Trump pledges to ‘Obliterate the Deep State’ [Video]

Trump pledges to ‘Obliterate the Deep State’

“We will create a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to declassify and publish all documents on deep state spying, censorship and all of the corruption that’s gone on in America,” ~Donald Trump

By Madeleine Hubbard

Former President Donald Trump pledged to end corruption in Washington, D.C., by obliterating the deep state and creating a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” that would declassify all information about government spying, censorship and corruption.

“When I get back into the Oval Office, I will totally obliterate the deep state,” Trump pledged Saturday at a Turning Point USA conference in Florida, taking aim at the alleged group of federal officials working against his agenda. 

“We will create a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to declassify and publish all documents on deep state spying, censorship and all of the corruption that’s gone on in America,” he said.

Many different governments, including in South Africa, Canada, Australia and Germany, have used official Truth and Reconciliation Commissions to discover past government wrongdoings and resolve conflict. Similarly, congressional Republicans have pledged to create a Church-style committee to probe systemic problems in the Justice System.

The former president also said that having served in Washington as president before, he now knows who he should have in his next administration.

“Now, better than maybe anyone else, I know the great ones. I know the smart ones. I know the dumb ones. I know the weak ones. I know the stupid ones,” he also said. “I know everybody in Washington. I got a PhD in learning about the people of Washington.”

Trump also said in the conclusion of his speech Saturday: “We will demolish the deep state, we will expel the warmongers, from our government we will drive out the globalists, we will cast out the communists, Marxists, fascists, we will throw off the sick political class that hates our country, and we will route the fake news media, we will defeat crooked Joe Biden and we will drain the swamp once and for all.”

Trump unveiled a plan in March to tackle the deep state if he is reelected. The 10-point plan includes taking on internal issues that created problems in his previous administration, including leaking.


Madeleine Hubbard is an international correspondent for Just the News. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram.


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4 Comments on Trump pledges to ‘Obliterate the Deep State’ [Video]

  1. Words words, Trump had 4 years and no ‘swamp’ was drained.. Hillary still not in jail and all these Ziocon warmonger lunatics still in high places.

    And how about closing 750+ bases world wide Trump, this is about changing the whole US (foreign) policy and participating in a MULTIPOLAR WORLD.

    Building a strong millitary is fine, but do it on your OWN soil, a few (10 or so) bases in the world would be a good start.

    And what about Syria and “taking the Oil” – are you still a PIRATE ? – what is the US doing there?
    All this Russia ‘invadesd Ukriane” and occupying UKRaine illegaly stuff, well how many times did the US invade foreign countries?

    ANd stop that ridiculous “CHINA” bashing, China buys US land? what about Bill Gates ??

    Dismantling the deepstate is a good start but i don’t see Trump changing much. without a NEW way of thinking.

    Wouldn it be great for the world to have Russia and the US cooperating ? Terrorists like ISIS would’t last a week, now Syria had to deal with them for 8+ years.

    Lead by example USA, and the world WILL follow.

  2. Uh huh…people still falling for the good cop, bad cop…order out of chaos…problem, reaction solution theater that is our 2 tier system and Trump. Time to wake up folks. He’s owned by the very same people that are ultimately behind the Luciferian, genocidal depopulation, “great reset”, one world government NWO tyranny!

  3. I remember too. It was great the way Trump left Hillary behind to Poop in her pants!

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