Tucker Carlson Says The Quiet Part Out Loud About RFK, Jr.

Tucker Carlson says the quiet part out loud about RFK, Jr.

By: Monica Showalter

Why is the establishment having such a cow over Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.?

Tucker Carlson notes that he’s being called “a Nazi,” “a threat to democracy,” “anti-science,” “a lunatic,” and a man of “harmful views.”

He’s been censored on social media platforms “and at this point the public is hearing more about Bobby Kennedy than they’ve heard from him,” as Tucker noted.

Well, the answer is pretty obvious: He’s winning.

That was Tucker saw in the drama so far around RFK, Jr. and it’s hard to argue with him.

He’s winning because he’s a very real threat to the current Democrat establishment, and yes, the discontent about that failed bunch is strong even among Democrats.

The current crop of Democrats in power, led by a inchoate, run-down, old-goat dotard who is mired like no other president in corruption revelations, and who seems to be buttressed by an establishment ensconced in office due to the miracle of election fraud, has long been dry tinder for some kind of conflagration.

When an establishment is in office illegitimately, voters know it. Polls show that most voters, including a large plurality of Democrats, do believe that elections are tainted with fraud. The establishment dismisses anyone upset about this as conspiracy theorist and suggests to the public that they take their word for it that they wouldn’t dream of committing election fraud instead of proving it, and the discontent that comes of that sits there steaming.

It steams for a long time and it’s going to go somewhere if it has somewhere to go, which is where Kennedy the unconventional outsider comes in.

He’s challenging the Democrat establishment in a way in which they have never been accustomed. Bernie Sanders, after all, who was another outsider, went quietly even after they nakedly, blatantly, rigged him out of the race, but Kennedy seems to owe them nothing and probably already knows all their dirty tricks, so he seemingly won’t and therefore will always be a threat to them.

That explains their vehemence against him, and the public’s growing support for him.

Kennedy’s also been demonized for years over his vaccine views, which was fine and dandy at the time, but things have changed, now that the public health establishment and much of the medical establishment has discredited itself in the wake of COVID and still hasn’t been held accountable.

That questioning stance has prompted a strange new respect for Kennedy, who never apologized for pursuing the real science even if he may not be right on everything.

“He’s curious,” as Tucker noted.

The gate to turning that negative into a positive was opened when the medical establishment discredited itself about COVID, the origins of COVID, the extended lockdowns, the closure of schools, the command of the teachers’ unions diktats onto the round-heels CDC, the demonization of effective off-label treatments such as ivermectin, the efficacy of masks, the demonization of those who questioned masks, including on children, who now suffer speech development issues, and teens, who now suffer from depression related to lockdown isolation, and the monstrous death count of old and ailing people which was unseen even in the vaccine-deprived third world. The public is also disgusted with the COVID vaccine forced on people, including babies and pregnant women as well as low-risk young people, which has led to a lot of young people dropping dead or developing heart conditions that we aren’t supposed to ask might be related to that unnecessary vaccine use. And the dismissal of natural immunity for those who have had COVID, which is Medicine 101.

That refusal of the medical establishment to admit any error in its response, as well asits shifting and erratic stances, accompanied by great unaccountable power to disrupt our lives, has left its credibility in tatters.

It used to be an impenetrable fortress, but now that it’s got abuse of power and lots of money, in-transparency and corruption attached to its diktats, its trust from the public has crumbled. Yet it remains arrogant because it doesn’t care. It’s all “hain’t we got the power?” for them, so they will never care.

Again, that creates a lot of unease, a lot of public distrust in established institutions — and like the election fraud issue, it easily channels to Bobby Kennedy, who, as Tucker notes, is winning.

Here’s yet another reason why:

As American Thinker contributor John Klar of Vermont noted, Kennedy comes off as a very nice man who doesn’t call other people names and really does try to look for a middle.

When he’s allowed to speak, instead of just being talked about in the press, he’s actually formidable.

Klar notes this:

Speaking energetically in the low-ceilinged event room, Mr. Kennedy engaged the smilingly attentive crowd with a history of his legal battles against large industrial polluters, challenging PCBs that tainted the Hudson River and coal-burning plants that polluted the country with mercury. Mr. Kennedy’s passion and confident optimism held the room even for those who might disagree: there was no doubting the intensity of his sincerity.

Tellingly, RFK Jr. did not pontificate about greenhouse gases or condemn Republicans for climate change. He instead focused on the nonpartisan consensus that toxic chemicals are destroying the ecosystem and the free market forces that must be harnessed to compel polluters to internalize the true environmental costs of their products. Kennedy made an accurate case that protecting environmental resources can be accomplished without sacrificing economic growth. The standing ovation that followed suggested that his closing argument had hit home.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. truly appeals to an American political middle. He calls out the woke totalitarianism that has infested culture and government, ensuring that he is anathema to the far left. Yet he adheres to traditional liberal positions such as renewable energy manufacturing, and appeals to conservatives disenchanted with Donald Trump (and his infamous tweets!). Juxtaposed with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, Kennedy highlights the corrupt incompetence of the bumbling incumbents.

That’s an eyewitness account of what happened that we don’t get in the press.

No wonder the corrupted establishment can’t stand him. He’s now at 20% support in the polls from Democrats, and that’s without his getting any proper media coverage or space to express his views. That leaves him massive room for growth in popular support from Democrats, particularly if some elements of the press actually cover his campaign and his views.

I’m not saying I would vote for him, I still disagree with his views on communist Cuba, which is foul, and abortion, which is even worse, but I like the cut of his jib and his ability to get to the middle. I sure as heck wouldn’t object if he became President Trump’s running mate and they could work out for themselves what kinds of things Bobby could accomplish on his side that wouldn’t offend the right, and what Trump could accomplish on his side that wouldn’t upset the RFK Democrats too much on the reasonable left.

Not surprisingly, the establishmentarian leftist Daily Beast confirmed Tucker’s thesis that the left hates Kennedy … because he is winning against the tattered, rotten wall of the Democrat establishment, ready to kick it in.

They had a complete meltdown about Tucker’s monologue, knowing that Tucker was obviously calling it right:

In his latest Tucker on Twitter episode, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson gushed over Democratic presidential candidate and vaccine skeptic Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.—and suggested that his debunked 2005 article linking childhood vaccines to a rise in autism was retracted not for its myriad errors but due to the pharma lobby’s “ferocious public relations campaign.” The historical revisionism comes the same day former Salon editor-in-chief Joan Walsh apologized in an op-ed for publishing the “mendacious, error-ridden piece,” which was ultimately retracted six years later after numerous corrections. As a result, “Kennedy became the most censored famous person in the United States,” Carlson said, after also pointing out that his anti-vaccine group was booted from Facebook and Instagram last year for spreading misinformation. Carlson, in the video captioned “Bobby Kennedy is winning,” went on to praise the candidate as “curious,” and someone who “pays attention to the world around him.” For the praise, RFK Jr. tweeted: “Thanks @TuckerCarlson. Grateful.

Tucker knows a potential winner when he sees one, and in his monologue, I could hear echoes of Rush Limbaugh. They know it, too. No wonder they’re going bonkers.


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