TLB Special: TOXYScreen – Oral Fluid Testing, New Noninvasive Technology for Finding Out How Toxic You & Your Children Are

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By: Roger Landry (TLB)

There is a rising tide of dysfunctions/diseases occurring all around us, whether we are speaking of multiple forms of Cancer or Diabetes, Autism, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Dementia or numerous other dysfunctions/diseases. This affects our entire society and robs us of resources, wealth and most important … our loved ones. Of ever increasing concern is the rising number of our children afflicted by these life altering conditions, because they are our future.

Could there be a direct correlation between the ever increasing number of vaccinations (containing heavy metals) we are exposed to, the massive increase of bio-toxins (GLYPHOSATE) that have accumulated in our environment over the last few generations, the work place exposure to toxins, or the increasingly toxic food and water we consume daily … and the rising tide of poor health and mortality we suffer as a society today?

Presently we are witnessing occurrences of so many dysfunctions and debilitating diseases that are reaching catastrophic proportions, yet we see relatively little (certainly nowhere near enough) being accomplished by our government agencies to research and combat these blights. If they can mandate vaccinations and healthcare … why not ramped up testing for heavy metals, pathogens and other components (toxins) to build a national database for causal or correlative research. Don’t hold your breath.

But what if there was a way for us to accomplish this ourselves?

A non-intrusive (no blood letting or extraction required) way to test ourselves and our precious children for just about any harmful substance within our bodies.

A procedure that could be done anywhere, without generating bio-hazardous materials.

A procedure that was over 99% accurate in the detection of targeted pathogens, chemicals, hormones, heavy metals, glyphosate and more.

A procedure much more within the range of a concerned mothers budget.

What if I told you that through the efforts and dedication of two outstanding men and their support team … This mechanism is a reality today as the TOXYScreen TEST KIT.


With TOXYScreen oral fluids test kit, screening is no longer painful, invasive or costly. Our laboratory’s highly trained technicians use patented equipment and procedures to analyzes the blood plasma found in oral fluid samples.

Below you will find amplifying data on this new mechanism relating to its ease of use, accuracy and simplicity. Understand the information presented (in the attached video and information) centers mostly around lead as a component (otherwise it would be a book), BUT this test is versatile enough to test for just about anything that a concerned individual or parent is interested in such as Mercury, Lead, Aluminum, Glyphosate and so much more …

So lets take control, find out the level of various poisons, toxins and heavy metals in our, and our vulnerable children’s system, and take preemptive action against future disease and dysfunctions! Because if there is one thing we are sure of from past action (inaction) and rising health issues … Our government wont or is not interested !!!

Please listen as TLB discusses this innovation with the two inventors most responsible for its inception and path to reality.

 TLB Presents Gene & Ed of OFT Labs, TOXYScreen

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Funding Raising Project

Would you like to see this (lifesaving) mechanism available to every concerned parent or caregiver? This is how you can help get this patented, innovative product into the hands of millions, and help put a stop to so much suffering through early detection …

Ed and Gene believe in the technology they have discovered, and their mission and goal is the development of analytical techniques and instruments for identification and measurements of chemicals in biological and non-biological matrices. By providing easy collection and accurate measurements of a wide range of organic and inorganic substances.

They are looking for contributors who believe in their innovative  product and can help them bring it to market. By choosing to donate, you will be part of a fundamental change, a Paradigm Shift  in the way testing is conducted. The potential is clear – painless, accurate oral fluid testing for heavy metals and many other components, is on the horizon, and you can be part of ushering in this change.

These funds will help families identify metal, toxin and other poisoning early, avoiding long term medical problems. Any help or considerations are greatly appreciated.

TLB recommends you visit the fundraising site to find out more and become a part of something very much needed and special … Your help is vital in getting this innovative concept disseminated to the masses as quickly as possible!





