TLBTV: Lorana Writes The World – With Guest Author – Phil Burrows

Lorana Writes The World … A Discussion with Author Phil Burrows

By Show Host: Lorana Hoopes

One thing I have often heard as a writer is that you should read a lot of books in the genre you want to write. While this is very good advice because some genres have specific rules to them, Phil Burrows has a caveat to that.

Though he grew up reading Sci-fi books and loving them, he hasn’t read one since writing his. His reason? He doesn’t want to repeat any story lines. This is also crucial.

We are all influenced by what we see, hear, or read, and if we only read in the genre we are writing in, then we will begin to think in similar plot lines and fail to write an original book, but there must be a balance.

If you have no idea about the genre you want to write in, you must get some ideas to know what audiences who read those books are looking for. You can’t for instance curse in a Christian book or your audience will be turned off and you must have a Happily Ever After if you are writing a romance.

Phil has some other great insights in this interview. Plus, it is just fun to hear his accent. For Phil’s books, you can visit the post on my web-page: Mineran Influence Book Blast and Review. All of his links are there, so you can follow him or contact him or buy his books.



Happy reading, and we’ll see you next time here at TLBTV Presents “Lorana Writes the World!”


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