TLB Project, LLC Presents A Revolutionary Idea & A Once In A Lifetime Investment

Hello, my name is Roger Landry and I am the Founder and Managing Director of TLB Project, LLC.

What I am presenting you today is an idea, a prospectus for investment unrivaled in today’s volatile markets. Banks today are paying so little in interest that your money is barely working for you. The stock and bond markets suffer from major bubbles that could pop at any time, in turn wreaking havoc on your investments.

All of this leads to uncertainty in your future, a future where your income is based on poorly performing, unsound, or unstable prospects. What we are offering is a sound investment based on one of today’s biggest realities, with a return on investment (ROI) unrivaled in just about any of today’s investment possibilities.

Today one reality is certain … We now live in the age of instant entertainment or information gratification via a global internet. This has taken society by storm with many relying on their smart phones, tablets, or computers for much of their daily connectivity and social interaction and most would be seriously lost without this connectivity or said devices.

One only need walk down the streets of a busy inner-city to see a vast majority strolling along with their smart-phones held to their ear or else out in front of their faces as they exercise this connectivity. It is this serious reliance, or maybe even addiction, that we are about to tap into.

Interest rates and stock markets may fluctuate, and the price of precious metals may sour … but the age of instant entertainment or information gratification is here to stay, regardless of the economic roller-coaster ride. This trend is certain to continue to expand well into our future.

What TLB Project, LLC brings to the table is approximately eight years of online global media experience and assets which range from strategically placed global websites, staff personnel, and contributors spread across the planet, to timely podcast shows, along with videos regularly published to help keep a news and entertainment hungry society engaged. These assets and personnel will all be key components in the successful implementation of this revolutionary global project.

To date, the building of this huge project, with a global footprint in news and media, has been accomplished with a strictly voluntary staff dedicated to this mission. This accomplishment alone makes us stand out beyond so many who struggle to compete even with large corporate backing. We also have an in-house partner capable of facilitating all the technical aspects of this new project with highly professional standards. Our accomplishments are about to skyrocket in an incredibly major fashion. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey!

Questions and Observations

How many people globally use social media, Facebook, Twitter. etc… daily?

How much daily, weekly, or monthly recurring media is online globally, to include internet TV shows, Hulu shows, YouTube videos, Facebook Live sessions, Vimeo videos, radio shows, online podcast shows, etc…?

How well are is Mainstream Media represented online?

How many news and information websites have daily, weekly, or monthly recurring print columns?


This is the global sandbox we will play in with a new and innovative service that will immediately and unquestionably appeal to a vast portion of what is below! (Latest available figures as of early 2015)

From corporate media to the basement pod-caster to the internet junkie … the numbers brought to mind by these questions easily soar well above 100,000,000 for online media of many representations and forms… globally. As indicated the numbers represented in the graphic above are slightly over a year old, so the actual totals are most likely much higher (respectively), but we know for sure that the numbers for social media membership on forums such as Facebook and Twitter easily exceed 2,000,000,000 (2 billion) and are growing daily. Amazon, eBay, and many other newer social or sales forums account for hundreds of millions in additional daily traffic.

If we look back to their beginnings, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, etc… were never supposed to work by the judgment of many who got early glances at their development concepts. Nevertheless, they did work extremely well and in turn made their developers and investors very wealthy. If we have learned anything over the recent years, it is that a sizable and growing portion of tech savvy or media addicted members of this global techno-society will grab on hard to anything that makes life more convenient, entertaining and informed. This project fills that billet to a tee and then takes it to an entirely new level, all while offering our innovative service for FREE to the public.

Investment Opportunity

We offer to those open-minded investors with the imagination to see the future, like yourself, a very profound and unmatched Return On Investment (ROI), an investment that will put your money to work in a fashion that can’t be matched and is pretty much recession or investment bubble proof (unlike banks, stocks or bonds).

What makes this all work, both as a unique and innovative service, and an outstanding investment?

This is all explained in detail in our comprehensive prospectus and business plan information package … 

Let’s work together to lever this global internet, social media, entertainment, and news phenomenon for the good and convenience of the global community … and your financial future. Please contact us for a Non-Disclose form and lets talk details that will open your eyes to a whole different level of investment!

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