Tucker And Alex Jones Talk Deplatforming, Depopulation & The NWO

Tucker And Alex Jones Talk Deplatforming, Depopulation & The NWO

“If People Think Things Are Bad Now…”


In a deep-dive on everything from ‘deplatforming’ to ‘depopulation’, Tucker Carlson sat down with Alex Jones.

Elon Musk said it best...

Elon Musk (Parody)@ElonMuskAOC

Oh, this is going to be an interesting one…  

Dubbed “the most censored man in the world”, Jones began by discussing his (correct) prediction about 9/11.

As Tucker points out, “the 9/11 thing, you called it in public.”

But Jones says his most accurate prediction was around a decade ago when he read the “Rockefeller Foundation Operation Lockstep report,” which he says:

described using a virus to bring in world government, a world medical ID, which they would then build a social credit score off of…

…that they would make people wear masks for fear, shut down sporting events and things like that… and basically phase in this new tyranny.

These warnings, among other things, were the reason, Carlson argues, why Jones was so widely deplatformed.

“Fundamentally, Alex Jones is right about a lot of things. And in fact, that’s why they don’t like him.”


“To this day, nobody has been more aggressively censored, I don’t think, than you… I read about it, and I felt that it was a major moment in the history of American media. I don’t think anybody defended you when that happened. Anybody, with any kind of audience,”

To which Jones replied:

When Tim Cook admitted that he met on the weekend in August of 2017 with the other big tech heads, and they made the decision to “curate” like it’s a museum – and take me off, it was hundreds of platforms. It wasn’t just the big ones. Everything from LinkedIn, to our bank accounts being taken away, to everything ensuing over the next week and that month. And I knew I was a test case.”

“It was the questioning the school shooting thing that came later. They kind of dredged that up from my past, blew that up after I’d been deplatformed, and said I’d been deplatformed for that.

“Once they deplatformed me, it made the show in ways only get bigger… So then they panicked and said ‘okay, let’s look at his record and create more of a reason,’ so they took things out of context from 5-6 years before, blew em up as a current thing out of context, and deceptively reported on what I said to create a strawman argument to then facilitate the reason.”

The discussion turns to the current state of America with Jones laying the blame for the growing division of the nation by race squarely at the feet of China.

“The CCP, along with the SPLC and ADL, see America’s weakness and they are literally coming in and saying ‘white people are inherently bad because of the color of their skin…

…and then they organize all them into race-based groups under the Democratic party flag to attack who is left… which tends to be more conservative.”

Jones warns however that “they are panicking” because “more and more blacks and hispanics are voting Republican,” which, he explains is why the open border policy is being allowed.

“They are bringing in all these totally disenfranchised people from around the world… putting them in camps where they indoctrinated into a subdued political under-class… that’s then going to be turned loose on America.”

This is why Democrats are giving illegal immigrants drivers licenses, the right to vote in some cities, allowing them to become police officers “so they are importing a new enforcemen t class against the American people.”

The new class will allow them to bring home a New World Order.


Jones and Carlson also discussed the New World Order after Carlson noted that White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is an idiot.

“That’s it,” Jones replied. “We’re in a beautiful ball. It’s prom night. Everybody’s dressed great. There’s wonderful food, big delicious punch bowl, and then they say ‘what can we do?’ – well, just have Brian Stelter take a dump right in that. And then he’s there, laughing at you – they’re all there laughing at you, to make you feel small. To make you question reality – why is everything so ugly?

Jones then explained that the elites demonize rural Americans in order to blame them for the ills of society.

“The reason you’re doing bad is not blackrock and the WEF and Bill Gates. It’s all those evil people in the countryside. They’re all white supremacists, terrorists and racists. Let’s go get ’em! Cause the last group they don’t control is rural people that are self-sufficient. And so I get going to the countryside, protecting your children. That’s the holy grail. The problem is, you gotta have one foot in each – you gotta go back and fight in the city for the infrastructure, for the government.”

“You gotta give people hope, while also building a backup operation of farming and ranching and self-sufficiency,” Jones continues.

