TLBTV: From Failing Health to Fading Liberty – Connecting The Dots Of Tyranny

Roger LandryBy: Roger Landry (TLB)

We all wish to keep ourselves, our family and all we love and hold dear safe from outside tyranny or influences that would perpetrate harm on us or them, and in doing so the first line of defense is awareness. What follows is a list of things you must consider avoiding in order to accomplish that mission even at its most basic level … (Read full article below archived show)



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Roger LandryBy: Roger Landry (TLB)

We all wish to keep ourselves, our family and all we love and hold dear safe from outside tyranny or influences that would perpetrate harm on us or them, and in doing so the first line of defense is awareness. What follows is a list of things you must consider avoiding in order to accomplish that mission even at its most basic level …



Because 85-90% of everything you buy to feed you family or loved ones is genetically modified (GMO), and known to promote sterility, cancer, kidney disease and a myriad of other maladies, the list being too lengthy to mention here. But even our non-GMO food is saturated with Glyphosate, or the main active ingredient in Agent Orange (yes I said that), two of the most evil Genetically Engineered Bio-toxins ever developed and also known to cause all of the above mentioned maladies and many more including massive birth defects. The problem is you are not made aware of what is and is not genetically modified, or sprayed with genetically engineered bio-toxins in the form of toxic herbicides or pesticides, because labeling is not required by our government (and if they have their way never will be). There are thousands of highly respected scientists and researchers globally screaming at the top of their lungs “STOP GMO’s” for the sake of humanity and the biosphere. The great GMO experiment is a colossal failure by any scientific peer reviewed research … unless you consider the actual intention was and is to cull the herd. None of this is a guess, it is a peer reviewed fact that anyone can research from readily available information. READ MORE TYRANNY:


Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) 101

Doctors Warn Avoid Genetically modified Food

GMO’s: The Rising Infertility Rate, It’s No Accident

Genocide: Bio Engineering Disease, Vaccines – In Lies We trust

The Great GMO Experiment: An Exercise In Lethality

From Aspartame to Aminosweet: Same Evil, Pretty natural Wrapper


Because Pharmaceutical drugs account for well over 125,000 deaths in this country and cause severe adverse (life threatening) reactions to 3 to 4 million people yearly, that hook you for life on a steady path to failing health and all for profit, that is mind staggering. When almost 30% of the American population (including children against the wishes of their parents) are shoved onto proven to be dangerous psychiatric or psychotropic mind altering drugs, for as little reason as a bad nights sleep … somehow you must conclude your best interest does not seem to be in their best interest. The question is … is all this just profit motivation or does the truth run much darker? READ MORE TYRANNY:


Psychiatric Drugs: The Legal Massacre of Untold Innocents

Thousands of Toddlers On ADHD Drugs, Tip of the Iceberg

Why the FDA Should Be Charged With Murder

Shocker: Comparing Deaths from Medical Drugs, Vitamins and All US Wars

7 Drugs Whose Dangerous Risks Emerged Only After Big Pharma Made Its Money

Dazed &-Confused: Drugs In Drinking Water

5 Ways to End the Drugging Of America


Because it promotes Autism, Dementia, Alzheimers, ADHD, Sterility, Cancer and a myriad of other maladies, the list also too lengthy to mention here. By far the most influential mechanism in the severe decline in American health and vitality is, beyond a doubt, vaccines. It was about sixty years ago in the early to mid 1950’s (three generations) that the pharmaceutical companies started to make big inroads into this government via lobbying and cronyism culminating in mass polio vaccinations under totally false pretenses (proven fact). This trend has expanded at an exponential rate ever since with the rise of more vaccinations perfectly coinciding with the decline in overall national health (research this FACT). This was indeed the beginning of our fall to the sickest society on this planet under the guise of keeping us healthy … REALLY … How does that work? Now consider those most easily afflicted by this blight … our children, the main target of this evil mechanism, with the weakest immune system and blood-brain barrier! The Autism rate for children in early 1950’s, far exceeded 1 in 20,000, the Autism rate in 2014, about 1 in 28 male children born, and if that does not stagger you … you are brain dead! Again all of this is proven beyond a doubt by peer reviewed studies readily available. From Mercury (Thimerosal), Aluminum, and Formaldehyde to live cancer-causing viruses and much more, injecting the most deadly and toxic substances to human physiology directly into the body is an insanity sold to us with an oh so sweet sugar pill that far too many have swallowed! READ MORE TYRANNY:


Autism & Vaccines: Utter Catastrophe in America

The above Link contains a virtual library of additional links to over three dozen more critical vaccine related articles. Please take the time to open this link and do some research.


