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Rick On Life, Keys to Remarkable Results / with Kevin Knebl


By TLBTV Show Host: Rick Amitin

How do we gain clarity? Many of us often experience negative thoughts and feelings that subtly immobilize us. Our lives can become further entangled with frustration and even anger. We ask ourselves; Is this the best I can do? Wisdom is not complicated. The strategies for moving forward and securing the lives we envision are not as elusive as one might think.

Kevin Knebl is a Certified Mastermind Executive Coach, an International Speaker, Author, Trainer whose clients include individuals and small, medium and Fortune 500 companies. He’s an in-demand, leading authority on Social Selling. Kevin is “The Most Recommended Business Speaker in the World among 281,298 Business Speakers Worldwide.” (LinkedIn 2017) And, he is the CEO of his own company, Knebl Communications.

You’ll want to listen closely as I pick Kevin’s brain for the keys to remarkable results. Forget the pop psychology and the normal hype that generally precedes a massive sales pitch, promising to deliver incredible life changing results in thirty-seconds or less. Okay, I might have stated that in an overly-dramatic tone but, you get my point. Kevin offers straight-forward, honest and reflective tips to apply principles that work in our daily lives and translate into good business practices, as well.

Kevin has a “Happy Vibe.” One of the purest I’ve ever seen. I press Kevin to expound on his daily rituals and routines that keep him, in the groove. Who doesn’t want to peek behind-the-scenes of one of the most sought-after trainers of our time. Kevin allows us to peel the curtain back to give us insider information on how he does life. And, he does life well.

You could pay a lot of money to attend his conferences or hire him as a personal coach. But, Kevin, very generously gives out some of his best advice during this conversation. Open your mind, expect to learn, and get some understanding on how to propel your life forward. When it’s this authentic and honest how can you not find some keys to remarkable results?

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About the Host: Rick Amitin is a Writer, Author of If Only I Had a Dad, Inspirational Speaker, Blogger, and Founder of He traveled extensively as an Evangelist, pastored for many years, and built a multi-million dollar insurance business in Los Angeles before embarking on the journey of personal transformation. Rick is an Ordained Minister, a Certified Behavioral Analyst from The Institute for Motivational Living, Licensed Insurance Agent, and a Transformational Life Coach. He is a lifelong student with several certifications, has attended numerous seminars in personal development, and an avid reader and researcher. Rick is a former member of The Dallas Fort Worth Writers Workshop and the Writers Guild of Texas. He has been mentored by some of the leading voices of our time, Ford Taylor, Jack Canfield, Sanford G. Kulkin, and Kevin Knebl.


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