To Be, Or Not To Be . . . There Are No Definitive Answers

To Be, Or Not To Be . . . There Are No Definitive Answers

Deep thoughts by the Prophet, Bill the Butcher! (Satire)

I Believe in Magic

A few of my latest rants have been filled with my shaky grasp on reality. Please allow me to explain. For years I subscribed to a more, shall we say, spirit filled, mystic universe. As I grew older I began to notice that I, and others, would “fill in the blanks” whenever trying to explain some great mysterious event that we had supposedly witnessed. A little “color” if you will. I began to study magic. Yes, that’s right, magic. And not because I believe in magic, but because I believe in reality. Magic is just your misunderstanding of that reality. You see what you expect to see. The human brain is a wonderful instrument. It works like QuickTime. When something doesn’t add up in Brain 2.0 it just goes back to 1.0 and fills in the blanks. You will see quarters fall into a tin cup, poured from some audience member’s glasses where it is categorically impossible for any quarters to ever having been there! It’s all still that same reality, but you misconstrue it! You saw what you expected to see according to your understanding of your own subjective reality. . . . Magic!

The online ramblings of some drunk

You believe in magic. There are minions of you out there that “Religiously” follow the edicts of Facebook. The online ramblings of some drunk sitting before his computer in his underwear telling you his meaning of life. And the elite among you would follow the CDC if they tell you that if you inject bleach into your arm COVID will pass you by. Don’t run! Don’t run! And you call me a hillbilly!

The sky did fall on Mars

I believe that when the universe was originated that it came with certain rules that were set in stone and cannot be broken. Nor can these rules be changed. What appears to be change is the evolution of our understanding. They become more understood as we understand science, the human condition, the human mind and a host of other factors. And these understandings should not be approached with fear or trembling stemming from some dogma that tells you that the sky is going to fall someday, but rather should be viewed with excitement and wonder at the creation that keeps it up there! Don’t laugh! The sky did fall on Mars!

Talking to an agnostic is like talking to your therapist

I have been called an atheist. Well, that’s not entirely true. But, I’m not agnostic either. I hate agnostics. Talking to an agnostic is like talking to your therapist. In fact, I don’t fit into any category you know. Categories are ever changing. Just look at the DSM. That’s the manual of mental conditions used by mental health experts. And then there’s DSM I, II, and III. Updates as the shrinks suddenly discover that crazy has been redefined by the next therapeutic download, courtesy of Big Pharma. New, improved pills for the same old mind. Ask yourself. How many active shooters have died with a pocket full of pills?

The ultimate download. RE:Ligion!

Then there’s the ultimate download. RE:Ligion! God made man, man made religion, and religion made tax exemptions. Creationism v Evolution. Did man come from monkeys, or Campbell’s soup? I have always subscribed to the “tornado” theory. That idea is very simple. If a tornado hits a junk yard you will not end up with a new, shiny, Mercedes Benz on the other side. Can’t happen, not even by accident, not even after a hurricane. Well, maybe in Arkansas.

My view of the universe is the same. When you look at the complexity of the universe, indeed, the complexity of a cat, you have to admit that there must have been some sort of design. And the deeper you look, trying to dismiss a Creator, the more you find Him. Paul put it like this: “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities–his eternal power and divine nature–have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.” And Paul was a pretty smart boy. Got all the way from Jerusalem to Rome. Did good, too. Left churches all along the way. Then he tried to explain things to Nero, and that sucked.

The “proof” is in the cosmic pudding

What Paul was trying to say was the “proof” is in the cosmic pudding. It is all around us, and as we understand more and more about the universe we live in we understand less and less about ourselves, finding that we are far more complex than previously imagined. So, while I do believe in some kind of Creator, I’m not so arrogant enough as to claim that I understand this Creator’s ways and means, plans, actions or reasons. And I do not believe I can change the Creator’s mind. I can pray until I loose my voice, and my knees grow stiff, and the Creator will do whatever he planned from the beginning anyway. That is an immutable law.

Epiphanies are elusive

Do I ridicule people of faith? No! I knew a woman years ago that was a sort of mystic, and it took me many years to understand her miracles were miracles of the heart. Miracles of the mind. Interaction with her led to my deeper understanding of self. If you can understand yourself everything else is just commentary. No golden tablets, no thunder, just simple statements that leave you puzzled and thinking. When I see the methods of some denominations I don’t make fun, or ridicule, I remain silent. I just consider that these people have not come to the understanding that I have. Perhaps they never will. Or maybe I’m so busy expounding my understanding that I never will. Epiphanies are elusive. There were no golden tablets on Hill Cumorah. They were all in Joseph Smith’s heart!

Therefore I will never impose my beliefs on anyone. I’ve tried that. It doesn’t work. “My invisible guy in the sky can whip your invisible guy in the sky!”When people of faith argue religion neither wins, and nobody pays for the drinks. They way I see it if you lead a good moral life, die, and there is a heaven, you win. If you lead that same good moral life, die and there is nothing, what have you lost? You had no dog in that fight. The universe wins. The universe always wins !

The distance between God and God Damn!

The teachings of Jesus are sound. Very sound. The only problem people have with Jesus is when they try to put words in His mouth, and tell people their particular formula to get to their particular heaven and if you don’t do it their way they want you to burn in their hell! The Valley of the shadow of death is the distance between God and God Damn! And you walk in that valley every day!

The judge will be a bit more flexible than a divorce lawyer

I simply do not believe the Creator who designed all this is so trivial that He, She, or It wastes time worrying about us. Who am I Oh Lord, that you are mindful of me? I believe we have to do our best to just not hurt anyone. If there is a judgment I believe that the judge will be a bit more flexible than a divorce lawyer.

But I do believe in reality. I laugh at proponents of some matrix, created in their own mind. They devise complex theologies in an effort to explain the world around them. Theology is man’s feeble attempt to explain the unexplainable. If you take me somewhere and I see objects floating for no apparent reason I KNOW there’s got to be a wire somewhere! We just have to find it.

Chanting on beads in an airport lobby somewhere

I hope I’ve made some sense here. Just like everyone else, I’m still learning, so tomorrow if I shave my head, and start chanting on beads in an airport lobby somewhere please forgive me. I’m still digging for them golden tablets.




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2 Comments on To Be, Or Not To Be . . . There Are No Definitive Answers

  1. Since this is SATIRE and you mention TO BE OR NOT TO BE thought I’d chime in with a Joke from my book (Comic Relief chapter, since we have to maintain a sense-of-humor amidst all this serious shit going on around us):
    “To Be, or NOT To Be,
    that is indeed the Question,
    cuz if it’s 2 B – I GOT BINGO!”
    #AMomentOfLevity #JoeOriginal

    As for the whole MATRIX thing, I prefer the Movie “THE THIRTEENTH FLOOR” (which beat the Matrix to market but didn’t seem to draw as much (based upon book SIMULICRON-3).

  2. If you explore the unbelievable, inexplicable, inconceivable awe of the universe, you know that the statement; “There is no God”, is profoundly arrogant. It rains glass sideways on some planets. Subatomic particles behave differently while observed verses unobserved. There is scientific evidence that there are parallel universe(s). To say there is no God is laughable. Einstein said, “God is gravity”. What God “is” holds the most fundamental mystery of existence. Realities are individual perceptions. I choose to think of God as an energy; a positive energy, a knowing energy. Judgement has no place for spiritual thoughts or experiences.

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