TLBTV: THE RED PILL HARDCORE – With Guest Slawek Wiktor

Stop Organized Electronic Torture

THE RED PILL HARDCORE – Episode 1 – With Host “V” & Guest Slawek Wiktor … Stop Organized Electronic Torture


This is the 1st episode of THE RED PILL HARDCORE TV which originally began as THE RED PILL HARDCORE Radio Show 2 years ago hosted by “V” and is still ongoing. The purpose of this show is to expose “Psychological Operations” in all of its forms uses on the people of the world.

In this episode V has a very special guest and excited friend Slawek Wiktor visits the studio. This special guest is the Ambassador and official translator of “Stowarzyszenie STOP Zorganizowanym Elektronicznym Torturom” or in English “Stop Organized Electronic Torture”. STOPZET in short. STOPZET is a civil rights organization completely comprised of TARGETED INDIVIDUALS. Targeted Individuals are people who are being spied upon and remotely tortured by 1st world nations secret “intelligence” agencies all around the world via illegal satellite and microwave/radar/cell tower global positioning systems.

Slawek Wiktor is a said Targeted Individual and has asked V for the opportunity to be on the show to represent “STOPZET” which is based right here in the peaceful and beautiful country of Poland. Slawek Wiktor wishes to bring attention to the plight of Targeted Individuals of Europe and especially Poland to the rest of the world. “STOPZET”, Slawek, and V ask you and the rest of the world to help in becoming educated about the world’s governments and secret society agencies illegal technology which is in fact being used to torture innocent people everywhere for the sake of greed and depopulation.

V is all about activism and charity and has picked up a special musical guest “2 IN THE CHEST” that is touring for the purpose of raising money for homeless veterans in America. “2 IN THE CHEST” is making its TV debut right here on THE RED PILL HARDCORE TV Show so please enjoy performance after the interview. Also please support our other media and join our milita. You will find the militia details after the musical guest’s performance. Supporter mail can be sent to [email protected]. THANK YOU!

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