The accuracy of the ELAN DRC2 ICP Mass Spectrometer are well beyond the ability of a graphite furnace Atomic Absorption machine and very far beyond the abilities of a lead (Ph.) electrode, the current standard equipment for blood lead analysis. These machines, in most cases of low blood lead of children in the single digit capabilities, have a consistent error of between 33% and 50% at best. This range of error is not widely accepted in the area of biological statistics <5% error and especially the medical statistical range of error which is <1%.

The capabilities of the DRC2 in regards to lead analysis allow detection limits as low as 17 ppt (parts per trillion) and confident capabilities as low as 30 ppt. Lead is currently measured in Ug/dL or micrograms per deciliter. [1 Ug/dL = 10 ppm (parts per million).] Simply put, the instrument is well within the capabilities or being able to produce an accuracy well over 1,000 times the current accuracy used, even after sample dilution and instrument error. Nerve cell death plays a role in a number of neurological disorders including restless leg syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Wilson’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and Huntington’s disease. Because the mechanisms that control nerve cell death are complex it has been difficult to develop effective strategies for treating and preventing these diseases. More research is needed.

Recently the role of trace metals in regulating nerve cell death has been recognized. At present there is an ever increasing body of evidence implicating metals in the onset of these neurological conditions. This new evidence suggests that detecting increasing amounts of metals in the body will become an important diagnostic tool that can lead to earlier intervention strategies to slow the progress of these conditions, early detection is the key. The chelation process can only halt further effects of the poisoning; it cannot reverse neurological damage already sustained.

In addition to the examples described above, the effects of lead on the human nervous system are so well known that testing of adults and children who may have been exposed to lead is commonplace. At present evidence is mounting that biological interactions of other metals is important to normal brain function and in the development of nervous system disorders. As the role of metals on human function and disease development is elucidated there will be increased demand for accurate and rapid determination of metals in healthy people and in persons suffering from these conditions.

Present methods for measuring metal loads require blood, tissue or urine samples. However, it is known that metal concentrations in saliva reflect those found in blood and other fluids. Therefore, Oral Fluid testing for metals can become a valuable strategy for meeting the increasing demand for metal testing. Oral Fluid testing for metals is as accurate and reliable as other tests but because it is much safer and easier to collect, handle and store than other body fluids, Oral Fluid offers significant advantages for both the medical professional and the concerned citizen. By exploiting these advantages Oral Fluid based testing will retain the benefits associated with testing of blood or urine and be available at significantly lower costs. This will enhance the ability of medical professionals to monitor metal levels and may open up entirely new markets for metal testing.

Human oral fluid tests are noninvasive, reliable tests designed to be the new Gold Standard in diagnostic testing — for government agencies, businesses, and families. Oral Fluid is described as an “ultra-filtrate of plasma”. Oral Fluid testing has recently been well established as a diagnostic tool in detecting many of the molecules that are found in plasma, and at levels equivalent to those found in blood. Therefore, by Oral Fluid testing, one can obtain similar information on the status of a person as one can obtain from whole blood, without the need to collect a specimen invasively.

Saliva had long been regarded as one of the prodigal children of biological specimens. However, Oral Fluid changed everything. There has been a steadily increasing interest in the use of oral fluid in pharmacokinetic studies of chemicals and drugs in general and in therapeutic monitoring in a variety of clinical situations. In recent years, this interest has extended to the measurement of 10 drugs of abuse plus Steroids and toxic heavy metals, e.g., lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, beryllium and others, in oral fluid. The advantages of oral fluid as the specimen of choice have been identified by psychiatrists studying methadone treatment, investigators involved in therapy for HIV-infected patients and in anticonvulsant treatment for epileptics, and by laboratory directors involved in drug abuse monitoring. Our Oral Fluid test confirms the negative result or positive result for Drugs of abuse. Oral Fluid tests are 99.19% accurate. They cannot be adulterated or substituted and the technician observes and administers every collection.