Because our air (and soon our soil) is saturated with toxic nano-sized particles of aluminum and mercury (and many more harmful components) that are extremely destructive and deadly to the brain and central nervous system, this being facilitated through a constant barrage of atmospheric spraying on a massive global scale and in the guise of Geo-engineering or Weather modification. This is one of the, if not the most heinous mechanisms in use against humanity and nature itself today. This mechanism has the ability to end all life on this planet quicker than any other mentioned and some scientists are already screaming it is soon to be, or already too late with the eminent collapse of the planet’s biosphere. This is also no longer a disputed issue but a fact easily researched and proven. READ MORE TYANNY:

Climate Engineering: Media Deception and Hard Facts

Chemtrails: There Is No Debate, So Why Respond Like There Is One

Chemtrails: Cancer In the Air

Chemtrails Not Just for Weather Modification Anymore: Vaccines On The Wind

Chemtrails: An Integral Part Of the Great Starvation

Chemtrails: Covert and Ongoing Crimes Against Humanity

Geo_Engineering Is Destroying the Ozone Layer

Dimming the Sun


Because it is laced with herbicides, pesticides, nano-sized particles of metals (Cemtrail fallout), a cacophony of human-discharged pharmaceutical drugs (Yeah I said that, so research it in above medicine topic) but most of all, Fluoride. There is NO question that fluoride, a toxic manufacturing byproduct, is proven highly destructive to human physiology and promotes such catastrophes as kidney disease, cancer, brain damage resulting in permanent reduced cognitive ability or pacification (just to name a couple). These facts have been known for generations; the one thing it never did do, and the lie it was sold under is help your teeth. But are you aware it facilitates the metals (aluminum, mercury and others) found in Chemtrail fallout and Vaccines (and soon GMOs grown in aluminum saturated soil) across the blood-brain barrier to slaughter (NOT overstated) brain cells? So lets talk about the REAL Dumbing Down Of America! Even if you can find water not tainted with fluoride … can you possibly be sure it is not tainted with the other contaminates mentioned above? Nope. So … stop drinking water too! READ MORE TYRANNY:


Fluoride: Evil Beyond Conscience

Fluoride: Dining On Industrial Waste

If Sodium Fluoride Ia a Chemical Weapon (WMD) … Is the US Government Guilty Of Chemical Attacks On We The People?

Dentists Blame Bottled Water For Low Fluoride Levels

Fluoride: Follow the Money

The Phosphate Fertilizer Industry: An Environmental Overview, Fluoride Is Poison


Because if you speak loudly about the known tyranny perpetrated by the Government, Military Industrial Complex, Big Pharmaceutical, Biotech Companies, Agenda 21, Common Core, Banksters, etc… sooner or later you could find yourself on a one way trip to a FEMA camp (YEAH, do some research on the well over 600 already active) where you and your family will be split up, possibly never to see each other again. Your unalienable rights as set down by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are all but gone, resigned to the scrapheap of history never to be practiced again, and now only practiced as privileges granted by a tyrannical government within guidelines they establish. Free speech has been relegated to free speech zones designated by the government (now please explain to me how that is free speech ???), your right to reasonable privacy destroyed by NSA snooping into EVERY aspect of your life, Freedom to assemble can now be punishable by up to ten years in prison if you protest a government facility or anyone with Secret Service accompaniment, and your right to due process … REALLY … We now have a president and his subservient Congress that, combined, allow US citizen assassination or Indefinite Detention (forever) with no trial or proof of wrongdoing. So tell me again how you are still free … You are only as free as this government allows you to be … so in essence YOU ARE NOT … FACT! READ MORE:

What We Have Already Lost

Liberty Can’t Exist in Shades of Gray

The Birth Of Tyranny

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Mainstream Media (MSM): Smoke & Mirrors, Lies & Deceit

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Beyond Treason: A Nation In Crisis

Ending Authoritarianism In America

So When Is Enough … Enough ???

