TLBTV: Lorana Writes the World – With Guest Author, Robin Leigh Anderson

Lorana Writes the World – How to Never have a Bucket List

By TLB Staff Writer and TLBTV Show Host: Lorana Hoopes

My latest guest Robin Leigh Anderson doesn’t have a bucket list, but it’s because she has done everything she has always wanted to do. When she was younger, she was a nurse in the Vietnam War. There she saw unspeakable tragedies, but they made her who she is today and inspired her book Accept the Broken Heart, which is a narrative memoir. Don’t know what that is? You’ll have to watch the show. She also worked with many heavy metal bands in the 80’s, and as she began writing, she attended conferences and met Ray Bradbury before he died. In fact, Ray Bradbury was fairly instrumental in helping her get her manuscript ready to see the light of day.

Robin writes from her heart, which is evident as you watch this interview with her. She has a passion for her books and for the love of her life, Sam. They don’t have a romance planned yet, but when you hear the proposal, you will join me in agreeing they will soon. Though on the older side of life, Robin is a perfect example that you are never too old to accomplish your dreams or to find true love.

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