TLBTV: Lorana Writes The World – With Guest Author, Erynn Newman

Lorana Writes The World – With Guest Author, Erynn Newman


By TLBTV Show Host: Lorana Hoopes

On this episode we present a discussion with author Erynn Newman.

Erynn Newman is no stranger to writing, and in fact, she wears at least two different hats. One as a writer, and one as an editor.

She writes romantic mysteries and enjoys adding the element of suspense to her books. She typically employs military or government characters as they make great story-lines. First Light is available for free if you sign up for her newsletter and Out of Darkness follows it. Erynn was surprised herself by how the love triangle played out. While she starts with a basic idea, she is more of a prankster letting the book go where the story needs to.



Erynn is currently working on another book set to be released next year, but it will not be a part of Out of Darkness.

In order to stay at home with her child, Erynn started editing as well. Now it takes more time than her writing some days, but she gets paid to read great books, and she really enjoys that aspect. She isn’t always open for new clients, but you can always send her a note to find out when she might be, as I can’t recommend editing your book enough.



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Find out more about Erynn and contact her at the following links:

Newsletter (where subscribers can get First Light for free)
Website (with extras and outtakes)
Editing Website

More on Erynn’s books and where to find them:

Out of Darkness on Amazon … First Light on Amazon


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