TLBTV – Eradicating Programmed Ignorance: 9-11 Patriot Ride

911 Patriot Ride 03

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On this episode of “TLBTV – Eradicating Programmed Ignorance” we bring to you from heartland America … THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE in the form of the … 9-11 Patriot Ride with M. Steven Gronka.

Steve Gronka:

Coordinator for 9/11 Patriot Ride.

Chairman of Advance America Foundation since 1989 and Constitutional Patriots since 2013.

Media Director and Videographer of Truckers Ride For The Constitution and Videographer of We The Truckers Ride For The Constitution.

Videographer for Larry Klayman, Charles and Mary Strange (Extortion 17) and the Michael Strange Foundation, Susan Price (Ganjgal Ambush: Benghazi before Benghazi).

Co- organizer for West Virginia removal of politicians and bureaucrats with the case presented by Thomas Deegan, Phil Hudok, and Gene Stalnaker.

Co-producer with Zeeda Andrews of Red White and Blue Fest Convention to teach people how to bring a case to prosecute Politicians, Bureaucrats, and Power Brokers.


911 Patriot Ride

On 9/11/2015, We, a national movement of citizens, are going en masse via the 9-11 Patriot Ride to D.C., State Capitols, and local City Halls to publicly announce that we are prosecuting all politicians and bureaucrats that break their Oath of Office and commit crimes against We The People.

We are also announcing that we are prosecuting power brokers that manipulate the politicians.

Gold Star Moms and Blue Star Moms are going to be up front when we surround the White House, the National Capitol Building, State Capitols, and local City Halls around the country. CSPOA and Oath Keepers will be there to represent enforcement, and we will serve legal warrants wherever possible.

Bikers, truckers, veterans, farmers, miners, construction workers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, and people from every walk of life are going to back up the Gold and Blue Star Moms.

This is Our time, Our movement and Our Voice … and …



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