Other advantages cited are:

• Ease of administration for Doctor Offices & Clinics. A non-invasive lead test as accurate as blood analysis without the hazards of drawing blood.
• Economic advantages and no medical waste Oral Fluid is not a biohazard, thus disposal costs are eliminated.
• Time savings a trained technician can complete 25 tests in an hour, saving time and money for Doctor’s Offices, Contractors, Parent Group wellness events, State & County Clinics.
• Psychological advantages.
• Third party collection fees are eliminated by using your own personnel trained by OFT Labs team to collect samples.

OFT labs is looking to eliminate needle sticks. “Can you imagine getting rid of medical waste and also the risk of coming into contact with an infected needle?

The use of oral fluid for lead screening should improve screening success by:

Reducing parental refusal rates.

Eliminating inability to obtain an adequate sample.
Decreasing sample collection times.

Allowing for large groups of children to be screened more quickly and easily than conventional methods.

“Seniors are another group that might be particularly interested in this test,” he says. “Collapsing veins may not make them the best candidate for a blood draw, but oral fluids can be tested painlessly.”

Based on these results, we believe that oral fluid can be used as a screening tool instead of blood to accurately screen for lead poisoning in children Using our kits will give you peace of mind and alert you if there i a problem. Lead, mercury and other heavy metals are potentially deadly elements that can cause a host of health problems. Often the symptoms of both lead and mercury poisoning are misdiagnosed, and patients may receive the wrong treatment.

Exposed Prevention:

Many people are exposed to these elements and don’t even know it. Older homes often contain paint and water pipes that are laced with lead. Mercury is found in “silver” dental filings and has also been used as a preservative in some medications. Both lead and mercury are environmental pollutants. Eating fish from streams polluted with mercury is a common source of mercury poisoning. Sun Flower Seeds contain Lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), and arsenic (As).

Heavy metals may enter the body in food, water, or air, or by absorption through the skin. People may come in contact with heavy metals in industrial work, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and agriculture. Children may be poisoned as a result of playing in contaminated soil.

Because exposure to heavy metals is often an occupational hazard, protective clothing and respirators should be provided and worn on the job. Protective clothing should then be left at the work site and not worn home, where it could carry toxic dust to family members. Industries are urged to reduce or replace the heavy metals in their processes wherever possible. Exposure to environmental sources of lead, including lead-based paints, plumbing fixtures, vehicle exhaust, and contaminated soil, should be reduced or eliminated.

Who should I purchase a TOXYScreen kit for?

Anyone you love! You should purchase a kit for your family and friends, especially if they work in one of the following industries, Petro Chemical, Power Plant, CO/Generation and Refinery Industry or live in an older home. Since lead poisoning and exposure to mercury can cause developmental delays and serious, life-long health problems.

Other people at high risk are:

Children under 5 years old – lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), and arsenic (As)

Children with developmental delays – lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), and arsenic (As)

Children who live in an older home – lead (Pb)

Children who live in homes that contain antiques – lead (Pb)

Expectant and nursing mothers – lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), and arsenic (As)

Family members who eat a lot of fish – mercury (Hg)

Families who have a member working in certain industries – lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), and arsenic (As)

Anyone who has a hobby that deals with lead, such as hunting or sport shooting – lead (Pb)

Your Children and you Pets can be poisoned:

Lead poisoning is a common source of accidental poisoning in pets, mainly puppies.

Many Dogs are lead poisoned every week!

If you have a pet that is diagnosed with lead poisoning – chances are that you may have been exposed as well.

Other lead sources are toys, improperly glazed ceramic water or food bowls, plus CONTAMINATED TAP WATER and CHILDRENS CHALK.

TLB Highly Recommends you visit for much more information.

Please donate and help to spread the word … take charge of your, and your children’s future by knowing what is poisoning you or them now. Find out what you can do to help at:


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  1. Dee become apart of our family, we are going to run clinical trials for many metals and poisons in the coming year. Aluminum will be at the top of the list. Please don’t give up on us but become apart of the direction of OFT Labs. Gene Elwell

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