TLB Special: Child Trafficking & Destroyed Families In Israel, A Walk4Kids

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TLB: Whistleblowers Marianne Azizi and Moti Leybel began their Walk4Kids in Israel yesterday. Since our first broadcast, Moti Leybel was so severely harassed by the Israeli Government; we decided to do another broadcast to reveal the corrupt behavior of the Israeli system. Please see also the breaking story and first broadcast (show #1) on child trafficking in Israel, with Marianne and Moti.

Join Hosts Roger Landry (TLB) & Ariyana Love in this vital discussion on the danger to the children of Israel and indeed … the world!


Please listen to this great and vital TLB discussion with Author Marianne Azizi (UK) and Human Rights Advocate Moti Leybel (Israel)

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Press release by 4PalKids, Palestine

By: Shawn Robinson

Haifa, Israel – Author, journalist and international child advocate Marianne Azizi launched her Walk4Kids walk from Haifa to Tel Aviv yesterday, September 1, 2015 with Israeli child advocate Moti Leybel in Haifa @ 12 noon at Shabtai Levi Institution for children, 15 Montefiore Street, Haifa:

“I am here because Israel is the world leader in punitive welfare interference. Currently, 330,000 children are declared at risk in Israel. Some 10,000 have been taken from their parents, with 70 per cent placed into private institutions. Concerns about the levels of abuse inside these institutions and the Welfare Ministry’ has been urged to look into these but largely remain silent.”

Walk4Kids is to drive change by showcasing to the world that Israel is the world leader in welfare issues of taking children punitively, unjustly and for ulterior motivations. That the Israeli welfare system is failing in their mandate to protect children and keep families together.

Over the next 12 days of the Walk4Kids, Marianne’s objective is to engage media and people inside and outside of Israel through live blogging and daily columns. Supporters and readers will be able to take action by posting a picture of themselves “walking in spirit” on the Walk4Kids trek. Meanwhile Marianne will be documenting personal stories by family members living this nightmare along the way.

The Israeli welfare system uses severe and restrictive policies on family members, especially fathers that leave children isolated and family members financially and emotionally broken. Several of these policies include no exit orders, 100% wage garnishment and denial of access to the children involved.

Suicide, depression, anxiety and financial hardship have effectively marginalized Israeli families. Social workers are able to operate without oversight while having unfettered access to government agencies and departments, police, and the financial system that effectively freeze families, rendering them unable to speak out or defend themselves.

About Marianne Azizi

Marianne is a Middle East Rising contributor. She is a published author, writer, blogger and international children’s rights advocate who has dedicated her life to ending the injustices that families experience under the Israeli welfare system. Marianne recently spoke in Geneva at the UN as the representative of the Coalition for Children and Families in Israel, to call on the UN to investigate these practices and effect change.

About Moti Leybel

Moti Leybel is one of the leading activists in Israel for free speech and children’s rights. As a vocal independent journalist on free speech, Leybel has been thrown into prison by Israeli authorities in efforts to silent his voice. The same authorities have brought countless lawsuits against him to tie him up financially and keep him pre-occupied but this does not stop him in ensuring that the truth being told.

Leybel is also a vocal advocate for many parents in Israel who lose their children to Israeli social services in which this same system denies resolution between parents and children. Leybel has reported many social service violations of the destruction of healthy family dynamics that he himself consequently finds himself threatened with the loss of access of his own child.


Shawn Robinson, Media Relations Volunteer [email protected]
Marianne Azizi (Israel): 00 972 529 320 577

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