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By TLB Contributor & Show Host: Jennifer Meadows

This week political commentator and international affairs expert Barry Nussbaum joins me and my co-host T.J. O’Hara to discuss the details of the Iran nuclear deal. Nussbaum talks about his initial participation in the recent DC rally against the Iran agreement and how, after the rally became co-opted by presidential campaign politics, he ultimately chose not to attend.

Nevertheless, Nussbaum has strong opinions about the many and substantial flaws in what he considers to be the most catastrophic foreign policy blunder in American history. Why, for example, are we negotiating with Iran, a well-known state sponsor of terrorism and an avowed enemy of the United States, in the first place?

Contrary to claims of the Obama administration, the only alternative to no deal with Iran is not war. Economic sanctions have in fact been working, yet we have chosen instead to lift those sanctions in return for what? Barack Obama’s foreign policy “legacy?”

Iran will get $150 billion right away in exchange for agreeing to a deal that virtually guarantees them nuclear status in the near future.

And what about those side deals we keep hearing about? John Kerry acknowledged that they exist, but even he doesn’t know what is in those side deals? Wasn’t he our lead negotiator? It turns out that one of those side deals allows Iran to inspect itself.

Don’t miss Barry Nussbaum’s excellent analysis of the disaster that is the Iran nuclear deal.

In the second half of the show, political insider Charles A. Johnson III joins Jennifer and T.J. to discuss a plan in California to issue free high school diplomas to students who flunked out to meet the national mandate. It used to be that just showing up was not enough to earn a diploma, students had to actually learn and pass classes. Now, learning is a mere suggestion, not a requirement for a high school diploma in California.

What kind of message does that send to students? How does California or America compete internationally with nonsense like this?

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