“So that’s why the WEF and the UN are coming in in Ireland and in areas of Asia, and in the Netherlands, and saying ‘by 2030, 80% of your cows gotta be dead,’ and they just banned like 30% this year in the Netherlands.”

“They’re all WEF globalist alumni that the big banks, on record, brag – they’ve ‘penetrated the cabinets,’ to quote Klaus Schwab, they’ve put their operatives in to cut off our energy, demoralize us, release the hardened criminals, put the political activists in prison, continue to cut off the resources, to make an angrier world…

Klaus Schwab says, ‘we’re gonna make the world collapse, we’re gonna have everybody turn against each other, we’re going to blame the political classes that we own and control, and then when we’re done we’ll bring in our new solution. But first thing they have to demolish the cultures of societies that we had before, with the fentanyl, with the open borders, with the demoralization, and then they bring in their next phase, which is a high-tech cashless society. Robot drone-controlled nightmare. More than half of the US in their official UN maps, that they’ve had for more than 25 years, show half the US off-limits to humans.

All cars will have to have GPS, everyone by law will have to have a cell phone at all times…

And that’s the admitted global UN standardized plan, where you don’t leave your house without a cell phone.”

So if people think things are bad now,” Jones continued, “the straight-jacket, the ball-and-chain is going on, and it’s all being militarily run. Our military is great men and women, but at the top, our military has been globalist Ukraine, New World Order people for at least 30-40 years.”

Jones also says that the NWO is pushing for:

  • 15-minute cities
  • Central bank digital currencies
  • All of these systems that track and trace everything you do with the social credit scores
  • The plan for the 99% is 250 square-foot coffin-apartments
  • 5G bathing you
  • Literally eating bug protein


The New World Order discussion leads Jones on to discuss the controversial topic of depopulation that seems at the end of every globalist policy delivered from on high.

“The Globalists have gone from testing-phase to fully operational now,” he warns, noting that “they say – read their writings – we are going to have a post-industrial world by 2030… and we will start the depopulation of 90% of the people by 2045.”

That, Jones explains is the official WEF/UN/Club of Rome plan.

A stunned Carlson asked “what do you mean ‘depopulation’?”

Jones replies: “they want to bring the world population down to 500 million.”

“We are told ‘do not have children, because it is bad for the earth’,” and points out that Elon Musk is a hero for pointing out that we need to have kids to save the world, “otherwise, society collapses.”

Carlson takes a moment to reflect on what he has heard and says poignantly, “I feel a little bit innervated and downbeat just hearing your dot-connecting… what’s that like to live with?”

Brian Stelter Prank

2024 election, WW3

The two also discussed the upcoming US election next year. According to Jones, both Biden and Trump are ‘liabilities’ for the deep state, so the plan is :

They have a right winger, they’ll claim, assassinate Biden, and they’ll have a left-winger assassinate Trump

…That then gets the country even in more of a fight against each other, and then they put in Gavin Newsom and, you know, somebody like Mike Pence or who knows. But I really think the next 13 months is the most critical time – not just in American history, but world history,” Jones continued.

Biden “doesn’t know who he is.”

Alex Jones says sources in the White House have told him that Biden “wanders around naked” and is on a constant cocktail of amphetamines and benzos.  

Tucker says he knows someone who witnessed Biden taking amphetamines in 2020.

“Because if they can bring down America, they’re going to bring down the world. Then you’ve got the escalation,” he warns.

“Remember a year ago, Biden said, you can’t give F-16s and Abrams tanks and cruise missiles to the Ukrainians, that’s WW3. Now they’re doing it. So as Russia wins that war as Col. McGregor documented a few months ago with you, NATO is escalating. Well, that leads right to nuclear war.

“Since when do Democrats love war?” Jones asked.

“Since when did Democrats love the intelligence agencies. They love them now. And so really, the Democrats, just like the Republican party is the beachhead for sanity and populism – it’s not perfect, but it’s a beachhead. The Democrat party is totally turned over to evil.”

Finally, Jones says he doesn’t expect Elon Musk to reinstate him on X:

“I understand that if he did that, the ADL and others would really be able to shut down Twitter”

Watch the full interview below:


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