TLBTV: THE RED PILL HARDCORE – The Deep State, Psych Ops & Racism

THE RED PILL HARDCORE, Episode #4 – The Deep State, Psych Ops & Racism, With Guest Jaami Ali


By TLB Contributing Author & TLBTV Show Host: “V”

THE RED PILL HARDCORE TV which originally began as THE RED PILL HARDCORE Radio Show 2 years ago hosted by “V” and is still ongoing. The purpose of this show is to expose “Psychological Operations” in all of its forms uses on the people of the world.

Please, if you are weak of heart and stomach Brace yourself before reading and viewing this disturbing story of government perversion and corruption.

Evil and wickedness is running rampant within the deep states of New World Order government agencies as secret societies in the form of covert government corporate contractors target innocent civilians in civil rights movements for remote control and exploitation.

Community organizer, Jaami Ali, Director of the Targeted Individual Awareness Campaign wishes to clarify misconceptions and promote understanding about targeted individuals and their existence world wide. Jaami from New York, has been under a unique type of torture. She has been forced into sex trades (sex trafficking) in order to get her body back from her handlers which has and is being affected and altered by body modification frequency bionano-technology.

More information can be found out about her here on THE RED PILL HARDCORE Radio Show:

TRPH 8.18.16 Implants, White Supremacy, and Double Jeopardy

Jaami breaks down Being African American, and educated woman, white supremacy and how it leads to being targeted for government sex trafficking.

TRPH- Jaami Ali calls out Feds using 2045 Dysgenics

Jaami Ali, founder of the Targeted Individual Awareness Campaign, is on a mission to protest against the racist establishment that control all of our lives through covert and cowardly means for the purpose of genocide of non-whites and the impossible feat of white dominance. Please share this episode with everyone of color that you know to educate them about the tools of our adversary.

Jaami Ali has created the “US GOVERNMENT STOP TORTURING CITIZENS NOW!” campaign which goal is to urge corporations, “intelligence” agencies, all branches of military, law enforcement, contractors, universities and hospitals to stop participating in citizen torture and human experimentation. Please join and support this noblest of causes because if this fight is lost, human rights will be a thing of the past.

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