Glass-Steagall and craft a uniform code of laws that could pass congressional approval, then we must demand the repeal of the ENERGY STAR mandate. America can no longer live with two sets of law, one for the elites and one for the rest of us.


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