I Was Wrong

We The People Blame Everyone But Ourselves

I Cry For My country

There Is a Light Shining Brightly At the End Of This Tunnel

Hmmm … It would seem that you CAN’T protect yourself and your family unless all of you stop Eating, Taking Prescribed Medications, Getting Vaccinated, Breathing, Drinking Water or Complaining about any and all of the above. Now we are all aware that most if not all of this is impossible to live without in one form or another, especially eating, breathing and drinking, so the only avenue available to you if you truly wish to protect your loved ones is … TO PUSH BACK via ACTIVISM and make your voice heard NOW because time is short my friends! Now if you think any of this is a conspiracy theory … you are partially correct because it IS most certainly a conspiracy but the theory part is long past the point of FACT.

The links offered above are presented to help educate you on these individual issues are a proverbial drop in the bucket. There is so much hard evidence available to prove unequivocally the reality and seriousness of all of these mechanisms of tyranny. And understand that for the first time in history humanity is being attacked in a concerted effort, from all directions imaginable, legally and with the blessing and support of the very governments sworn to protect us!

Today we are being bombarded and attacked with multiple mechanisms of biological destruction allowing no avenue of escape. America has been transformed from the healthiest to the sickest (FACT) society on this planet in less than three generations, and our once world-renowned healthcare system is being intentionally Dismantled and Destroyed right before our eyes, leaving us little to no recourse in our inevitable illnesses. These are the Side Effects of Obamacare (1+1=2) … Do Some Research! Yet our government constantly claims not to understand the root cause. Sure we are given reasons for some of the symptoms, but their solutions always seem to benefit the corporate entities mentioned above without any real long term solutions for us. Treating the symptoms is profitable … Curing the Disease is not …


Is it just a coincidence that this country is the most Medicated (drugged), Vaccinated, GMOed, Geo-engineered and Fluoridated country on this planet with all these mechanisms being ramped up to a frenzy over the last three generations and all by the same ultra-Nationalist corporations (Bankster cabals), sharing the same board members and all pulling the same strings on their puppets … our complicit elected leaders. Where does coincidence leave of and it’s a fact take over? If people like you and I can connect the dots using a mountain of reliable information readily available to us … Why can’t a government with infinite resources do so … unless their complicity prevents them from doing just that …

One of the clearly stated goals of Agenda 21 is the reduction of the global population and through the mechanisms mentioned in this article that can be accomplished with relative ease, providing people like you and me don’t wake up in mass and push back hard. To those who would rule humanity eliminating (Culling) a sizable portion of this planets population to a more controllable number (the key reason for all this) is not a weight on their conscience, and America has no special immunity from tyranny. Actually quite the opposite, as those who would play God believe America must be culled or neutered first and brought to her knees in order to keep us, with our cowboy attitudes and freedom loving spirit, from inspiring an uprising and leading the charge against them globally. If you believe this to be a false statement then please explain why we as Americans suffer the most exposure and fallout from all of the mechanisms discussed here … in a huge fashion, and our government, elected to serve and protect, does nothing to eradicate these blights and everything to accommodate them … another coincidence … Sure … if you believe in them … I DONT!


So do you sit back now with the mindset that the situation is just too big, out of reach, of such a magnitude that you can do nothing to influence it … Or just maybe decide it is time to wake up and push back because these are all REALITY! And yes it is the very existence of you, your family and all you love and care for that hangs in the balance. If you decide after being presented with this virtual cornucopia of information that this is not your fight, let someone else stick their neck out … the gains are not worth the personal risks, then take a good long look at your children, your family or anyone you say you truly care for and understand “beyond doubt” that just about everything they eat, breath, drink, utilize medicinally or say in protest … IS POISONING THEM or putting them in EMINENT DANGER! Now tell me again this is not your fight … and admit your stated love … is only a facade …

Now this, my friends and fellow lab rats … Is Connecting The Dots Of Tyranny !!!

I need to stop now because this article, by the sheer magnitude of the topics addressed, could easily be 1,000 pages long with as many links and still not do these topics total justice! The purpose of this publication is not to teach you everything … it is to light a flame of interest, curiosity, anger that will carry you forward to a serious awakening of the reality we all face … and it ain’t pretty, but please understand that …

One voice may speak, But Many Unified Voices can Roar … Dammit it’s Time for We The People to ROAR … or go passively into oblivion as all indications say, we are intended to … I for one WILL NOT !!!

Now if you think ANYTHING I have just stated a theory, exaggeration or a fantasy … I DARE you to watch this entire video because it is all inclusive. But I strongly recommend you brace yourself for a bit*c slap of cold hard reality !!!

The Depopulation Agenda For a New World Order Agenda 21

THE END … Or is it ???


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